Canada Visa Processing Time After Biometrics for 2023

This article will discuss about Canada visa processing time after Biometrics


Most Indian students are anxious about how long it will take to obtain a student visa for Canada. Given the growing number of applications, it is difficult to predict how long it will take to finish your application.

Because of this, many applicants want to know the exact processing time from India before applying for a student visa to Canada.


Before you apply, be sure you are aware of all the factors that could impact how long it takes to complete a Canada student visa in India. If you heed our recommendations, we can assist you in having a simple and trouble-free journey!

canada visa processing time after biometrics

How can I get a student visa?

For international students, a student visa is required. With this non-immigrant visa, applicants can finish their higher studies abroad.

The term “study permit” is frequently used in Canada to refer to a student visa. Only DLIs (designated learning institutions) in Canada are open to international students.

How does it take to get a visa for Canada?

It would help if you had a good notion of how long it can take to receive final approval before applying for a Canada Study Permit. Your visa application process is made much easier and less stressful by this.

Application processing for a Canadian student visa typically takes 3–4 weeks. This time, however, is only an estimate. The student visa for Canada is subject to a number of variables.

Factors that affect how quickly study visas for Canada are processed

The day The Embassy or the visa-granting body receives your application is when processing time begins. Following is a list of variables that affect how quickly student visas are processed:

  • Application type that you have submitted
  • application completion and accurate information
  • Whether or whether there are any supporting papers
  • The immigration department has a backlog.
  • How quickly do you respond to any requests or inquiries made by the institution?
  • The processing time may be delayed for applicants with prior criminal histories.
  • When you applied for your visa, any bans or travel restrictions (due to COVID) were in effect.
  • A change in political power may also affect how quickly visas are processed.

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Can I find out how long it will take to process my Canadian study permit?

Indeed, you can. Applicants for study visas in Canada can check the estimated processing time with the Canadian Immigration Department. To see the status of your visa application with a specific tracking ID, you must go to their official website.

How has COVID-19 changed the timeline for applying for study visas in Canada?

The introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the scheduling of Canadian student visas. Numerous travel restrictions caused delays in the processing of numerous visa applications. Both Canadian’s and foreigners’ health were considered when making this decision.

For example, suppose you apply from a high-risk area (such as Iran, China, or South Korea). In that case, you have an additional 90 days to provide the authority with the necessary supporting documentation.

When does it take to obtain a visa following biometric Canada?

That should take around 8 weeks to acquire your valid visa after you have sent your biometrics along with your visa application to the IRCC. Always talk to your immigration attorney or adviser because every case is different.

Are the processing times for all Family Sponsorship applications the same?

No, depending on the sponsored family member (spouse, common-law partner, dependent kid, parents, grandparents, adopted child, or others) and their country of residence, the processing period for Family Sponsorship applications varies.


You should typically receive a verdict within 8 weeks of submitting your online application for a biometric resident permit (BRP) if it is to replace conditions (or a wet ink stamp) in your passport or UK travel document. If you’re applying online for settlement (commonly known as “indefinite leave to remain”), you must do it within six months.


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