The 5 Part Time Work Options for International Students in Germany

Germany offers the opportunity for part-time employment: A student’s decision to study abroad is influenced by various variables. While most students are still committed to studying at Germany’s top universities, others search for lengthy programs and research opportunities.


The remainder looks for lucrative post-study employment opportunities to forego studying abroad. Germany is one of the top locations for Indian and international students because of its high regard for education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge amenities, and a wide variety of courses available to students.

In this post, we’ll concentrate on the choices for part-time employment available to Indian students visiting Germany. The regulations that go along with it and every other aspect that an international student might find significant. Part-time employment opportunities are a terrific way to supplement your income while traveling and can also serve as a stepping stone in the direction of your career goals. Finding part-time employment is a terrific way to make the most of your time while earning money.


Regarding part-time employment, however, international students in Germany are subject to a set of guidelines established by the administration.

Part Time Work Options for International Students in Germany

Continue reading as we go through all the specifics of part-time employment opportunities in Germany for overseas students.

Part-time employment has a few facets in Germany. The first relates to the requirements and regulations for part-time employment opportunities for international students, the second to the sources of part-time employment in Germany, and the third and most obvious relates to the employment opportunities for international students in Germany. Let’s examine each of them separately.

Alternatives for International Students to Work Part-Time in Germany

German student part-time jobs: Only international students with a German student visa are permitted entry into Germany. The German student visa will provide numerous benefits for international students, including the most significant being to work part-time while they are studying in Germany. Below are a few things you should remember while studying in Germany.

Candidates can work 120 total or 240 half days per year while still enrolled in school. 

However, this may differ between areas with high and low employment. Said, you might only be granted a work permit longer than 120 days if your university is located in a region with a high unemployment rate or requires more labor. Freelancing or self-employment are not permitted under the part-time work option.

Normal university policy prohibits students from working more than 20 hours per week throughout the academic year. However, during breaks, students can start working full-time.

It is necessary to obtain a working permit from the “Agentur für Arbeit” and the foreigners’ authorities. The maximum amount of labor a student may take would be specified in the permit.

The rules are stricter if you are enrolled in a language or preparation course. As a result, you can only work when no lectures are scheduled and only if a foreign authority gives you permission in writing.

Another issue is taxes. Students who make less than 450 euros per month are exempt from paying taxes or social security. You are exempt if you work for less than 50 days in a calendar year.

It’s generally not recommended to work more than 20 hours per week. Working beyond this point would compel you to pay for health, unemployment, and nursing care insurance, in addition to being against the majority of university regulations.

The observance of federal law is crucial. You risk being kicked out of the country if it is determined that you are disobeying them. Maintain the checks, follow the regulations, and have your permission ready.

However, the working hours and pay are different regarding employment within the institution. They are significantly superior, and you can work many hours with them. However, finding employment at the institution might not be so simple.

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Posting of a Part-Time Job for International Students

Students who want to work part-time frequently have trouble identifying the source of such job advertising. You may be confident that we will give pupils the greatest help available here. The following are the best places for international students to hunt for part-time jobs in Germany.

University Career Cells: Most universities have a specialized career center whose only goal is to unite employers and students on a typical stage. The university job centers maintain ongoing contact with various businesses and enterprises looking to hire new employees. For options to work part-time, international students are urged to contact their university’s career services office.

Online job portals: Like in India, job portals in other countries feature part-time positions on their websites. On these websites, employers offer job openings that international students looking for work can apply for.

Word-of-mouth: There would be an international community of students from comparable backgrounds in every nation.

As a result, spreading the word about job openings to friends or acquaintances is a fantastic approach to finding part-time employment in Germany.

Academic Bulletin, Your place of study or university is frequently a fantastic place to look for a job. Students can discover various part-time job options in the institution, depending on their area of competence and talents.

Sectors offering part-time employment to international students in Germany

As previously said, this post will discuss the possibilities for international students to find part-time employment in Germany. The most common subsectors of part-time employment for international students studying in Germany will be covered in this section.

University teaching, graduate, and research assistants

Research scholars can typically apply for teaching and graduate assistantships, which provide a respectable wage. These positions include helping professors with copy marking, tutoring students, creating research materials, acting as supervisors or librarians, etc. These are at the top of the list in terms of the available job types. To receive one, you must apply early and do well.

You can find these positions with the department you are a part of, which are extensively advertised on the university notice boards.

As waiters or other support workers at pubs, cafés, etc.

The most well-known jobs among children are frequently those involving waiting or catering. This is a popular choice among students for factors other than cost. 

The student gets a fantastic opportunity to tour the city, meet new people, and unwind after a long day at school, even though the salary may not be higher or even essential. Not to mention, the advice is helpful.

English teachers

Teaching English to German students is another profitable professional option for overseas students. Private tuition is standard and offers a respectable salary. However, you must be fluent in the language, which may not be easy for Indian pupils.

 For instance, a student from the UK would be more qualified.

Germany’s alternatives for part-time employment: How much are they paid?

The most crucial factor is how much money international students can make working part-time in Germany. International students’ hourly wage in Germany has been established at €9.19 (as of 2019), though they may make more depending on their employment. 

Updates to the minimum wage occur every two years. Large cities typically have greater earnings, but those places also have higher living costs. This is the typical wage a student is exempt from paying taxes. 

However, a research assistant would make more than that and would also be exempt. Students working part-time jobs can earn up to 450 euros per month tax-free. However, they would have to get a tax ID number and start paying taxes once they consistently go above the cap each month. Each financial year’s end allows them to file tax returns. 

We want to end by stating that working a part-time job is not a viable option for funding your education. In addition to providing social interaction, it can be a useful source of pocket money. 

However, if Germany is your home country, plenty of scholarships and student loans are readily available.


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