10 Financial Analyst Jobs In Canada Hiring Now

The financial analyst Jobs in Canada listed below are a typical illustration of all the qualifications needed to get hired for an analyst position at a bank, organization, or business. To learn what it takes to become a financial analyst, read this article on financial analyst careers!


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Here are the financial analyst jobs in Canada:


Financial Analyst Position at Sun Life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Enterprise Infrastructure team receives full-time monthly reporting, financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting help from the Financial Analyst job. The effective candidate will establish vital connections with the Enterprise Services Finance team and Technology product owners.

To promote effective budgeting, this function will collaborate with these teams to forecast monthly reporting of expenses and recoveries.

The position calls for a driven individual with high initiative, outstanding organizational and analytical abilities, multitasking capacity, excellent communication skills, sharp attention to detail, and advanced MS Excel and PowerPoint expertise.

Worked for Confidential Canada as a Senior Financial Analyst.

The ideal applicant will be in charge of supervising several financial analysis projects at once. You must write the budget, projections, and actual variance commentary at the month’s end.


  • Create monthly forecasts and cost strategies for the business.
  • Update systems accurately to reflect actual outcomes, predictions, and budgets
  • Examine variations, then comment on them.
  • Speak with vendors and make sure vendor allowances are processed promptly.
  • Ensure adherence to financial policies and internal and external accounting standards.

Working as a Senior Quantitative Financial Analyst at Bank of America’s Market Risk Audit Team

One of the largest financial institutions in the world, Bank of America provides individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and large corporations with various banking, investing, asset management, and other financial and risk-management products and services. On January 1, 2009, Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch, elevating it to the top of the global wealth management industry.

It also leads the world in corporate and investment banking, trading, and various asset classes, providing services to organizations, nations, governmental bodies, and individuals everywhere.

Bank of America will be able to continue operations in Canada because of its strong market position and unique business approach.

Worked as a Winter Student, Financial Analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada for 12 months.

Our company’s culture at RBC is incredibly supportive and full of opportunities and rewards. Emboldened by a sense of shared purpose, you will contribute to our customer’s success and our communities growth.

  • Take the lead in redesigning the monthly P&L close procedures to provide a stable control environment. Includes developing and implementing control and governance procedures to guarantee accurate and comprehensive financial information
  • Examining the financial outcomes, variances, and GL data. To ensure accurate external reporting, note disclosures, regulatory reporting, and supplemental formats provide relevant financial performance analysis.
  • Upkeep of the monthly 2nd level review program to guarantee the implementation of financial controls and completion of the necessary reconciliations (SOD and BRAG).

Program Financial Analyst Position at Niagara Region

The Niagara Region is committed to establishing a resilient and prosperous Niagara.

The Region provides various high-quality programs and services to promote and improve the well-being of individuals, families, and communities within its borders through collaborating with 12 local area municipalities and countless community partners.

The Niagara peninsula, sandwiched between the great lakes of Erie and Ontario, is home to some of Canada’s most productive agricultural land, the majestic Niagara Falls, and towns full of historical significance as well as recreational and cultural attractions.

Niagara is home to a few of Ontario’s most magnificent landscapes, Canada’s most advanced wine industry, a temperate climate, and dynamic urban cities.

Position at Cargill as a Plant Finance Analyst

Want to advance your profession while creating a more solid, long-lasting future? Join the 155,000-strong worldwide team at Cargill who, with the help of cutting-edge technology, insightful analysis, and 154 years of combined expertise, connect farmers with customers, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with the food they require to survive.

As the finance business partner for the plant’s management and operational teams, the plant finance analyst will deliver timely and pertinent financial reporting and insight.

You will collaborate closely with several stakeholders in this position to guarantee that the results are timely, qualitative, analyzed, and understood. You’ll offer ongoing enhancements to the best practices for financial reporting.

Work for Blue Water Group as a Financial Accounting Analyst.

Approximately 300 employees are working for the growing company Blue Water Group nationwide. They are on an exciting growth trajectory that will provide excellent career prospects.

Candidates with or without experience who love taking on new challenges and who share our fundamental values—integrity, attitude, customer focus, accountability, and continuous improvement—will find Blue Water an ideal learning environment.

The Blue Water Group is committed and dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where their staff feels welcome to report to work each day and, most importantly, can do so with a sense of belonging.

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Financial Analyst Position at Municipal World

A vital member of their friendly Financial Services Team is the Financial Analyst! Additionally, looking for someone who flourishes in a culture of advancement and growth. Members of the #TayTeam are creative team players driven to innovate and modernize local government.

They want enthusiastic candidates about having a good influence on the Corporation and their Community as a whole, as well as adaptability to their expanding and changing Municipality.

Employment with ABB LTD in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a financial analyst

Join a worldwide team that is igniting the transformation of society and business to build a more prosperous, sustainable future and take your next professional step. Driving diversity and inclusion across all dimensions, including gender, LGBTQ+, abilities, ethnicity, and generations, is the overarching objective at ABB.

Together, they set out on a journey where everyone accepts and embraces their diversity on both an individual and a group level.

Senior Financial Analyst Position at Array Marketing in Ontario, Canada

They collaborate with top companies like Estée Lauder, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and L’Oréal, to name a few. They are a leader in the retail display and in-store merchandising services industries.

Experts in their profession with more than 35 years of expertise innovate their designs and improve their company processes. They seek data-driven, critical thinkers with a strong voice to assist them in steering toward the future and executing their strategy as they grow globally.

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Finally, A company’s health and stability are assessed by financial analysts, who also give insight into how the organization runs its operations. However, it’s crucial to understand that financial statement analysis has limitations.


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