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Life after MBA from Australia: The Top Job Roles for MBA Graduates in Australia

In this article, we’re focusing on Life after MBA from Australia .

The cost of an MBA program overseas is high. Chances are you are investing much of your time, money, and effort in whichever nation you select. In addition to being extremely expensive, getting an MBA entails preceding one or two years of income if you are a working person.


All with the expectation of a better future. And although while Singapore is gaining ground and Singaporean colleges are well-known, students are still uncertain about Australian universities for their MBA. To comprehend the prospects and life following an MBA from Australia, we seek to examine historical data.

First, the rankings for Top Universities in Australia have been steadily improving. The Melbourne Business School and AGSM are two Australian business schools consistently rank highly.

It matters to evaluate how well the MBA scorecard performs regarding career possibilities in Australia, not just how they are regarded throughout nations and by the best in the industry. In Australia, there are about 13 universities that provide MBA degree programs.


Let’s start by getting familiar with the salary ranges. Australia is ranked as the Top Payer in the QS Top MBA Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2014–15.

With some hefty incentive provisions thrown in, the average salary for MBA jobs in Australia is US$133,100. Switzerland and Denmark are the two nations with median salaries comparable to those of Australia.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the median MBA pay need not necessarily apply to graduates from Australian MBA colleges. Many MBA graduates from the Asia Pacific find employment in the continent’s nation.


 Life after MBA from Australia

Top Positions in Australia for MBA Graduates

If an MBA program is completed in Australia, graduates may apply for a variety of job positions, including the following:


  • Sales Director
  • Product Director
  • Manager of Business Development
  • Entrepreneur
  • Industry Professional

Offerings from Australian B-Schools in Salary

Let’s talk about the statistics now. The placement rate for Australian B-Schools is average. The data is not accessible for the lesser-known B-schools. However, Melbourne Business School claimed an 88% placement rate in 2013–14. On the other hand, the placement rate for the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) was a modest 69%. The statistics may not be all that good but considering that top-ranked colleges like Ross and UCLA also have an 88% placement rate tips the scales.

Additionally, when comparing incomes, Australian colleges performed significantly better than other institutions worldwide if we use Top MBA data that was most recently provided in 2018.


Although those mentioned above are unquestionably encouraging indications, there is always a point of caution. As a result, the Australian economy must be taken into account on a macro level. The Australian economy would be affected by the catastrophe in Greece and, more significantly, in China, notwithstanding the stability and strength of the home markets. The country’s real estate and tourist industries are both expanding at the same time.

The latter continues to draw investors and has experienced double-digit growth. Additionally, businesses all around the nation favor professionals. Therefore, your prospects are better if you want to pursue a reasonably specialized degree. Several reputable Australian recruiters include:

Sprint Australia

Bank of New Zealand

Australia-based Deloitte



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To sum up, Australia presents a relatively safe option for your MBA investment. The process is streamlined and comparatively simpler, and the colleges are good. In addition to being among the safest and friendliest student cities in the world, staying in Australia provides an unbiased view of the country. What remains, though, is the individual work you put into earning your MBA. Australian Universities provide you with a fair chance to establish yourself and advance your profession if you strive for excellence.

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