10 Best Social Workers Jobs in Toronto, ON, Canada (Hiring Now!)

Social workers jobs in Toronto is a practice-based profession focusing on the weak, oppressed, and those living in poverty, as well as an academic subject emphasizing human well-being. Everybody’s basic and complicated needs are met by social work, but those who are weak, oppressed, and living in poverty are given special attention. The distinction between social work and other professions is the emphasis on the individual and their environment.


Social Workers Jobs in Toronto,

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Developmental Service Worker NEW at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

To satisfy the healthcare requirements of patients with various diseases and their families, we at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) rely on the knowledge and commitment of our competent inter-professional teams. We aim to enhance this care at our new McCain Complex Care Building located at CAMH’s Queen Street Site, the home of our new Psychosis Recovery and Treatment Services of the Complex Care and Recovery Program. This new building will offer spacious units, safe access to outdoor space, various features designed to improve patient care, and enhanced safety features. 

Community Development Housing Worker at Fred Victor

The position’s major objective is to assist tenants who are chronically homeless in obtaining and maintaining alternative supported housing, with a special emphasis on assisting clients who are socially isolated.

Utilizing a facilitative management strategy, encourage tenant involvement in the creation of short- and long-term goals, community development strategies, and initiatives to support independent living, housing safety, and enjoyment.

Planning, leading, and interacting with a group are all part of this position’s community development focus.

Job as an Overnight Warming Centre Support Worker – Lead at Fred Victor – Toronto

Process client intakes, transfers and support clients with daily needs 

Organize overnight program operations with the support of Overnight Peer Warming Centre Workers 

Create detailed reports on attendance, client activity, and any raised issues to provide to the program manager 

Record client notes, intake forms, and discharge plans by Toronto Shelter Standards and FCVs policies and procedures 

Serving meals provided for warming center visitors 

Contact the on-call program manager in the event of crises or emergencies 

Debrief with previous and relieving shift team for consistency and efficiency of service for program visitors 

Work closely with security staff to provide a coordinated and collaborative approach to potential crises 

Case Management Officer at the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

From proactively reaching out to a client to negotiate a payment arrangement, conducting investigations to understand the details of a family’s situation, and taking enforcement action where required to help ensure support obligations are met, you will see it all. 

As a case management officer, your main goal is to collaborate with families and other interested parties to ensure that support payments are being made. If a case is out of compliance, you will also utilize all relevant interventions to help get payments back on track.

By the unique needs of the families you support, you will create and implement specialized case management strategies. You will use a highly customized and proactive approach to manage each case. 

General Counselor at COSTI Immigrant Services

Provides all new immigrants and refugees with intake and assessment of their requirements, impediments, and assets to construct their settlement plan, focusing on arrivals who speak Albanian.

Provides information, referrals, documentation, crisis intervention, follow-up, and supportive counseling services to clients within a case management service approach.

Organizes and facilitates one-on-one and group orientation sessions for newcomers on settlement-related topics. 

Refer customers to community and social organizations for additional support. 

Approves and facilitates agency programs and services.

A worker at Fred Victor in Toronto providing housing support

  • Maintain a client caseload for housing that includes the homeless or in danger of losing their homes.
  • Clients should be accompanied to housing showings and prepared for the experience.
  • Hire landlords from the private sector.
  • help people who have already found housing to maintain it
  • Connect with neighborhood organizations to provide referrals and support
  • To Community-based Housing Organizations, send recommendations
  • Tenants should speak out with landlords on their behalf, and landlords should speak up for tenants.
  • Preventing evictions by offering assistance and legal advice for evicting tenants
  • To assist those looking for housing, offer workshops and information.
  • Regular check-ins with the tenants to lower the likelihood of eviction when necessary.
  • providing clients with information on their obligations as tenants to keep housing

Worker in outreach for COSTI Immigrant Services

Create a multifaceted housing host program outreach plan in conjunction with the manager.

Proactively communicate with various partners and stakeholders to share information about the host program.

deliver speeches at numerous community gatherings and events

People interested in the host program should receive information and orientation about it.

Interview potential host families during the intake stage.

Perform administrative duties to guarantee that hosts’ Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) documentation is complete.

Conduct in-person site visits and promptly complete the checklists for each accommodation

Mentor at Juno College of Technology on a part-time basis

Working closely with our students and part-time professors, you will actively foster a welcoming learning atmosphere in this position. We work hard to ensure that every one of our students feels at ease while learning, exploring, and participating in our environment.

We genuinely care about every one of our students and want to ensure they have a meaningful, engaging, and fulfilling experience right from their first class with us.

Your primary duty as a Mentor will be to assist our educators with lessons, code-along, and interactive exercises. Additionally, you’ll assist students with their projects, resolve problems, and mentor them through challenging situations like code debugging and technical problem-solving.

Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation’s Senior Services Coordinator

To achieve successful tenancies and enable seniors to age in place, Toronto Seniors Housing is committed to guaranteeing access to services and integrated support for its tenants.

The Seniors Services Coordinator, who reports to the Tenant Engagement and Services Supervisor, is in charge of assisting tenants during the application and tenancy processes at TSHC, identifying tenant vulnerabilities, such as those who may be in danger of losing their homes, and assisting them by providing direct support, senior-friendly tenancy management, participating in community engagement activities and coordinating access to outside services.

The Senior Services Coordinator manages tenancies to enable successful tenancies, higher quality of life, and aging in place for renters by facilitating, coordinating, and offering direct support.

York University Website and Social Media Assistant  

Ability to creatively write content to appeal to specific audiences. Ability to effectively communicate and respond to others using social and digital media.  Ability to meet deadlines and manage time effectively.  Ability to update websites and social media platforms.  Ability to learn and use a variety of computer applications. 

All qualified candidates are urged to apply, including but not limited to women, people with disabilities, visible minorities (racialized) individuals, indigenous individuals, and individuals of any gender identity or sexual orientation. York University is dedicated to creating a welcoming, encouraging, and inclusive environment.

During the hiring process, York University offers accommodations for applicants with disabilities. If York University contacts you regarding job openings or exams, please let us know if you require accommodation. 

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