How to Apply for Australian Citizenship Online in 2023

This article will discuss on how to apply for Australian citizenship online


Most individuals can use it for the three application types (conferral, descent, and evidence).

Anyone seeking Australian citizenship by adoption or resumption must do so on a paper application form because there is no online application option.


A concise description of the entire application process for Australian citizenship online is provided below. However, employing a skilled and licensed migration agency in Perth can help you better grasp the specifics of the application process.

apply for Australian citizenship online

Meet the Requirements to Apply for Citizenship in Australia

First, citizenship eligibility needs to be verified.

Here are the requirements for the three application types:

Conferral Request

For citizenship, you must be a permanent resident, have a clean record, and fulfill the residency criteria.

Application of Descent

You must have been born outside of Australia, and at least one of your parents must have been an Australian citizen at the time of your birth.

Evidence-Based Practice

You must be an Australian citizen.

Documentation Required:

You must scan your essential documents and upload them to your online application.

A signed photo for attachment and the completed Form 1195 – Identity Declaration are also required.

You must bring your original documents when asked for a citizenship appointment.

Create or log into your ImmiAccount to begin your online application for Australian citizenship after fulfilling the qualifying requirements and possessing the necessary documentation.

You must enter your ImmiAccount to continue your stored application, and to do so; you will need the username and password you set up while setting up the account.

By logging into your account, attach all the scanned papers needed for the application.

For your application for Australian citizenship, you must pay a cost.

Depending on the sort of application you are submitting, the fee could change.

You can go into your account to see the status of your citizenship application for Australia.


Can I Do My Citizenship Application Online?

In general, there are two ways to submit your Form N-400 to USCIS:

Internet; or.

Via mail (paper).

What Is the Easiest Way to Get Citizenship in Australia?

Living in Australia for four years with breaks of no more than a year

Over the past 12 months, I permanently resided in Australia, with no more than 90-day absences.

Being morally upright

having a thorough understanding of your rights and obligations as an Australian citizen

intending to live in Australia or keep a close relationship with the country

How Much Does It Cost To Apply For Citizenship In Australia?

Permanent residents of Australia who have lived there for the necessary amount of time and meet all other requirements may be granted Australian citizenship.

The rights and benefits of those who have been granted citizenship are the same as those of any other Australian citizen, including the ability to vote, serve in the military or government, and acquire and use an Australian passport.

The same obligations as other Australian citizens apply to citizens by conferral, including the obligation to serve on juries and, in some circumstances, to defend Australia.

How Long Does It Take to Get Aussie Citizenship?

If you’ve sought for conferral of Australian citizenship:

Within 16 months, 90% of applications are processed.

Within seven months of approval, 90% of accepted applicants will have the chance to attend a ceremony.

Is It Better to Apply for Citizenship Online or By Mail?

Never apply online; always do so on paper.

Applying on paper significantly lengthens the time it takes to process your application at every level.

THEN. Despite having lived in Canada for three straight years, either continuously or nearly continuously, applicants must wait five years before applying for citizenship.

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Finally, you can handle every step on your own or hire a migration agent to assist you during the entire process.

The registered migration agents in Perth can advise you on the requirements, assist you in filling out and submitting the citizenship application, and deal with the departments should issues arise.


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