How To Become an Australian Permanent Resident in 2023

In this article, we”ll talk about Australian Permanent Resident


Australian migrants are citizens or permanent residents of Australia who are permitted to live and work there for an unlimited period. Migrants have the option to become citizens after fulfilling the residency requirement, although they are not now citizens. Immigration to Australia may be accomplished by family, job, refugee status, or other humanitarian grounds.

 Australian Permanent Resident


How to Become a Permanent Resident of Australia

Step 1: Select the appropriate visa for you

More than 40 Australian Migrant Visas allow you to live and work permanently in Australia. A quick review of some popular categories of immigrant visas follows:

  • Based on family immigration
  • If you have family members who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, you could be able to immigrate to Australia. Visas for immigrants are offered for:
  • Couples FiancĂ©(e)s Children Dependent family members
  • Permanent Residence Based on Work
  • The worker category offers a variety of routes to permanent residence in Australia. There are four groups of migratory workers:
  • Employer-sponsored personnel. When an Australian employer sponsors a foreign worker to work there.
  • Migration of generalized skills. Individuals who do not have sponsorship from Australian employers but have a skill valued in Australia.
  • Select a skill. Australia is looking for people with specific capabilities.
  • Physicians and nurses. Doctors and nurses can apply for permanent residency based solely on necessity.

Step 2: Verify your compliance with the visa requirements.

Examine the application requirements as soon as you have selected the appropriate visa. You don’t wish to apply for a benefit you aren’t qualified for because moving might take time and money.

You can learn more about specific migrant categories by clicking the links in Step 1 or visiting the DHA website, which lists all of its eligibility requirements. Visas could demand that you have a sponsor, a citizen relative, a specific sum of money to invest in a business, or a particular set of job abilities.

Step 3: Submit an Australian Migrant Visa application

You can apply for a visa once you’ve identified the best option and verified that you match all eligibility conditions. On the DHA website, applications can be downloaded or submitted online.

Most applications need you to submit supporting materials and a fee. Before submitting your application, double-check that it is finished.

Step 4: Wait for a decision.

You could have to wait a few weeks or perhaps several months for a response to your request, depending on the type of visa you’re applying for and how backlogged DHA is with processing them.

Step 5: obtain your visa!

Once your approval is granted, you will receive your migrant visa, allowing you to reside and work permanently in Australia. You might soon be qualified for citizenship, depending on the situation.

Visas for immigrants to Australia are issued for five-year terms that are renewed. Australia is open for entry and leaves as long as your visa is valid. The following are additional benefits of permanent residence:

  • the capability of applying for citizenship and working
  • a mandate for public education
  • granting permission for a relative to immigrate to Australia
  • the absence of a visa requirement for travel between Australia and New Zealand

Finally, you become a permanent resident of Australia once you apply for and are granted a visa that allows you to stay there indefinitely. Family visas and special skilled worker visas are the most common permanent visas. Look into your visa alternatives to choose one that satisfies your requirements.


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