Social Work Scholarship For 2024: How To Apply

Social workers play an expanding role in improving communities and people’s lives.

These practitioners are among the major providers of mental healthcare in the United States, with employment in social work predicted to increase by more than 7.4% by 2032.

If you want to work in this in-demand industry, the first step is to receive the necessary degree.

Some entry-level employment requires only a bachelor’s degree, while the majority of clinical roles require a master’s degree for a license.

With the average cost of college increasing, many aspiring social workers are looking for alternatives to student loans to help them pay for their education.

Fortunately, there are numerous sorts of supplemental financing available for social work students and others entering service-oriented industries.

We’ve compiled a list of social work scholarships to assist you in your search, but there are many more available through local institutions, state associations, and other resources.

5 Top Social Work Scholarship

1. The Alice M. and Samuel Yarnold Scholarship Trust

This grant is an excellent opportunity for New Hampshire students interested in pursuing a career in social work.


Although the Alice M. and Samuel Yarnold Scholarship Trust does not have its website, you can get more information and apply by clicking on the link above. This curriculum is meant for students studying nursing, medicine, or social work.

The Alice M. and Samuel Yarnold Scholarship Trust scholarships are expected to range from $1,000 to $5,000 and will be distributed annually.


Applicants must be current post-secondary school students with financial needs who live in New Hampshire and want to work there.

2. Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Bethesda Auxiliary unites the Lutheran community by offering spiritual and financial support to people with intellectual and developmental impairments.
With multiple sites across the country, Bethesda is always raising cash to support this purpose.

This organization is dedicated to the cause and keeps finances flowing by maintaining the Bethesda Thrift Shop, creating craft items for raffles, and accepting monetary donations.

One way they support this essential purpose is by providing scholarships to Lutheran students who want to work in the field of helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

By investing in the people who provide treatment and care, Bethesda ensures that people with various disabilities have support, love, and care in a faith-based environment.

They provide up to four $3,000 scholarships each year. Candidates must be of Lutheran faith, an active communicant member of a Lutheran congregation, enrolled in a four-year college or university, and a freshman, sophomore, or junior with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Of course, the major of study should be centered on helping persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities, such as through social work, psychology, or counseling.

Applicants must also submit previous experience that will document 100 hours of service, whether volunteer or paid, in the area of serving intellectual and developmental disabilities.

3. Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta

A variety of contributors hold their scholarships via the CFGA, and they continue to assist in maintaining community diversity and moving forward.

The Steve Dearduff Scholarship Fund is available to students who are legal citizens of Georgia and are pursuing degrees in social work or medicine.

The candidate will have previously enrolled in or been accepted into a recognized college/university and can demonstrate a history of community service.

This award is available to a maximum of three students each year. Please see the website for further information.

4. Council on Social Work Education

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is the national body representing social work education in the United States.

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognizes CWSE as the exclusive accreditor of social work education in the United States. CSWE’s membership includes over 760 authorized baccalaureate and master’s degree social work programs, as well as individual social work educators, practitioners, and agencies.

They all work toward the same goal: improving the quality of social work education.

Their objective is that by establishing high academic standards for outstanding education, social work professionals will be able to defend the profession while also promoting individual, family, and community well-being.

5. Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund

The Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund was established by the Board of Directors to recognize his contributions to CSWE as well as his achievements in the profession.

Carl had already demonstrated his dedication to the profession by working with children and family care agencies, as well as serving as director of admissions and assistant professor at the New York University School of Social Work, before joining the agency in 1968.

After joining CSWE, he helped to promote diversity in social work education.

This Fund will continue Scott’s ideal of equality and social justice in social work by developing and strengthening knowledge for the well-being of individuals and the communities in which they live – goals to which he has dedicated his life’s work.


What is a social work bursary?
Eligible undergraduate students can apply for a social work bursary to aid with living expenses and tuition fees beginning in their second year of study. Student Finance England may offer support for the first year of the degree.
What exactly does scholarly social work involve?

“Social work is a practice-based profession and academic discipline that fosters social change and development, societal cohesiveness, and individual empowerment and liberation.

Social work is founded on principles such as social justice, human rights, communal responsibility, and tolerance for diversity.


These Social Work Scholarships represent an excellent chance for those who want to make a difference in social work and other fields.

They not only provide financial assistance but also ensure access to world-class education.

If you are a passionate and dedicated student wishing to further your education while also making a positive difference in your community, these scholarships are your ticket to a brighter future.

Conduct careful research on each scholarship, determine your eligibility, and apply to those that are relevant to your academic and professional ambitions.
With determination and effort, you may make your ambitions a reality and become a future leader in your chosen industry.


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