10 English – Speaking Jobs In Milan Hiring In 2023

Are you an individual in search of work opportunities in Milan? Are you fluent in English but not Italian, and do you wish to work in Milan? You are in luck. Milan is Italy’s economic center, so there are work opportunities. We have made a list of 10 English – speaking jobs in Milan hiring in 2023 with their descriptions. Read on to get the information you need for your next job in Milan.

English – Speaking Jobs In Milan
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 Benefits of working in Milan

Some of the benefits are;

  • Social security
  • Paternity/maternity/ parental leave
  • Great work-life environment.
  • Healthcare and insurance
  • Pension
  • Sickness leave

How to get a job in Milan

Follow the steps below as they will guide you in getting your dream job in Milan

1. Ensure you are eligible to work in Milan: check if you can work legally in Milan before you start searching for a job

2. Consider all available jobs: Consider the jobs available and make sure to find out a bit about the salaries of the job and the cost of living in Milan before you travel

3. Look online: The internet is always helpful regarding job haunting. You can apply for a role in Milan before traveling.

4. Find a recruiter to help with your job hunt: If you are looking for a job in Milan, finding a recruiter will help speed up the process. Big companies use recruiting agencies to connect to the job seekers suitable for the available position.

5. Networking: Networking is vital for a new job, especially in a new city. You can start by building your network online.

6. Get your CV Milan ready: It is essential to have a remarkable CV when you are looking for a job. Your CV should summarize your work, education, and extracurricular activities and how they relate to the position you are applying for.

7. Prepare for your job interview: Prepare for your interview in advance, consider how to relate with the interviewer, and ask relevant questions. Most interviews can be stressful, but with proper preparation, you will get through to the next round

8. Prepare to move: Once you have succeeded with your interview, you must keep making plans to move to Milan.

10 English-speaking jobs in Milan hiring in 2023

The 10 English-speaking jobs in Milan hiring in 2023 include the following;

1. English Speaking nanny- part-time: This job requires a fluent English-speaking Nanny to care for children. Previous childcare experience is essential, and experience in English as a second language is advantageous.

2. Digital & media manager: The Digital & Media Manager will be part of a Digital & Media Team responsible for ensuring the complete management of online/offline media budgets/campaigns.

3. Stage HR Generalist – English speaking: Supports the function in the day-to-day activities and ensures how to handle processes or gain goals.

4. Copywriter (English native speaker): The role is for an English language copywriter proficient in creating sharp, engaging, and appealing copy for different audiences. 

5. English Teacher: The job requires an individual with a Teaching qualification or equivalent, capable of planning lessons in advance and maintaining records, comfortable teaching virtually, and having experience teaching in an English business context.

6. Automation Specialist: The Automation specialist aids a network of installers with the design of automation systems and gives technical guidance, increasing market turnover.

7. Functional safety engineer: The engineer with a genuine passion for advanced technological products is responsible for supporting projects and implementing Functional Safety standards. 

8. Environmental Health & Safety Manager: The role involves identifying and managing high-risk activities (HRA) at a respective stage of the project, including liaising with project teams and collaborating with contractors in forward safety planning and coordination of works activities. 

9. Office services specialist: Responsible for car fleet management, day-to-day hub maintenance, connected workplace execution, meeting room set up and preparation, procurement and lease contracts, and backup to Office Services Support: couriers and shipping

10. Technical specialist – microbiologist: Responsible for planning, reporting, and performing audits of clients’ management systems guaranteeing compliance with regulatory and voluntary requirements, carry out comprehensive medical device reviews.



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