10 Education Assistant Jobs In Canada Hiring Now

 Educational Assistants Jobs  in Canada are covered in this resource.


With the lead teacher, an educational assistant keeps an eye on the class schedule and supports teachers in lesson planning by preparing materials and setting up tools. They are in charge of modifying the lesson plan, either individually or in small groups with the students. They watch over children during non-classroom hours, such as in-between classes, during lunch, and when on field trips, and they make sure the learning environment is tidy and safe. To identify pupils’ problems and suggest solutions, educational assistants work with lead teachers. They monitor each student’s progress and interact with them to keep parents informed. They assist in guiding teachers as they develop lesson plans and follow governmental, institutional, and classroom laws and regulations.

Education Assistant Jobs


Below are the structures of education assistant jobs in Canada:

Worked as a permanent full-time educational assistant for Simcoe County District School Board.

Student performance in academic, behavioral, social, life skills, and cooperative learning environments are supported by educational assistants. By fostering a secure and encouraging environment while working as a multidisciplinary team member, educational assistants facilitate the integration and growth of learning for all students.

Physically demanding jobs include those as educational assistants. The position’s duties may involve helping students with mobility, lifting, transferring, feeding, diapering, and other personal care needs. Educational assistant jobs may rotate around the school to accommodate the needs of kids in various groupings and grade levels.

Job posting at Lambton College for an Online Education Office Assistant (APP D)

This full-time, temporary support staff post is taking the place of one that belonged to the bargaining unit. Starting as soon as feasible, this job will last until September 2024. reporting to the Director of the Innovation Institute, working 35 hours per week at a rate of $28.56/HR.

The incumbent performs program and course support activities focusing on administrative assistance for online education.

Particular Accountabilities

  • Plays a crucial part in enrollment management, including the setup, operation, and distribution of questioned data.
  • starting the activation and deactivation of online courses
  • Creating communication tracks between colleagues
  • checking the settings for the courses at Ontario Learn, Ed2Go, and Lambton College
  • keeping track of and adhering to key term date deadlines and exam dates
  • tracking exam activities for students
  • sending tests to host colleges and professors at Lambton College and monitoring their delivery

A dynamic division of the Innovation Institute called Online Education focuses on part-time learning to create and deliver corporate training and micro-credential courses that can be wholly online, in-person, hybrid, or lab-based.

Position as a Supply Educational Assistant at the Halton Catholic District School Board

Please be informed that we do ongoing, weekly interviews and recruiting every week.

The Halton Catholic District School Board, primarily regarded as distinctively Catholic, offers excellent education focused on achieving, believing in, and belonging. The Board is an exciting and vibrant place to study, work, and grow since it is a provincial leader in student accomplishment in literacy and numeracy as well as Special Education.

You must be physically capable of working with elementary and secondary kids with special needs in the classroom if you want to be a supply educational assistant.

Supporting students with a variety of requirements, including Down syndrome, autism, Pupils need total care due to behavioral issues and concerns (toileting, feeding, lifting and diapering).

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The professional choices at Humber give you access to a world of limitless opportunities. The Humber experience is centred on people. Here, we strive for greatness daily as a team, redefining what it means to be a leader in polytechnic education. A variety of dedicated, compassionate, and fun-loving individuals make up the Humber workforce.

We are serious about identifying and developing the right talent. We try to hire and develop exceptional workers who give their all daily.

Here is your chance to join our team if you have a passion for working in higher education and want to make a difference at the most prominent polytechnic college in Ontario as we change the future of our students and communities.

Join York University’s staff as a Partner Outreach Assistant for Field Education.

Regarding partner engagement and outreach for field placement partnerships, the Field Education Manager is the primary person in charge of this job.

Education: A college certificate in business administration or something comparable (e.g. one year of related University courses)

Experience: One year of experience assisting senior leaders with their administrative needs.

Outstanding communication skills. Ability to interact with others effectively and politely.

The capacity to work both individually and productively in a group. Active listening is one of the practical interpersonal skills. Excellent organizational abilities, including identifying priorities and performing well under time constraints and high volume. A track record of accuracy and superb attention to detail. Oral and written communication abilities are required to gather and convey information clearly and concisely. Being able to remain discreet excellent decision-making, and initiative. Trustworthy and on time.

Job posting at Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board for a 1.0 FTE Temporary Educational Assistant

The chosen applicant will be accountable for assisting pupils with special needs (specifically physical and intellectual disabilities and behavioral or other learning difficulties). The position of the educational assistant is to support students with exceptional needs academically, physically, and emotionally within the school to promote student independence and the growth of each student’s unique talents. This role is that of a professional and essential school team member.

The Principal will decide the timetable for this employment, which involves 33.83 hours per week.

2022–2023 job posting for a casual educational assistant Catholic School Board of the London District

In Middlesex, Oxford, and Elgin counties, including the cities of London, St. Thomas, Strathroy, and Woodstock, the London District Catholic School Board, which has a reputation for excellence, employs over 3,000 people to educate about 24,000 students at 43 elementary schools, nine secondary schools, and the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

The London District Catholic School Board is now accepting applications for the following:

Unexpected Educational Assistants

The part-time educational assistant serves our kids’ physical, behavioral, and academic needs in an inclusive Catholic educational setting and reports to the principal. Candidates that meet the requirements will be added to a “call out list” and contacted in London, Middlesex, and oxford counties.

Employment as A TEMPORARY EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANTS- Job Position at Thames Valley District School Board London, ON

EDUCATIONAL Assistants Temporary Positions

In all sections of the Thames Valley District School Board, they are now hiring temporary educational assistants to work in schools (Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford counties, and the city of London). The chosen individuals will be added to a roster of temporary workers to carry out long-term projects, as needed, and “on call.” ** Candidates MUST be prepared to take on work on short notice and a regular and consistent basis.

Job posting at Sudbury Catholic District School Board for Occasional Educational Assistants

Long-term projects lasting up to a year

Through the special ties between our schools, churches, and parents/guardians, Sudbury Catholic Schools proudly maintains the long-standing heritage of Catholic Education in the City of Greater Sudbury.

They encourage suitable people to apply to join their vibrant, compassionate team as an Occasional Educational Assistant. As needed, daily assignments are made available. There are numerous options for lengthy projects that can last up to one academic year. All internal job ads, including those for permanent employment, are open to applicants who serve as sporadic educational assistants. Sudbury Catholic has many chances for growth and development in the workplace.

Worked as an Educational Assistant at TFS Canada’s International School’s West Campus.

Working with teachers or office staff and reporting to the principal and his delegate, you will be accountable for the following:

Helping schools and teachers

Assisting instructors in creating activities and resources that go along with lesson plans

taking part in field trips, excursions, and the ravine

If necessary, supervising, involving, directing, and offering in-class assistance to pupils individually or in groups.

Keeping an eye on and assisting students during restroom breaks, lunch, recess, and nap time; getting ready before and after the holiday, including putting on clothes and shoes. (Able to stoop, squat, or kneel)

assisting in the upkeep of a neat, tidy, healthy, secure, and safe environment and keeping an eye on students’ allergies (food, hand washing, etc.)

keeping an eye on student conduct and employing constructive punishment


The chosen applicant will work with pupils with special needs (specifically physical and intellectual disabilities and behavioral or other learning difficulties). To promote student independence and the development of each student’s unique skills, the educational assistant, who is a qualified and essential member of the school team, is in charge of providing academic, physical, and emotional assistance to kids in the school who have special needs.


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