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How to apply for new Nirsal microfinance bank loan, PETTY CASH NOW NOW 

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How to apply for new Nirsal microfinance bank loan called PETTY CASH NOW NOW 


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Nirsal microfinance bank continue disbursement of covid19 loan TC

Nirsal microfinance bank has currently launched a new program called PETTY CASH NOW NOW for people with smallest business like 



Pam oil seller 

Sugar cane seller 



Those with small business can apply for this program to bost they businesses and improve it to the higher level. 

How to apply for NMFB PETTY CASH NOW NOW loan 

NMFB PETTY CASH NOW NOW is not like covid19 loan that you can apply online and get the loan without visit any bank this is serious loan, you need to open account with Nirsal microfinance bank before applying this program 


Covid19 loan is just for those affected by COVID-19 pandemic lock down but this loan is for everyone i mean everyone can apply for the loan if you’re eligible

Kindly visit any nearest Nirsal microfinance bank request account opening form filled up the form and submit, when your account is ready you can go to the bank directly and apply for the loan but TERMS and CONDITIONS Apply 


Click this link visit the Nirsal microfinance bank official website and read more about the bank 

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