How Long Can A Permanent Resident Stay Outside Australia?

In this article, we’ll talk about permanent resident stay outside Australia


Specific visa holders in Australia are awarded a permanent residency. Australia has a few immigration programs, including permanent family, work, business, special eligibility, and child visas. The most sought-after migration programs are the first three, with fewer candidates for the last two.

Foreign nationals must fulfill some requirements before being granted permanent residency in Australia.


permanent resident stay outside australia

Requirements for Australian Permanent Residency

One must submit the following documents to apply for any permanent visa to Australia:

  • Genuine passport.
  • Form for a Permanent Visa.
  • Form for Authorized Recipient (if applicable).
  • Proof of Base Fee Payment.
  • Recent identification photos.
  • National ID.
  • A police clearance.
  • Judicial records.
  • Financial stability evidence.
  • health coverage
  • A formal invitation (if applicable).
  • A prerequisite for moral behavior.
  • Please sign the Values Declaration.

Conditions of Health for Australian Permanent Visa

To meet the health standards, you must be:

  • Free from any illness or condition that would require expensive medical care.
  • Free of any illness or condition can increase demand for services in Australia that are in short supply, harming the country’s permanent residents and citizens’ access to healthcare services, including organ transplants and dialysis.
  • Free of any illness that could endanger public health (measles, tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis, yellow fever, polio, and Ebola).

Those applying for a permanent visa must meet the health requirements outlined by the Immigration Office and pass the necessary health exams. Every member of your family requesting a visa must be in good health.

Repeating the entire health check may not be necessary if the candidate has already undergone a complete medical examination within the last 12 months.

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What Happens If I Don’t Pass the Medical Tests for Permanent Residency in Australia?

A permanent residence visa will not be granted if the health conditions are unmet. You can submit an application for a health waiver in those circumstances. Your permanent visa will probably be issued if a health waiver is approved.

However, it would help if you had compelling arguments for why you think you genuinely match the health requirements. Additionally, you can only receive a health waiver if you also fulfill the other conditions of your visa.

How do I establish permanent residency in Australia?

The most frequent route to permanent status in Australia is having one of the followings:

  • The family-stream visa is perpetual.
  • An extended work permits.
  • A lengthy visa for investors or companies.
  • Applicants may also apply for one of the following visas to gain permanent residency in Australia:
  • Visa for renowned talent (subclass 124).
  • visa for renowned talent (subclass 858).
  • humanitarian and refugee visas
  • a path to obtaining a retirement visa.

Does a Temporary Visa Prevent Me from Obtaining Permanent Residency?

It would help if you frequently had a temporary visa in the same immigration category before applying for a permanent visa. However, you must submit applications for both the temporary and permanent residence visa at the same time for select family stream visa categories. For instance, as the former would allow you to live in Australia without restriction while the latter is being processed, you can submit applications for both your permanent visa (subclass 801) and your temporary partner visa (subclass 820) at the same time.

You should receive your permanent visa as soon as you receive your temporary visa if there are no problems with your application.

However, if your application for a permanent visa is not processed immediately, it could take up to two years or longer.

How Much Does a Permanent Resident Visa in Australia Cost?

The price of permanent visas varies depending on the kind of visa you are first seeking for:

Fee for the Family Stream Permanent (Partner) Visa—subclass 801: AUD 7,715.

Subclasses 888, 893, and 891 of Business Stream Permanent Visas cost between AUD 2,450 and 2,950.

There are various streams available within the work visa category, and the fee will vary depending on what sort of visa you are looking for. As a result, the cost of a permanent visa through a work-stream migration program is subject to fluctuate based on the applicant’s specific circumstances.

How can I get a permanent visa to Australia?

Decide on a visa category.

Check the specifications for each visa category.

Put the paperwork together.

Request a visa.

Choose the type of visa

This type of visa that leads to permanent resident status must be chosen before applying for an Australian permanent visa (see below). If you’re applying on paper, you can choose the precise form that goes with your visa application from your ImmiAccount or the list of available visa types.

Check the Conditions for Each Visa Type

You will need to meet various standards depending on your visa application. However, each application for a permanent visa must meet the standards for good moral character and physical fitness.

What if I was traveling outside of Australia when my travel facility expired?

You must apply for Australian citizenship or a resident return visa if you were outside Australia when your travel authorization expired. If you are not qualified, you must apply for a different permanent visa (former resident visa, family visa, or skilled visa).

Without a current visa, you cannot reenter Australia. Still, you shouldn’t apply for one to leave and come back because doing so could harm your eligibility for permanent residency.

Can I Lose My Permanent Australian Residency?

I can lose my right to permanent residence in Australia.

You cannot generally relinquish your right to permanent residence in Australia. There are a few circumstances where losing your status as a permanent resident is possible.

For example, if the relationship you were in when you applied for a family stream permanent visa has changed, you may lose your right to permanent residence. If you violate the good character standards while you are a permanent resident, your permanent visa may also be canceled.

You will need a good basis to revoke your permanent resident status because every situation is thoroughly examined.

What Sets Citizenship and Permanent Residency in Australia Apart?

The following things are not permitted for permanent residents of Australia, which is how they differ from citizens:

  • Possess a passport from Australia.
  • Australians can vote.
  • Request student loans.
  • Become an Australian Defense Force member.
  • Perform duties for the Australian government.
  • If your travel facility has expired, re-enter Australia.
  • You are permitted to: if you have a permanent residence in Australia.
  • In Australia, you can work and study indefinitely.
  • Utilize Medicare services.
  • Purchase a property using a bank loan.
  • Sponsorship is needed for family members to move in permanently.
  • Apply for citizenship in Australia.
  • Abide by free language courses.
  • In New Zealand, at work.
  • Go everywhere you want (as long as your travel facility is valid).



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