How to Apply for Australia ETA Visa from US Citizens [2023 Guide]

Your following vacation getaway options include Australia. It is a utopia for Americans who enjoy the outdoors and presents business prospects. Therefore, a visa is required if visiting Australia is on your vacation itinerary. A citizen of the US may apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).


One of the electronic Australian tourist permits is the ETA. The Australian government created the Australian ETA to ease the flow of tourists into the nation without requiring appointments at the embassy to obtain a valid visa. However, it’s crucial to be aware that this visa can only be used for travel for business or pleasure in Australia. You will require additional travel documents to enter the country if you are traveling for employment or medical treatment.

The most accessible approach to obtaining an Australia visa for those with US passports is to apply for an ETA online. After a quick application process, you will receive the ETA paperwork in your email. Compared to a paper visa, it won’t cost you much money and will take up little time.


You have it simple while requesting your temporary visa because you are an American. Please carefully review the information below to learn everything you need to know for this foreign journey, including the requirements for an Australian ETA Visa for US citizens.

Australia ETA Visa from US citizens

How To Apply For Australia ETA Visa From US Citizens

  1.  Confirm your passport’s validity

Most of us have probably not traveled in the past several years due to the pandemic and its global border closures; therefore, before requesting your ETA, you must make sure that your passport is qualified and still valid.

Fortunately, Australia does not adhere to the standard 6-month passport validity guideline, which means that your passport is valid from the date it is issued until the date it expires. If you have fewer than 6 months left on your passport’s validity, we strongly advise renewing it.

  1. Get the Australian ETA app for your phone.

Applications for the ETA can only currently be made using the AustralianETA mobile app. The app is available on or.

All passport holders who qualify for the ETA can now quickly apply on their mobile devices as long as:

Your smartphone has a working camera.

Your mobile device is NFC-equipped (#KlookTip: To see if your phone model has NFC enabled, search for it on Google).

Location Services are activated on your mobile device.

  1. Passport scanning

When applying, remember to bring your passport with you. You must first add yourself as a new applicant and scan the biodata page of your passport as part of the application process. This information may be found on the second page of your passport, which also contains your name, date of birth, and passport number.

The passport chip included within your passport must then be scanned by the app. Place your mobile device on top of your passport if it is already NFC-capable so it can use its integrated reader to scan the chip. For this step, taking off your phone case will help the scanner work better on your smartphone.

  1. Photograph yourself.

To verify that the right passport holder is requesting the ETA, you must next snap a photo of yourself on the app itself. When snapping the picture, ensure there is enough light, and you can see your face.

  1. Request a revised ETA.

You can apply for a new ETA after registering as a new applicant on the app. The next step is to choose your candidate profile. And respond to a few straightforward inquiries about:

Your current location and the requested ETA type.

Any prior domestic violence or criminal convictions

Your Australian contact information

  1. Cover the service charge

The service price for the application is AUD$20, while the Australian ETA visa is free. You can complete your transaction using a credit card, debit card, or ApplePay.

  1. Send your application in.

You can submit your ETA application after finishing your payment. In most circumstances, you will receive an email within the next 24 hours informing you of the outcome of your application. However, if you filled out the application incorrectly or they need more information from you, it can take longer to process your application.

Don’t panic if your application cannot be completed or approved without more details. You will receive a link that will take you to an online form with clear instructions and further questions, such as those asking for your visit, a list of passengers, and copies of official papers like your identity card.

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How Much Is An ETA For Australia From Us?

You will just be required to pay $64.49 as the fee.

If you need your Australia ETA sooner than 24 hours, you can choose the “rush processing time” option and have your document in 4 hours. As you might anticipate, the cost is a little more this time. The cost is $107.99.

Can US Citizens Travel To Australia 2022?

Every year, Australia receives millions of foreign visitors. A valid visa is required for entry into Australia for anyone who is not an Australian citizen.

How Long Does Australia ETA Take To Get Approved?

24 hours

Generally, it takes 24 hours to process an Australian visa and ETA. Visas processed in a hurry can be finished in under four hours and sometimes take even less time—just two.

Who is eligible for an Australian ETA?

ETA: Applicable Nations

This document is available for application by citizens of 33 nations, but iVisa only grants it to citizens of 7 nationalities to reduce the likelihood of application rejection or problems. Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Brunei Darussalam, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

Can US citizen travel to Australia?

Every year, Australia receives millions of foreign visitors. A valid visa is required for entry into Australia for anyone who is not an Australian citizen.

Why can’t I get an ETA for Australia?

Possess a valid passport. Only a select group of passport holders can apply for the Australian ETA, as I have indicated. As a result, you cannot apply for the Australian ETA if your passport is ineligible. To view the list of countries that qualify for the Australian ETA, click the provided link.

Why can’t I apply for Australian ETA?

Only certain types of passports are permitted to apply for an ETA. A non-passport, citizen’s certificate of identification, or any other travel document cannot be used to apply for an ETA.

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Finally, Own an official and current passport. To receive your visa, you must have a functioning email account. To pay the ETA visa fee, have a debit or credit card. Satisfy the Australian standards for character and health for overseas tourists


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