10 Best Jobs in Winkler, MB (Hiring Now!)

This article will explore the Top 10 Jobs in Winkler, Manitoba.


The Cashier Supervisor will uphold the 10 Best Jobs in Winkler, MB (Hiring Now!)-op Brand and make an effort to develop and maintain positive working relationships with both clients and coworkers.

Best Jobs in Winkler


Winkler Consumers Cooperative Ltd. is hiring a cashier supervisor (24 hours, part-time, with benefits).

Delivering exceptional customer service, leading and directing all front-line employees, operating cash registers and accepting payments from customers, helping with merchandising, and upholding cleanliness and housekeeping standards are all duties of the cashier supervisor.

The Cashier Supervisor will uphold the Co10 Best Jobs in Winkler, MB (Hiring Now!)-op Brand and try to build and preserve wholesome relationships with coworkers and clients.

McDonald’s Night Crew Member

access to chances for skill development and education that will advance you

a comprehensive rewards program that includes rebates, bonuses, and recognition benefits

Flexible shifts and hours to meet your needs

a setting that is secure, respectful, and welcoming

Bring your authentic self to work and welcome everyone, regardless of age, background, or culture, like the customers who use our restaurants daily.

Whether employed in the kitchen, the drive-through, or the front desk, you are a member of a vibrant team that collaborates to provide a remarkable guest experience.

Winkler Consumers Cooperative Ltd. hires a bakery clerk (24 hours a day, part-time, benefits).

Please work with us and discover how Co-op operates differently!

By cooperating, we can better our community, bring our members profits, and develop deep connections. We are committed to bringing our brand to life by connecting with the community because we love to serve. At Co-op, meaningful jobs take root.

The duties of the Bakery Clerk include providing excellent customer service, making and packing baked goods, performing some simple cake decorating, merchandising, and upholding departmental cleanliness and housekeeping standards.

The Bakery Clerk will uphold the Co-op Brand and seek to develop and preserve wholesome relationships with coworkers and clients.

Winkler Consumers Cooperative Ltd. is hiring a full-time grocery supervisor for many departments.

Delivering excellent customer service, ordering and stocking goods, marketing and presenting inventory, receiving and unloading trucks, assisting with employee management, and upholding departmental cleanliness and housekeeping standards are all duties of the grocery supervisor.

The supervisor will also carry out the tasks in the meat, bread, deli, and produce departments.

The grocery supervisor will uphold the Co-op brand and build and preserve wholesome relationships with coworkers and clients.

A Full-Time Grocery Supervisor at Winkler Consumers Cooperative Ltd.

Live the Co-op brand principles and offer superior customer service to internal and external clients.

Make sure the grocery department is constantly faced with and has enough inventory.

Make that the first-in, first-out rotation is constantly observed and close-dated products are handled according to departmental policies.

Display a tidy, fresh, clean, and well-stocked department and related work locations (sales floor, coolers, freezers, warehouse, etc.)

To ensure that departmental image and safety requirements are upheld, do general housekeeping tasks.

When assigned, supervise contingent workers while giving them direction and instruction.

When assigned, act as the manager’s replacement as the “Supervisor in Charge” of the grocery department.

Tokyo Smoke Retail Associate (Morden) at Canopy Growth Corporation

Canopy Growth aims to improve lives, end cannabis prohibition, and build stronger communities. They think cannabis has the potential to be a positive force. They are establishing a customer-focused business to educate people about cannabis’ transformative potential. They plan to do this by offering a range of cannabis- and hemp-derived products that are both unique and disruptive.

Canopy Growth is the world’s largest cannabis and hemp corporation, with activities spread across four continents and a permitted production area of millions of square feet. We are proud of our company’s inclusive, collaborative, and diverse corporate culture because we understand that our people are the key to our success.

Meat-cutter position at Winkler Co-op

The Meat Cutter is in charge of providing top-notch customer service, placing orders, and preparing meat, fish, and seafood, which includes cleaning, cutting, and trimming to meet defined departmental standards and quality. The meat cutter is in charge of general cleaning, merchandise, product packaging, and any other tasks that may be assigned. The meat cutter will uphold the Co-op Brand and seek to develop wholesome connections with coworkers and clients.

Custodian for Garden Valley School Division

The high school Garden Valley Collegiate, which enrolls students in grades 9 through 12, is located in the city of Winkler on Main Street. There are around 740 students enrolled in our program, and our teaching and support staff totals are 50 and 25, respectively. In addition to offering a variety of academic, fine arts, athletics, and technical programs, GVC is a dynamic high school learning community.

Creating a culture of trust and belonging as a team is crucial to creating a productive working and learning environment.

Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters’s kitchen assistant

Utilize manual and electrical tools to wash, peel, slice, and little food.

Including work surfaces, cabinets, storage spaces, appliances, and equipment, and cleaning and sterilizing the kitchen.

Utilize and maintain cleaning supplies

Receiving, unpacking, and storing supplies in cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, and other storage spaces

rubbish and trash from the kitchen

Clean, wash, and shine the floors with a mop.

Cut, wash, and peel fruit and vegetables.

Clean workstations and the kitchen

Working For 7-Eleven, Inc. As A Sales Associate

The most crucial employee of the 7-Eleven organization is the one that welcomes and assists customers in a neighborhood location, without a doubt. You represent our company in public. To our client, you are 7-Eleven. We count on you to deliver exceptional service, maintain a spotless, welcoming environment, stock, and merchandise goods, and handle the registration. Your skills will be acknowledged and respected, regardless of whether your goal is to start an excellent full-time career or have great part-time employment.

In this role, there are numerous growth opportunities. To become a Certified Sales Associate, you can take extra training. Using our cutting-edge Retail Information System, you’ll also learn how to estimate sales and place product orders.

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