10 Banking Jobs In Dallas Texas, Hiring In 2023

A banking career provides an individual many opportunities in the banking sector, ranging from entry-level to upper management. It also means working in a field with a reliable source of income. There are different roles in the banking sector, and we have compiled a list of banking jobs in Dallas, Texas, hiring in 2023. Keep reading to find out more about landing your dream job.

Bank Jobs In TX
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Job description of a banker

A banker’s role is to increase their clients’ potential income while keeping the bank’s risk minimal. Their duties include negotiating loans, performing credit checks, managing investments on their client’s behalf, etc. A banker must be trustworthy, disciplined, organized, and keen on the clients’ details and money, as customers want their money to be handled carefully.

Benefits of a banking job

Some of the benefits include the following;

  • Good work conditions and hours
  • Competitive salaries, bonuses, and benefits
  • Job satisfaction and stability
  • Potential discounts on loans, mortgages, and credit cards
  • High demand for banking professionals
  • Opportunities for career advancement

Requirements and skills for a banking job

  • Analytical abilities and an understanding of statistics
  • Problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • Management and leadership skills  
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Industry awareness and knowledge of competitor products and promotions
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • A thorough understanding of the regulations and policies governing banking and financial transactions

10 Banking jobs in Dallas, Texas, hiring in 2023

1. Retail banker: offering appropriate financial solutions and services to meet clients’ needs, conducting cash transactions, and processing transactions accurately and efficiently as needed.

 2. Universal branch associate: Responsible for satisfying members’ financial needs while meeting individual, department, and organization goals, performing all cash operation functions as required, ensuring a high level of accuracy in all financial transactions, resolving transaction issues, and helping with complex work-related matters.

3. Financial center teller: Provides account services to clients by receiving deposits, cashing checks, verifying cash and endorsements, and accepting savings deposits and withdrawals; promoting, cross-sell, and assisting customers with basic questions regarding bank products and services

4. Relationship banker: processes various banking transactions, opening new accounts and researching and resolving problems in a way that maintains and promotes positive customer experiences and relationships.

5. universal bankers: Provides excellent customer service by meeting customers’ needs in an efficient and friendly manner; servicing transactions and handling needs assessment and new account opening; develops and maintains customer relationships to achieve set goals and objectives.

6. Loan officer assistant: assists Loan Officers and oversees the work of the Loan Processors, ensuring that the clients have a great experience with Loan Factory and that the loan process is smooth, trouble-free, and can be closed on time.

7. Banking Operations Manager: The Banking Operations Manager manages the transactional and administrative processes that ease the delivery of commercial and consumer banking services.

8. Assistant branch manager: The ABM is responsible for meeting all applicable guidelines to ensure good audits, oversees the daily operational performance of the branch, leads the team in delivering exceptional customer service, and execution of Branch Hospitality duties.

9. Customer service representative: provide an exceptional customer experienceassist in customer account management by accepting payments, monitoring and managing customer appointments, and helping clients with other banking needs.

10. Banking relationship advisor: Responsible for developing new relationships and broadening existing relationships with clients to enhance the bank’s profitability of deposit and credit services; manages ongoing complex credit and deposit relationships for the largest/most complex individuals, partnerships, and corporations. 

The average salary of a banker in Dallas, Texas

Banking roles vary as some careers involve working directly with the public while some positions are behind the scene. A banker’s salary differs based on experience level, geographical location, and degree of responsibility involved.

Final thought

A banking career is a respectable profession that offers fantastic benefits and good working conditions. Working hard in any banking job in Dallas, Texas, hiring in 2023 will allow you to advance quickly in your career, earn a good salary and save for retirement.



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