10 Hotel Jobs In Australia With Visa Sponsorship In 2023

Are you an individual looking for job openings in Australia? Are you ready to land your next new job in a new location? This post is for you. Here, we have 10 Hotel jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship in 2023. Working in a hotel in Australia has many incredible benefits; you assist customers daily, and there is room for career progression. Read on to get the details you need for your journey to Australia.


Visa sponsorship for a hotel job in Australia

Employer-Sponsored Visas permit skilled overseas workers to live and work in Australia for their potential Australian employer. Visa applicants must be qualified or have the necessary experience working in an occupation listed on the relevant Skilled Occupation List.


Salary for a hotel job in Australia.

The average salary for a hotel job in Australia is $72,500 per annum or $37.18 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $59,875 yearly, while senior-level workers make up to $120,000 yearly.

Hotel Jobs In Australia
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Qualities hotel staff should possess.

some of the essential qualities are;

  • Strong attention to details
  • Leadership and Teamwork are imperative
  • commitment
  • Enthusiasm and a great attitude.
  • You must have great people skills.

 10 Hotel jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship in 2023

Below are the 10 Hotel jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship in 2023

 1. Bar and gaming attendant: Provide top-notch customer service, ensure the gaming machines are in excellent working condition, maintain a clean and organized gaming area, prepare and serve a wide range of drinks and food, accurately handle cash and card transactions

2. Front office receptionist: The role entails Check-in and check-out of guests, providing a seamless authentic hospitality experience, inputting and updating guest reservation profiles, and responding promptly to guest requests and inquiries.

3. Room attendant: These roles are ideal for those who have a passion for the hotel industry, have a high standard of cleanliness and pay attention to detail, can work fast and thoroughly, and can work in a physical role. 

4. Housekeeper supervisor: Maintaining cleanliness across all guests, public areas, and other facilities in line with policies, procedures, and guest expectations.

5. Kitchen assistant: The kitchen assistant will work with the stewarding team to ensure food safety, health, and hygiene is paramount. You’ll be responsible for cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment, stores, and the premises, at the same time maintaining hygienic standards and practices

6. Food and beverage supervisor: The successful candidate will lead the food and beverage team with passion and energy, and support and train the team to deliver quality service and standards, creating unique guest experiences that drive revenue and loyalty.

7. Store person: The store person’s duties include receiving, checking, and examining stock inventory on arrival to the hotel and storage facilities where stock is held. Incoming goods are cross-checked against the invoices from Purchase Orders to ensure consistency.

8. Front Office Assistant Manager: This role is for an individual with guest satisfaction. They will be part of a front office team. 

8. Chef: Preparing, cooking, and plating dishes as per menu/dining procedures, ensuring equipment, work area, and section are kept clean at all times,

10. Hotel and motel manager: The Hotel and motel Manager is responsible for directing and overseeing reservation, room service, reception, and housekeeping activities; Evaluating and reviewing customer satisfaction; planning and supervising restaurant, bar, function, and conference activities; observing liquor, arcade games, and other laws and regulations; supervising garden and property maintenance and security arrangements.

Competencies and skills for a hotel job in Australia

  • Teamwork
  • Communication skill
  • Time Management skill
  • Multi-tasking
  • Flexibility
  • Industry Awareness
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Customer service skill



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