How To Get Work Permit For Canada in 2023

This post, will discuss about How to get work permit for Canada


Requests for work permits are still being accepted and processed in Canada. However, COVID-19 may cause some delays.

It is not surprising that Canada receives thousands of applications for work permits each year since it is one of the most sought-after countries for immigration.


Given its high wages, excellent benefits, and abundant employment options, working in Canada can be a desirable alternative for foreign employees. Depending on circumstances, processing times for Canadian work permits can vary from case to case.

The citizenship of the applicant and whether the application is being made inside or outside of Canada are the two most crucial factors that affect how long the Work Permit application will take to process.

How to get work permit for Canada

Here are How to get work permit for Canada

Processing Time for Canadian Work Permits on Average

On average, work permits for Canada are generally processed between 1 to 9 months. When the IRCC gets your entire application, the processing period begins. It ends when they make a decision.

Processing times will differ according to the following:

The nature of the application

We anticipate processing applications we’ve previously received, assuming the application is complete, and how quickly we can verify your information.

how long it takes you to reply to inquiries or complaints

additional elements

Factors Affecting the Processing Time for Canada Work Permits

Processing periods for work permits in Canada can vary depending on some criteria.

  1. Application Location

Based on where you are applying from and the applicant’s country of residency, the IRCC may change the processing periods for work visas (inside or outside Canada). You can use an IRCC tool to estimate the time it will take to process your work permit.

  1. Application Completeness

Always ensure your application is complete, including all required documentation and answers to IRCC questions. This is why it is usually quite helpful to hire an immigration lawyer for a Canadian work permit application to prevent delays and denial.

  1. Amount of Submissions

Depending on the volume of applications Canada has received, your work visa application may be completed considerably more quickly than anticipated or much more slowly than anticipated. Your application might be processed sooner than the usual 1–9 months if they haven’t received as many applications lately.

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Within vs. Outside of Canada Processing Time for Work Permits

The two distinct categories of work permits are inside and outside. You must apply from within Canada as a temporary resident to be eligible for the inside work permits (visitor or student). Those who request a work permit outside of Canada must submit an overseas work permit application.

Submitting your application from within Canada will typically take 59 days for it to be accepted. Depending on the nation from which you are applying, outside of Canada.

Finally, to regulate high-risk tasks, permits to work are an essential component of a safe work environment. However, if the permit method is poorly thought out or implemented, obtaining a permit can quickly become a formality that adds little value to managing health and safety risks.


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