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10 Most Popular Job Sectors in US and Average Salary


This article will discuss about Popular Job Sectors in USA

Technology and healthcare were the two sectors with the biggest job opportunities and the highest salaries. Overseas students must be aware of the employment possibilities in their chosen academic subject. The most common career sectors in the USA in 2022 are tech and IT, energy, Lifesciences, marketing/creative, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, and business services. 



According to the data, the most sought-after professions in the USA are law, business management, computer science, and medicine. The average wages also indicate the same at different universities.

The most prestigious and well-paying occupation in the US is becoming a physician or doctor, with an annual base compensation starting at $212,000.

Although medical school is challenging, passing the USMLE exam is necessary to obtain a “license to practice” in the US. 



The Pharmacy Manager is the second most sought-after position; however, fewer job vacancies are each year. The position of a software architect is the third most sought-after high-paid position. 

The median annual compensation for lawyers is also over $125,000. Therefore, it is evident that students who plan to pursue careers in medicine, computer science, law, or business management in the US profit most after completing their coursework.


Popular Job Sectors in US


Below are the Popular Job Sectors in US

Technology Information

With the advent of digitization and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the IT sector contributed significantly to the economic recovery and impacted other sectors of the economy. For students majoring in computer science, placements have been profitable. 



As technology has become a more significant part of the economy, the field of information technology employment has advanced significantly. Technology is widely used in key industries like health, retail, education, and professional services. Data analysis, analytical thinking, and research are crucial for employment in the information technology industry. Between 2019 and 2029, IT and computer sector employment are anticipated to increase by 11%.


The healthcare industry has advanced significantly due to new technologies and increased demand for goods and services by an older and increasing population. Due to the availability of new medical treatments and technologies, the healthcare industry is one of the sectors with the quickest growth rates. A growing and aging population also contributes to the expansion of the health sector. Due to this, the United States has recovered from the 2008 financial crisis. Nearly 3 million jobs were added to the sector between 2006 and 2016.


Actual Estate

The real estate development sector is also expanding. Infrastructure is required at an exponentially increasing rate as the population increases. Additionally, real estate developers need more land as new firms start up. 

The real estate development industry involves more than just purchasing and selling real estate property. 

According to the Census Bureau, the amount spent on building in 2019 was $1.365 trillion. A few business skills, like planning, sales, and verbal and nonverbal communication, are necessary for real estate.


6% of the country’s GDP comprises the retail industry. The retail sector accounts for 10% of all employment in the United States, according to World Atlas, making it the largest employer in the country. The key players in this industry include brick-and-mortar businesses and online shops like Amazon and eBay.

Bank Teller

National average yearly wage: $29,297

Primary responsibilities: A cashier performs transactions for a customer’s purchase while working in a retail setting. Cashiers help customers identify the items they’re looking for and bag groceries.

Associate stockholder

National average yearly salary: $36,501

primary obligations: Upon arrival at the warehouse, a stock clerk or stocking associate unpacks the product. They examine the goods for appropriate labeling and any shipping damage. They update inventory records to determine whether the warehouse requires extra units of a particular product.


The annual wage of $39,539, the average nationwide.

The main responsibilities of a laborer are to complete physical chores quickly and efficiently when working on a construction site. They help load and unload things and clean up and move debris. To develop practical solutions for tasks, they look over construction designs.


$39,584 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Primary obligations: A janitor maintains the cleanliness of their area, such as a restroom or corridor. They lock the doors, remove the trash and recyclables, fix the toilets, and maintain the appliances.

laborer in construction

$38,823 is the yearly average pay in the nation.

Primary obligations: A construction worker uses and tests tools and machinery at a job site. They transport supplies to various locations and might even cut materials to fit the requirements of their tasks.


$42,746 annually is the average pay in the country.

A bookkeeper’s main responsibilities include keeping track of a business’s income and costs and sending invoices to clients for payment. They employ accounting software to create reports and determine a firm’s financial health.

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