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Executive Pastor Job Description And Roles

Find out what an executive pastor’s job description should be regarding essential qualifications, responsibilities, and abilities.

Pastor Executive Position Description  carries out its mission and vision, an executive pastor manages a church’s daily activities, administration, finances, and human resources. Preachers, elders, and other church employees are under the direction and supervision of executive pastors.


executive pastor job description

Below are the executive pastor job descriptions:

Principal Duties of an Executive Pastor

  • To ensure the overall mission is fulfilled, lead the ministry team in the formation and continuous direction of ministries that successfully reach the church’s demographic.
  • Lead church planting initiatives include formulating a plan, collaborating with other organizations that have a church planting emphasis to get financing and other resources, and selecting, training, and overseeing lead church planters.
  • Encourage the creation of infrastructure by all ministries and regions that aid in the church’s wholesome, long-term expansion.
  • Through ministry effectiveness assessment, discernment, decision-making, planning, and overall staff direction, assist the senior pastor in carrying out the church’s mission.
  • The church can be made operationally ready through the direction and control of the support employees handling administrative tasks, finance, human resources, supply, and facilities management.
  • Facilitate the annual strategic planning process, which entails setting three-year goals, reviewing the purpose, vision, and core values, and evaluating the ministry’s success.
  • Create and uphold a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) that give the Senior Pastor and church personnel constant visibility of the efficiency of all functional areas of the church.
  • Create annual financial plans that support the implementation of the strategic strategy and achieve important financial goals like predetermined cash reserve levels.
  • Carry out other tasks as directed.
  • Oversee the church’s construction projects, including master planning, design, and capital fundraising campaigns. Architecture, choosing a contractor, and building.

Knowledge and Experience

A senior leader with at least 10 to 15 years of experience in a corporate business setting is required for this role.

It is necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree in business, technology, or a closely connected discipline.

Biblical studies master’s degree work is a plus. The successful person must have a track record of sound judgment, effective leadership, and above-reproach character.


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Requirements for Executive Pastor:

  • Effective multitasking abilities.
  • Degree in masters of divinity.
  • A clear connection to Jesus Christ.
  • Demonstrated biblically-based leadership abilities.
  • Solid interpersonal skills group member.
  • 5+ years of relevant experience in the ministry, proficient in MS Office Suites, FellowshipOne, QuickBooks, and social networking.
  • Mature spiritually.
  • Exceptional organizing abilities.

What qualities define an excellent executive pastor?

Because they interact with every staff member in a church, effective executive pastors must possess excellent leadership abilities. Additionally, they are skilled communicators who ensure that the congregation and organization understand the church’s vision and mission.


Executive pastors are in charge of running and managing a church. They oversee strategic planning, human resources, finance, recruitment, and all functional activities to ensure alignment with and fulfillment of the church’s purpose and vision. Senior pastors are in charge first, and they are second.


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