10 Nursing Jobs In Kolkata Hiring In 2023

Are you a talented nurse who is compassionate about giving care? Are you in search of a nursing job? Would you like to work in a reputable place in Kolkata where you can make a positive difference in the healthcare industry while earning money? This article is for you! It contains all the vital information about nursing job offers available in Kolkata. 


Nursing job description

A nursing job is all about healthcare activities. It is a synchronized healthcare profession. A nurse is accountable and responsible for providing essential quality health care and helping patients, contributing to the assessment, preparation, implementation, and evaluation of patient care, and providing wellness training and education about health and disease prevention to the patients and the patient’s families and working collaboratively with other nurses and healthcare professionals to provide the best care to the patients.

Nursing In Kolkata
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Qualifications and requirements

  • Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent
  • A degree in a science or health-related subject
  • Minimum two years of nursing experience
  • Certification in Occupational Health Nursing
  • Certification in Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing, pharmacy, life sciences, or any related field.
  • Certified medical sales experience.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Exceptional organizational skills.
  • Effective and excellent communication skills.
  • Undergraduate degree in a healthcare-related field
  • Must have proven leadership skills
  • A good Track record of progressing in the quality of care and achievement of performance targets
  • Exceptional human resource management skills, including recruitment and retention of staff
  • Must be committed to continuing education
  • Ability to motivate and inspire others toward professional excellence
  • Superior verbal/oral and written communication skills
  • Must have a good Patient and family engagement approach
  • Must have experience in various Healthcare requirements like Travel Nurse – RN, LPN, ST, RT, CNA, etc.

Nursing job benefits

  • Medical insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Weekly pay
  • Holiday Pay
  • Referral bonus
  • Vision benefits
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Official employment
  • Flexible work hours
  • Professional advancement and development opportunities
  • Career advancement opportunities

10 Nursing jobs in Kolkata Hiring in 2023

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Nursing Superintendent
  3. Medical Representative
  4. Staff Nurse
  5. Nurse Midwife
  6. Senior Clinical Data Manager
  7. Healthcare Assistant
  8. Nurse Educator
  9. Clinical Coordinator
  10. Family Nurse Practitioner

Duties and responsibilities of a nurse

  • Completes nursing history and initiates patient education.
  • Ensures care is safe, evidence-based, competent, caring, and comprehensive in complying with professional, regulatory, and hospital standards of practice.
  • Ensures amenability with interdisciplinary patient care plans that include patient/family collaboration.
  • Ensuring that all the patients understand their health status, medical history, illnesses, medications, and the right treatments
  • Providing emotional care for patients and families.
  • Ensures that their patients understand their illnesses and treatments.
  • Listen to patients and weigh their emotional, physical, mental, and cultural needs.
  • Providing preventative and primary care to the patients
  • Educating patients and providing the correct information about disease prevention
  • Operates medical equipment and administers medications to patients.
  • Conducting physical examinations and performing different diagnostic tests to ascertain the health condition of the patients
  • Developing and maintaining a solid, effective liaison with members of the other healthcare team to enable discharge and admission planning for patients
  • Providing information and emotional support to pregnant women and their partners
  • Supervising the work of other junior staff and members of the project team


In conclusion, Nursing is a good job that is needed all over the whole world. Nurses in Kolkata have many job opportunities as healthcare demand increases. As a nurse, it’s a perfect place and time to apply for a nursing job! Nursing is both a profession and a requirement for the world’s needs today; With so many advantages, such as career advancement, high salaries, job security, etc., nursing is wanted more than ever and is needed in many parts of the world.



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