Top 8 Best Renters Insurance Companies in Texas

Texas is a great place to rent a house. In Lone Star State, there is a lot to see and enjoy in every city.


Each city in Texas is distinct and humming with activity, from Dallas, the state’s cultural center, to El Paso, famous for its delectable Tex-Mex cuisine. Downtown Austin is home to numerous live country and blues concerts, while Houston is renowned for its ethnic diversity, with more than 145 languages spoken in the area.

Renters insurance should therefore be your priority if you rent in Texas, even though it is not mandated there.


The purpose of renters insurance is to shield occupants from unforeseen costs.

Renters insurance will cover the costs if someone is hurt in your house or breaks into your apartment and steals all of your electronics.

If you didn’t have insurance, you would be responsible for paying any medical expenses for anyone hurt and the cost of replacing any items stolen during the break-in.

You could also believe buying renters insurance will be expensive, but it is not.

Renters insurance can thus help you save money and reassure you that your personal property and other items are secure.

 Renters insurance companies in Texas

The average cost of renters insurance in Texas

Texas has a $134 annual average renters insurance premium, which is $25 less than the $159 national average.

This means that the average monthly cost of renters insurance in Texas is $11, $2 less than the national average.

List of the Top 8 best renters insurance companies in Texas

Your items are covered by renters insurance if they are destroyed or stolen.

Additionally, it offers liability protection in case someone is hurt while on your premises.

I’ve produced a list of the top 8 renter insurance providers in Texas to guide you in selecting the best choice for your needs.

I also gave things like cost, coverage, and reputation some thought.

The list of top-rated insurance providers in Texas is provided below.

Lemonade: Top Renters Insurance That Supports the Community

Lemonade is renowned for existing exclusively online.

Due to AI, you can handle every aspect of your renter’s insurance online or through the company’s app, including getting a quotation, filing a claim, reviewing your policy, and making payments.

If you want to safeguard your belongings from theft, fire, and other perils at a reasonable price, Lemonade renters insurance is the ideal choice.

No additional fees apply to the $5 monthly cost of the basic plan, but if you require more features, more options are always available at a fee.

In addition to being inexpensive and thorough, Lemonade’s renter’s insurance also has a commendable humanitarian component.

Every premium includes a donation percentage to the policyholder’s preferred nonprofit organization.

Additionally, any monies left over at the end of the year that has not been claimed are given to charities decided upon by Lemonade’s board of directors.

The best for Add-Ons is Liberty Mutual.

Renters insurance from Liberty Mutual is available for affordable monthly premiums starting at $5.

Liberty Mutual is renowned for offering add-ons or riders that let you customize your coverage to suit your needs.

For example, a renters insurance rider in Texas offers extra protection for valuables, including gold, furs, computers, and other devices.

The additional premium for this rider is $4 per month.

Customers can contact Liberty Mutual’s customer service professionals anytime, day or night, for information regarding the company’s goods or services.

The best auto insurance bundle is from Allstate.

Allstate has a lot of reputation.

It provides extensive savings, meager rates, and countrywide coverage.

Renter’s insurance can be combined with other products, such as auto or life insurance, to receive discounts from Allstate.

After bundling, the basic renter’s insurance coverage costs $4 per month, making it a very cost-effective choice for Texas renters.

It is hence an attractive choice for renters seeking comprehensive, cost-effective coverage.

Allstate also provides a discount for house renters insurance in Texas for individuals seeking even more significant financial savings.

Apartment dwellers who choose Allstate can save up to 10% on their renter’s insurance payments.

It’s understandable why Allstate is one of the most widely used options for renter’s insurance in Texas, given the abundance of savings chances.

Best and Cheapest Renters Insurance: State Farm

One of Texas’ top providers of renters insurance is State Farm.

The business provides renters insurance at affordable rates and offers a variety of incentives.

For instance, if a tenant has homeowners insurance coverage, they may be eligible for a discount.

Additionally, if a renter resides in an apartment, they can be qualified for a discount.

Additionally, State Farm provides elderly and military discounts.

Renters in Texas can therefore choose State Farm and save money on their renter’s insurance.

Compared to Texas, where the average cost of renters insurance is $19, State Farm’s average cost is only $10 per month.

Best for a Variety of Coverage Options for Travelers

Travelers topped our list because, in contrast to other comparable insurers, it provided a broad range of coverage options for just one dollar less than the typical Texas renters insurance premium.

To assist in defending your possessions against harm from incidents that are covered by this insurance, such as fire, smoke, theft, water damage, and more, Travelers offers renters insurance in Texas.

Renters insurance can provide you peace of mind even if you don’t own your house or apartment by helping to replace your possessions if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Additionally, renters insurance might contribute to the cost of medical care if someone is hurt while visiting your home.

Travelers offer the renter’s insurance coverage alternatives you require, whether you are a tenant in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or another Texas city.

Favorable for Named Perils, progressive

The best option for named peril insurance is Progressive.

There is transparency, and you don’t have to hazard a guess as to what your insurance covers perils by explicitly stating what each peril covers.

The majority of risks are standard; however, Progressive goes above and above by providing comprehensive named risk coverages:

  • Windstorms
  • Smoke and fire
  • Lightning
  • Hail\sTornadoes\sExplosions
  • Vandalism and theft
  • crash of a car or an airplane into your house
  • trees or other items falling
  • Weight of ice, snow, or sleet
  • water stains

Natural disasters are the main named threats.

Flood-related water damage is excluded from the definition of water damage.

Every insurance plan now in existence excludes this.

Therefore, you should carefully consider purchasing flood insurance coverage, as flooding is Texas’s most frequent natural disaster.

Texas is the state with the most local agents nationwide.

To defend your possessions in the case of a covered loss, Nationwide offers renters insurance in Texas.

Liability, personal property, and additional living expenses are all covered by national renters insurance policies, and you may tailor your coverage to meet your needs.

We choose Countrywide since it offers nationwide renters insurance while still serving as a local insurance provider.

Its agents can answer these and many other questions.

As a result, the company employs local agents in most of the Texas cities rather than having a single call center for customer service that is probably located abroad.

That entails coverage from a local agent for well-known Texas towns like Houston and Dallas and for lesser-known ones like Bowie and Laredo, for instance.

Chubb: The Best for Clear Discounts

Chubb serves high-net-worth tenants who depend on the insurer to cover the cost of their pricey possessions, such as jewels and fine art.

If you want to secure these priceless things entirely, you can expand your coverage by the amount of your choice.

Despite having one of the highest premium rates, Chubb offers a variety of discounts that can help you pay less.

You are less likely to file a claim for a loss if your home is well-secured against fire, burglary, and other threats.

According to Chubb, you can save more money the safer your home is.

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Every type of renter could afford the renter’s insurance providers we recommended.

We narrowed our list of insurers to those that charge less than the state average and the national average because there are so many firms to pick from.

In certain instances, we added a company with a higher premium rate, but it was because the situation was unique.

Personal property is covered by a standard renters insurance policy. Still, if it has a high value, it can be subject to a low limit of liability, which would limit the amount your insurer would pay.


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