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Computer Technician Job Description and Salary

We’ll discuss computer technician job descriptions in this blog.

Discover the steps to become a computer technician in information technology by learning about the employment prospects, anticipated compensation, and necessary skills and credentials.


The upkeep and repair of computers and other tiny electronic equipment, including audio and video systems, fall under the purview of a computer technician, sometimes known as a computer service technician. Installing, maintaining, and servicing electronic equipment are among their responsibilities, as is identifying issues with electronic systems.

computer repair technician

Here are the computer technician job description you should know.


Responsibilities and tasks for computer technicians

A computer technician is responsible for a variety of daily tasks. The most typical duties anticipated in any field include:

  • Installing, maintaining, and repairing electronic devices, such as computers and audio/visual equipment
  • Report on maintenance in full
  • Before beginning repairs, provide cost estimates.
  • Read and abide by schematics and plans.
  • Overseeing or instructing additional computer technicians

Qualifications and skills for computer technicians

A good computer technician needs a variety of abilities and credentials to carry out their everyday tasks. Among the qualities to look for in job candidates are:


  • The capacity to use specialist equipment
  • Superior communication abilities
  • Powerful analytical abilities
  • Aptitude for solving issues
  • Thorough understanding of mechanical maintenance
  • Knowledge of customers
  • Knowledge of electronics and electrical systems

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Estimates of computer technician salaries

Computer technicians in Canada make an average of $24.51 per hour. Rates may change depending on geographic region, organization size, and expertise level.

An average of a computer technician Job description currently earns $52,500 to $66,500 per year.


What is the role of a computer technician?

A computer technician configures new systems, updates software packages, establishes and maintains computer networks, diagnoses and fixes IT problems, and installs and maintains computer networks for hardware and software.

What various categories of computer technicians are there?

Computer technicians come in a variety of forms and work with various products. Computer technicians specializing in software issues, such as installing or repairing software, eliminating infections, or recovering data, are called software technicians. While hardware computer technicians concentrate on the devices’ electrical parts and fix or replace them as appropriate. Retail store computer technicians are experts in the goods sold there and are only permitted to repair things bought there. No matter where the equipment was purchased, independent contractor computer technicians are capable of servicing any machinery. They are independent contractors who are familiar with a variety of goods.


What are a computer technician’s essential skills?

A computer technician diagnoses, investigate, and fixes computer difficulties. They also maintain and repair computer hardware, software, and network/internet problems.

  • hardware and software knowledge
  • knowledge of LAN/WAN networks
  • exceptional troubleshooting abilities
  • good understanding of the rules governing data privacy and internet security
  • a strong ability to communicate with clients, users, management, and development

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Getting into the Computer Technician Profession

A bachelor’s degree with a computer science or information technology concentration is often required to work as a computer technician. Additionally, you should have completed various internships to gain experience and training on the job.

Given that you have completed further coursework in the discipline, we advise studying the ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology to assist you in developing the knowledge and expertise necessary to continue this career path.


IT solutions are provided after computer professionals determine the necessary hardware and software.

Within next five years, there will likely be a significant increase in the need for computer technicians.

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