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Partnership Manager Job Description and Salary

If you are looking up to become a partnership manager and want to learn more about partnership manager’s job description, salary structure and their roles, this article will guide you through the process.

A partnership manager is a person in charge of overseeing interactions between their company and external parties. To ensure that the connection benefits both parties, they collaborate with suppliers, contractors, vendors, and other third parties.


Additionally, Partnership managers may be responsible for creating new alliances or finding strategies to grow current ones. This could entail looking into potential partners, coming up with ideas explaining how a collaboration would be advantageous for both parties, negotiating the contract terms, etc.

Partnership Manager Job Description

Duties of A Partnership Manager

Below are the partnership manager’s job description you should know.

  • A partnership manager’s duties can range widely and include the following:
  • Keeping track of business-relevant market trends, new laws, and technology developments
  • examining financial statements to find areas for growth and development and areas of improvement
  • Together with partners, create a strategic plan to promote efficient communication and collaboration.
  • Managing partnerships with partners to ensure their satisfaction with the performance of the partnership
  • Reviewing partnership agreements to make sure they adhere to legal criteria
  • directing the creation of marketing initiatives to raise brand recognition and enhance sales
  • managing partner relationships and communications, including contract negotiations, conflict resolution, and, if necessary, starting termination procedures
  • establishing strategic partnerships with other businesses to create new commercial prospects for the organization

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Partnership manager salary and prospects

The pay for partnership managers varies according to their level of education, years of experience, company size, and industry. Additionally, they could be paid in the form of commissions and bonuses.


$82,500 on average per year ($39.66/hour)

Salary for the top 10%: $174,000 ($83.65/hour)

Jobs for Partnership Manager

The following qualifications are generally required for a partnership manager:


Education: Most businesses demand a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a closely related discipline from partnership managers. Some employers will consider applicants with a GED or high school diploma and relevant work experience.

Experience & Training: Most partnership managers acquire on-the-job training from their present or prior firms. The company’s rules, practices, and the software and technology they employ may all be covered in this training.


Internships are another way for partnership managers to learn. Students can use the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to solve problems in the real world while participating in an internship. They can network with industry experts as well.

Certifications & Licenses: Some employers may ask partnership managers to pass an industry-specific certification exam to demonstrate their general knowledge of the subject.

Skills Requirements for A Partnership Manager

To succeed, partnership managers require the following abilities:

Decision-making abilities: A partnership manager’s position requires them to make decisions regularly. You may be responsible for choosing which partnerships to pursue, how to approach potential partners, and what to offer them in exchange for cooperation. You can also be in charge of selecting the partnerships that you want to end or change.

Leadership abilities: Partnership managers may inspire and encourage their team to operate well by using their leadership abilities. The ability to persuade others to finish tasks is another benefit of having strong leadership skills. You may, for instance, give workers tasks and follow up with them to see how their job is going.

Communication abilities: Partnership managers must have excellent communication skills to transmit information to their team and clients. To ensure their staff is on the same page, they also use these communication skills to interact with other departments like marketing and sales. A partnership manager’s ability to communicate effectively will be helpful while negotiating contracts and other business agreements.

Problem-solving abilities: As partnership managers frequently collaborate with others to discover answers to problems, problem-solving skills are crucial. A partnership manager, for instance, might collaborate with the team to find the root of the issue and come up with a fix if a partnership isn’t accomplishing its objectives.

Work Environment for Partnership Managers

Partnership managers can work in various places, such as corporations, charities, and governmental institutions. They usually work full-time, though some may put in extra time to fulfill deadlines or deal with unforeseen delays. Partnership managers frequently travel to meet with potential or present partners, attend conferences, or provide training sessions. Additionally, they might travel to project locations. Partnership managers often have a good work-life balance and express high levels of job satisfaction despite the possibility of lengthy hours.

Trends in Partnership Manager

The following trends have an impact on how partnership managers operate. Partnership managers must be informed of these advancements to keep their knowledge current and maintain a competitive edge at work.

Partnerships Require a More Strategic Approach

As firms adopt a more strategic approach to relationships, the position of the partnership manager is evolving. Now, relationship managers must not only be able to find new partners but also comprehend how those collaborations might aid the organization in achieving its objectives.

Greater Attention Paid to Long-Term Relationships

The requirement for long-term relationships with dependable suppliers is growing significantly as firms become more globally integrated. Long-term relationships between partners, which need a high level of trust and communication, are becoming increasingly focused due to this trend.

Partnership managers should take advantage of this trend by cultivating close bonds with their partners and ensuring that they are successfully talking about the needs of both parties. To lay the groundwork for future success, partnership managers should also seek ways to establish lasting ties with new partners.


As the partnership manager, you will create and keep up a partnership management system at The Rockefeller Foundation. The Foundation’s strategy focuses on collaborating with partners with complementary skills and resources to realize transformative impact by leveraging their ideas, resources, and talents. You will assist in setting priorities for our institutional relationships, creating tools and systems to support partnership development and management activities, and managing particular projects mainly dependent on partnerships while collaborating with senior program leadership and other teams.

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