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N-POWER: Simple and easy steps to capture your biometric 

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Simple and easy steps to capture your biometric for N power batch C stream II 

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If you’re shortlisted N-POWER batch C stream II you have to capture your biometric on nasims portal 

These are the simple and easy steps 

Step 1

 log on nasims portal using this link login with your email/nasims I,D and your password then click login

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Step 2 

After login successful then click on verification tab click on capture your fingerprint 

Input your BVN number email address your phone number date of birth and your state of origin 

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Step 3 

In step 3 you have to install nasims software to enable you capture your biometric 

Click on install to install the software, input your correct nasims I,D number and click on proceed

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Step 4 

Proceed with your biometric using fingerprint device, follow instructions carefully starting with left hand index and thumb the right hand index and thumb

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Step 5 

Ensure each fingers clicks all four parts make sure each fingers are captured

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Step 6 

When you done with fingers captured in step 5 now you done with your fingerprint captured. 

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Thats all  

If you have any questions drop it on a comment section or join our Telegram channel if you have any questions. 

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