10 Pharmacist assistant jobs in Canada (Hiring now)

Are you a pharmacist already working in Canada, or do you have any plans to do so? With this blog post on jobs for pharmacy assistants in Canada, we’ve covered you. Read over and fill out an application for any of your selections.


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These are Jobs as A Pharmacy Assistant in Canada


·      Pharmacy assistant job available

You’ll assist patients daily with their prescriptions while working with them. Additionally, you will respond to their inquiries in person or over the phone. You can ensure that the pharmacy has the necessary inventory by placing orders for supplies and accepting, loading, and unloading deliveries.

·      Technical Assistant in Pharmacies

To assist and support patients and guarantee they receive the most acceptable treatment, pharmacists collaborate with pharmacy technicians, who are medical experts.

In addition to primary care, educational, military, or veterinary clinics, pharmacy technicians can work in community (retail) pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical production or sales in the pharmaceutical sector, prisons, and community (retail) pharmacies.

·      Pharmacy Aide

A pharmacy assistant helps run things smoothly by performing tasks for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy assistants do administrative work and provide customer service, but they often don’t prepare drugs or fill prescriptions. On-the-job training is the norm for them.

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·      Pharmacy Assistant

Under the direction of a pharmacist, pharmacy assistants prepare medications, counsel clients on non-medical items, and help with stock management.

Because there are so many people working as pharmacy assistants and there is such a high staff turnover, both full- and part-time employment opportunities are favorable.

·      Pharmacy Assistant (Data Entry)

As a pharmacy technician who enters data, you add and modify patient information in the store’s databases. You are in charge of entering information about patient-written prescriptions into the software used for storing records.

·      Assistant for Pharmacy Supplies

Help the pharmacist manage inventory levels and packaging materials; assist in coordinating drug order placement with manufacturers or wholesalers.

·      Part-time Pharmacy Courier and General Assistant

Assisting the dispensary and bookkeeping personnel by replenishing pharmacy supplies, transferring medications between pharmacies, accurately and thoroughly recording deliveries, and delivering invoices and deposits. Precise mailing preparation and distribution to all Yukon settlements.

·      Assistant Pharmacist Temporary

Help the pharmacist keep adequate quantities of drugs and supplies in stock, check for and remove expired medications at least once each month, and maintain supplies and office organization.

·      Certified Aseptic Pharmacy Technician

The tasks will vary and involve organizing the work to ensure an effective service is delivered, preparing products, directing teams, supervising and teaching junior team members, and checking accuracy.

·      Supervisor for pharmacy technicians

It’s pharmaceutical supervision employment, in which a team of pharmacy technicians assists pharmacists by dispensing pharmaceuticals and prescriptions prescribed by doctors and repackaging bulk medication for distribution to other medical facilities.


By mixing, packing, and labeling pharmaceutical items, pharmacy assistants support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in their work. They keep track of prescription histories as well as pharmaceutical and medicine inventory.

They also ensure that vaccines, serums, biological, and other medications and pharmaceuticals are properly prepared, packaged, distributed, and stored.

Provide prescribed medications to patients or other healthcare providers, including advice on a dose, side effects, indications, contraindications, and adverse effects.


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