10 Best Software Engineer Jobs In Canada Hiring Now

Computer engineering and computer science come together in the work of software engineers. They create software and fix issues with the software. To ensure the program is functioning correctly, they also test and assess it. Software engineers frequently collaborate closely with programmers and developers and provide a strong technical background to their job.


software engineer jobs

Below are the software engineer jobs.


Employment with Immigration Avenue Private Limited as a software test engineer

Discussing software controls and specs with development managers. Analyzing the software’s functional characteristics while using it as intended. Designing test plans for both manual and automated evaluation of each software product. Creating, coding, and putting in place test programs for software review.

Executing test programs to guarantee that testing procedures accurately analyze the software. Optimizing the software testing infrastructure for performance. Completing and drafting test-procedure documentation. Final testing is finished, and test reports are made. Presenting test results to management and making software improvement suggestions.

Work for Canonical as an Engineering Manager for Sustaining Software Engineering in the Americas.

An enthusiastic engineering manager about open-source software, Linux, and cloud computing should take advantage of this excellent opportunity. Join Canonical, the expanding global software company that created Ubuntu, to forge a fulfilling, meaningful career working with the greatest and brightest technologists.

A crucial group known as Sustaining Engineering manages the most challenging customer escalations, fixing software flaws, code errors, and other problems from the kernel to the top of the open-source stack.

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Back-end developer position at GE Markham, Ontario, Canada

The software engineer is a team player who will assist in advancing the HMI transition for new products and development teams. They will report to the manager of the software tools team. You are a reputable software developer who will collaborate with other developers to contribute to, review, and approve software design for various Web applications for products built on microservices and containers.

You will also help raise DevOps KPIs for test automation, test coverage, traceability, and CI/CD.

Employment with Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd. as a Gateway Software Engineer.

The full-stack architecture and development of the TCP/IP software for the next-generation network gateway appliance is the responsibility of the gateway software engineering team at Huawei’s Vancouver Research Center. Within six months, the team will grow from eight to twenty under the direction of the best specialists in the field and will include both recent graduates and seasoned veterans. Joining our team will provide you access to our deep technical expertise and passionate pursuit of innovation. This new team has strong leaders who will support it as it grows.

Senior Full Stack Developer position available at Insight Global Canada

Insight Global needs a Senior Software Developer to join a reputable HCM Client anywhere in Canada permanently. The chosen applicant will work on a task involving implementing microservices separate from the monolithic application. The front-end support needed for this function is greater, but it will also require some back-end development.

Desired Experience & Skills:

  • Software developer with 6 to 10 years of experience
  • React.JS, C#, and.Net experience
  • 2+ years of Azure DevOps for CI/CD Automation experience
  • Familiarity with cloud environments’ microservices architecture
  • Experience with clouds
  • MS SQL query writing support and SQL server
  • REST API knowledge

Employment at Gameloft in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as a Unity developer

Since 2000, Gameloft®, a well-known mobile game developer and publisher, has established itself as one of the industry’s leading innovators.

Two games produced by Gameloft for all digital platforms are listed among the “Top 10 Games by All-Time Worldwide Downloads” by App Annie. Gameloft partners with major rights holders like Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney®, Marvel®, Hasbro®, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel®, and Ferrari® in addition to operating its successful franchises like Asphalt®, Order & Chaos®, Modern Combat®, and Dungeon Hunter®.

Work as an IT Support Engineer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with HelloFresh

By providing our customers with high-quality food and recipes for various meal times, HelloFresh hopes to alter how people eat permanently. We have witnessed the global expansion of this ministry over the last ten years, exceeding even our wildest expectations. Now operating in 17 nations on three continents, we are a global food solutions organization and the top meal kit company in the world. So, what exactly did we do? Customers seeking delectable, nutritious, and sustainable solutions have grown to love our weekly boxes of inventive recipes and fresh ingredients. Our primary brands, HelloFresh, GreenChef, EveryPlate, Chef’s Plate, Factor, and Youfoodz, are now part of the HelloFresh Group.

Lightning Salesforce Developer Position Available at Proviso in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

To join our outstanding team at Proviso in Toronto, Ontario, we are looking for a spectacular Salesforce Developer – Lightning.

It’s a great chance to get valuable skills to advance your career as a Full-Time Salesforce Developer – Lightning.

Apply now for the post of Salesforce Developer – Lightning at Proviso if you have a strong sense of teamwork, excellent people management skills, and the appropriate mindset for the position.

Work as a Frontend Software Engineer at Microsoft Vancouver, Canada (B.C.

Microsoft For businesses, Yammer is the social network that sets the standard. Yammer is used daily by millions of employees, including 85% of those working for Fortune 500 businesses, to foster a sense of community and culture, share knowledge, and interact with their managers and one another.

Microsoft purchased Yammer, one of the first unicorn startups of the last ten years, in 2012. Today, this means that we combine the advantages of working for one of the most successful software companies in the world with the benefits of a startup – rapid innovation, cutting-edge technology, and outsized individual impact.

Working for Danaher in Concord, Ontario, Canada as a manager of software development

Do you want to be the team leader of a design and development team for cutting-edge software in one of the best life sciences firms on the planet? Do you find it exciting to know that the software you will develop will aid in the development of new drugs, the evaluation of food and water quality, the detection of chemical hazards in the environment, the performance of forensic tests, and other activities that will have a positive impact on people’s lives?

You want to join a team like that. We are eager to meet you!

To design, create, and maintain software for Sciex products, the Software Development Manager oversees a group of developers.


Software engineering is not a new technique but continually evolving and can occasionally seem novel. The technological and scientific knowledge we possess is expanding, and so are the skills needed for software engineering. Software engineers deal, at least initially, with theory rather than actual code, which sets them apart from engineers in other fields.

Everything around us uses software; thus, ensuring it is functioning effectively is crucial. If it doesn’t, it could lead to financial loss, reputational damage, and in certain situations, even fatality.


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