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10 Best Law School Scholarships For 2023

Law school graduates often have minimal difficulty getting a fair wage after graduation, but most enter the profession with student debt.

According to a recent American Bar Association (ABA) poll, 90% of respondents graduated from law school with average student loans of $130,000.


Consider other funding sources, such as scholarships and grants to lower the amount you must borrow for your education.

Because these prizes do not have to be repaid, they are effectively free money for your education.

Benefit of Law School Scholarships

Upon approval of admissions essays, qualified LSAT scores, and solid undergraduate GPAs, law school scholarships assist you in covering educational expenditures at little to no cost.

Students with outstanding qualifications and application materials may be eligible for full-tuition scholarships to law school.

10 Best Law School Scholarships

1. Law Student Scholarship in Memory of Robert A. McNew


The Robert A. McNew Law Student Scholarship is available to law students who are associate members of the Federal Bar Association.

This $5,000 scholarship requires a personal essay, two letters of recommendation, and an unofficial or official transcript.

2. Future Attorneys of America Scholarship from Answering Legal


The Future Attorneys of America Scholarship from Answering Legal grants a $5,000 scholarship to students enrolled in an accredited law school.

This award is available to both new and continuing law students.


Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and submit a 500-1,000-word essay.

You must offer an unofficial law school transcript or an undergraduate transcript if you are an entering student.

3. Scholarship offered by One Lawyer Can Change The World

The One Lawyer Can Change the World Scholarship, which awards 10 students with sizeable awards, is open to first-year law students.

The first-place winner receives $10,000, the second place receives $5,000, and the following eight runners-up each receive $1,000.

To qualify, you must submit a 500-word essay and be a first-year law student.

4. The 7Sage 7K Award

The 7Sage 7K Scholarship offers a student who intends to enroll in law school within the next three years a $7,000 reward.

They will also get free access to 7Sage’s LSAT prep course and free admissions advice in addition to the scholarship.

Smaller awards will be given to the runners-up.

Candidates must submit an online application and write two brief essays with a character restriction of 2,000.

Minority groups will receive more than half of the prizes.

5. ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund.

The Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund, sponsored by the American Bar Association, awards first-year law students from underrepresented racial or ethnic groups.

Between 10 and 20 students receive the scholarships, and the winners are given a total of $15,000 in prize money over three years.

Applicants must also submit details about their financial needs, family history, and interest in volunteer work, in addition to a personal statement and two letters of recommendation.

6. Sidney B. Williams Jr. Scholarship

The Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Scholarship is a $30,000 award given to first-year law students by the Foundation for the Advancement of Diversity in IP Law.

Each year for three years, winners will get $10,000.

In addition to being eligible to practice patent law, which usually needs a STEM degree, candidates should belong to an underrepresented racial or cultural group.

To apply, complete the online application and upload copies of your transcripts with your resume and personal statement.

Your Free Application for Federal Student Aid should also be submitted (FAFSA).

7. Ken Nugent, Attorney, Legal Scholarship

One or two recipients each year get $5,000 as part of the Attorney Ken Nugent Legal Scholarship.

You must provide documentation of your law school enrollment and a 500-word essay on why you chose the legal profession.

For consideration, students must be U.S. citizens and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

8. Rizio Lipinsky Scholarship for Attorneys

Both present and future law school students can receive a $5,000 scholarship from the Rizio Lipinsky Lawyer Scholarship.

Students are required to submit an essay of no more than 1,000 words in which they explain why they want to practice law and how they intend to defend the rights of others.

The winning law school will provide the prize money right away to pay for tuition.

9. Mike Eidson Scholarship for Law Students

The Mike Eidson Law Student Scholarship, funded by the American Association of Justice (AAJ), is a $5,000 grant given to a female law student.

Candidates must be in their third year of law school and intend to practice as trial attorneys.

You must be an AAJ member, complete an online application, and attach your CV, personal statement, and student verification form to be considered.

10. Program for ABA LGBT Public Interest Scholarships

The LGBT Public Interest Scholarship Program, sponsored by the ABA, provides $5,000 to law students or recent graduates who demonstrate a dedication to enhancing the legal standing of the LGBT community.

Fill out the online application, attaching your resume, academic records, a personal statement, and two letters of recommendation.

Every year, one or more winners are selected.

The Deadline of Law School Scholarships

30 April 2023 is the deadline.

How to Find Law Scholarships

Given how costly law school is, any scholarships you receive will help you pay for it more affordably.

Make sure to look for and

 every year you are enrolled in school because you can combine different awards.

Additionally, you must submit the FAFSA each year.

You may need the paperwork to be eligible for some scholarships, including those provided by your institution and government aid programs like student loans.

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As you can see, we have come to the end of the list of the top law schools offering scholarships worldwide.

Any school’s law program demands extra effort in the classroom.

You can apply to any of their schools if you are confident that you are eligible for the top law schools with scholarships.

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