How To Speed Up Australian Visa Application Faster

This piece covers how to speed up your application for an Australian visa.


The government has made processing applications for in-person visas a priority. They are trying to speed up the process of processing visa applications. They are growing the number of employees handling applications and will keep adding workers to complete this crucial task.

They give temporary skilled worker, student, and visitor visa applications submitted by individuals outside of Australia priority for processing. To address the severe talent shortages throughout the nation, more people must be able to go to Australia.


How To Speed Up Australian Visa Application


How Quickly Can I Get A Visa For Australia?

The Australian visa and ETA typically take 24 hours to process. Rush visas can be completed in less than 4 hours, while highly rush processing takes 2 hours.

Processing Types for ETA

People have various needs, and we aim to please every consumer. As a result, we developed three processing time choices designed to accommodate all travelers’ schedules. As you may expect, each choice has a different cost, and the faster you need your ETA, the more the service fee will cost. You have the following choices:

The option with the slowest processing time is this one. Your application will be handled within 24 hours if you select this option. Not so slow, after all? Regarding the cost, you Not so slow, after all? You will just be required to pay $64.49 as the fee.

If you need your Australia ETA sooner than 24 hours, you can choose the “rush processing time” option and have your document in 4 hours. As you might anticipate, the cost is a little more this time. You only need to pay $107.99.

If you need to get on the next flight to Australia and speed is of the essence, the Super Rush processing time option may be just what you need. Just two hours are needed to process your application. As you can expect, the charge also increases. Only $161.99 will be required of you to obtain

Why Are Australian Visas Taking So Long?

The Department of Home Affairs has acknowledged many contributing factors, even though the surge in visa requests is one of the leading causes of the backlog. These comprise:

Application submissions that need to be completed.

How quickly do candidates reply to requests for further information?

How long it takes the Department to verify the provided information

How much time it takes to obtain information from outside agencies (such as information on the character, health, etc.)

What number of spots are available in the migration program (for PR applications)

How to prevent snags with visa applications

Remember that there is no surefire strategy to prevent delays in visa processing. However, you may increase your chances of getting your visa processed quickly by ensuring your application is thorough and includes all necessary supporting papers.

The Department of Education, Skills, and Employment further emphasized that the industry must support this program, especially providers and agents.

How can I make my visa application faster?

Applications are processed at a variety of times. Where you applied and your circumstances play a role. Avoiding delays

With your application, please provide all the information we request. Utilize the application package’s document checklist.

Inform us of any updates to your application’s personal information, such as any changes to your:

  • name
  • Messages to send
  • a family issue
  • Verify the clarity of the documents and photocopies you provide to us.

The original documents you submit in other languages should be translated into certified English or French.

  • On your application, be honest
  • Processing of your application can take longer if
  • You mention no criminal activity or security issues about it.
  • Your family’s situation is unknown due to problems like
  • A separation
  • An unfinished adoption
  • Disputed custody disputes
  • Other offices in Canada or abroad must confer with the office.

How Can I Get Urgent Visa For Australia?

Your application will be handled according to the global visa processing times (see: global visa and citizenship processing periods) if your justification does not fulfill compelling or compassionate grounds.

Booking flights, making confirmed travel arrangements, and attending weddings as guests or birthday parties are typically seen as less compassionate and compelling reasons for priority processing.

They advise only booking flights or making other travel plans once you have been informed that you have a valid visa to enter Australia.

Please be aware that already scheduled travel, incurred financial losses, or delayed  will not be considered compassionate or compelling reasons for urgent travel.


If you have a human and urgent need to travel, like a severe sickness or a death in the family, we will whenever feasible, give priority to your visa application. It would help if you carried out the following actions so that we can determine whether your application needs to be processed more quickly:

  • Utilizing your ImmiAccount, complete the visa application.
  • Send your biometrics (if required).
  • Review your declaration in light of your desire to seek medical attention (if applicable).
  • Complete medical examinations (if required).
  • Request information by filling out the Australian Immigration Enquiry Form.

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Why is Australian Visa Delayed 2022?

After Australia reopened its borders after two years of shutdown due to the epidemic, there was a surge of visa applications, which is what has caused the delays. Some students lament postponing their university entrance because they had to wait 12 to 15 months.

What Is The Quickest Australian Visa?

You can travel to Australia as often as you like if you don’t go beyond a year after receiving the ETA. You can obtain the online form for this document on iVisa.com, and you are permitted a 90-day stay for each entry.

Finally, It’s critical to be aware of evolving laws and timelines if you intend to immigrate to Australia. Make final travel plans once your visas are approved. You must wait in line with all other visa applicants because expediting your application is impossible.


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