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How to repay your nirsal microfinance bank Loan (covid19 loan ) 

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Nirsal microfinance bank has provided a simple way that you pay your loan without stressed. 

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As some knew that Nirsal microfinance bank giving a loan like Covid19 loan TCF covid19 non interest loan Agri small and medium enterprises AGMIES. Some knew that its actually LOAN but some people think that its a grant not loan with isn’t correct actually as the name implied covid19 loan you have to realized that its a LOAN not grant. 


All through the government at that time has provided some grant like survival found and cash transfer RRR etc to help does that affect the covid19 pendamic. 

How to repay your nirsal microfinance bank Loan  

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To repay your kindly go to nearest Nirsal microfinance bank office to you and schedule your repayment 


Nirsal microfinance bank has already created an account for those that got the loan 

Found the account open by nirsal to you. U can found the account through transfer POS or you can visit the bank to deposit the money  

you can view your offer letter at click on household or sme depend on the one you applied 


You can contact Nirsal microfinance bank customer care on their number on the picture above. 


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