IRCC processing times – What to Expect After Your Application

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When a foreign individual seeks to immigrate to Canada, they frequently ask how long the journey will take. Each visa has a unique application procedure and processing period.

The processing time for Canadian visas is when it takes Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process your application once they receive it. This is also referred to as the IRCC or CIC processing times.


To reduce the backlog of visa applications and speed up Canada’s immigration processing times in 2022, the IRCC is making modifications.

 IRCC processing times

Factors that May Prolong the Processing Time for Canadian Visas

The CIC states that some factors can affect how long it takes to process your Canadian visa. These consist of the following:

  • Residence of applicants’ nation
  • Visa application type
  • How quickly information about the applicant can be verified
  • How quickly can IRCC handle applications that are currently in the system?
  • application accuracy and completeness
  • How quickly an applicant responds to further inquiries or issues

Time for Express Entry Processing

The following streams are part of the Express Entry Program: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

The majority of Express Entry applications are handled within six months of the application’s receipt. All required documentation must be submitted and uploaded to each applicant’s unique Express Entry profile before the start of the six-month processing period.

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Processing Time for PR Cards

13-27 days

While it may only take 13 days to apply for a new PR Card, it may take up to 27 days to renew or replace an existing PR Card.

processing time for renewing a PR card

three to four weeks

The processing time for PR renewals could take several weeks or even months. You should consider renewing it before it expires if you want to travel outside Canada.

Processing Times for Work Permits in Canada

1-27 weeks

The most variable processing time is for Canadian work permits. The time it takes to process your Work Permit application entirely depends on how well it was filled out and whose office you applied to. According to our research, the processing time for a Canadian Work Permit might range from 1 to 27 weeks.

Processing Time for LMIA: 8–29 days

In 2022, Canada will receive many LMIA applications, leading to longer processing times and potential delays, particularly in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The processing time for your application can range from 8 to 29 business days, depending on whatever LMIA you apply for.

Processing of Study Permits: 1–16 weeks

Like work permits, the processing time for Canadian study permits mostly depends on the applicant’s country of residence. A Canadian study permit typically takes 1 to 16 weeks to process.

Processing Time for Canadian Citizenship One Year

An average Canadian Citizenship grant takes one year and twelve months to process. This means that from the time your application is entirely processed, it should take roughly a year.

Processing Time for Canadian Visitor Visas: 12 days

Similar to work visas and study permits, the country from which the application is made can affect how quickly a guest visa is processed. A Canada visitor visa can often take anything from a few days to a few weeks to process. The processing time for applications submitted from within Canada is only 12 days.

Processing time for Canadian spousal sponsorship is 12–36 months.

The processing time for a spousal sponsorship is usually about a year. However, it may be shorter or as long as 36 months, depending on certain situations and geographical areas.

Processing time for SuperVisas is 3 to 8 weeks.

Most super visa applications are handled in a few weeks or less, although processing times might reach eight weeks. Processing timeframes change based on the visa office and the nation from where you are applying.

Permit for Post-Graduate Work (PGWP): 2-3 months

After finishing your education, you should plan on waiting 2 to 6 months to apply for a post-graduate work permit in Canada. If you applied for your PGWP before the expiration of your student permit, you might work while you wait.

The processing times are updated; how frequently?

Most processing times are updated weekly and reflect how long it has historically taken to process applications.

The following permanent resident programs are updated periodically and given anticipated processing periods for new applications:

  • supporting a grandparent or parent
  • provinces nominating economic immigrants (excluding Express Entry)
  • Skilled Personnel (Quebec)
  • Beginning visa
  • Caring and humanitarian situations

Programs in the list below demonstrate commitment and are updated when new commitments are made:

  • Electronic authorization for travel (eTA
  • Skilled Federal Workers
  • Canadian caregivers with experience
  • Canada International Experience (IEC)
  • Express Entry Pilot for Atlantic Immigration
  • Skilled Trades Federal
  • provincial candidates
  • Sponsoring a spouse, common-law partner, or a romantic partner

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