10 Best Welder Jobs in Edmonton, AB – Apply Now!

In this article, we’ll discuss the Best Welder Jobs in Edmonton.


There are numerous possible career pathways in the hands-on field of welding. The greatest welding positions offer an adequate income, good benefits, a stable career, and a sense of accomplishment. Here are some specifics on the top ten welding jobs to aid you in your career path, in no particular order.

 Best Welder Jobs in Edmonton


Work for BEST GLASS PARTS LTD as a welder assistant.

Use metal cleaning equipment to scrub away unwanted rust, scale, and other contaminants from metal items’ surfaces.

Clean metal products by submerging them in liquids

help sheet metalworkers, metal machine operators, structural steel and plate work fitters, or other metal workers

Sort the scrap metal, metal sheets, and other items.

Utilizing hand tools, grind or chip any extra metal from metal goods.

Transport equipment, finished goods, and raw materials manually or with powered machinery across the factory.

Position with Chephren Building Solutions as a steel fabricator


  • Establish benchmarks and trends
  • Build constructions by assembling and fitting plates and components.
  • Connect parts with bolts or welding
  • Set up and use powerful metalworking equipment
  • Create templates and patterns.
  • Install manufactured parts in the finished product.
  • Hoist, rig, and move goods on the job site or to storage places.
  • Physical requirements and workplace circumstances
  • requiring physical effort

Jobs at Weldwork Fabricators Ltd. as a welding apprentice.

  • Occupational information
  • Traveling work
  • screening inquiries
  • Can you work shifts or as needed?
  • Can you start on the scheduled date?
  • Can you currently work in Canada legally?
  • For this position, are you open to moving?
  • Currently, do you live close to the listed location?
  • Do you have prior work experience in this industry?

working for GNE Construction Ltd. as a welder

Utilize fully automated, semi-automated, or manual welding equipment.

Read and comprehend welding plans, drawings, instructions, and procedures.

Check welds for compliance with standards and specifications.

Utilize manual or automated flame-cutting machinery.

Use machines for bending, straightening and shaping metal, such as brakes and shears.

Metal fitting, brazing, and torch-straightening

Utilize welding equipment already set up to create or fix metal goods and parts.

Utilize previously installed brazing or soldering equipment to join metal or to fix dents, holes, and seams in metal.

Work at PCL Energy Inc. as a steamfitter/pipefitter.

Communicate with the management, engineers, and other trades.

training apprentices

Establish connections between piping systems and water mains, supply tanks, pumps, compressors, and control devices.

Using hand and power tools, install clamps, brackets, and hangers to support the pipe system, sprinkler system, and fire protection apparatus.

installing valves, alarms, and related hardware

Using soldering and welding tools, join pipes and piping sections.

Install sprinkler heads, mount prepared pipe in supports, and choose, measure, cut, ream, and thread pipe.

Maintain and fix the sprinkler system

Leak detection system using liquid or air pressure apparatus

Clean, maintain and operate a flush system and pipe fittings

Cut pipe apertures in the walls, floors, and ceilings using hand or power tools or machinery.

Journeyman Welder Position at Powell, Day Shift

A career with us will require you to tackle some challenging difficulties because we are a Switchgear and E-house Manufacturing, Field & Valve Servicing leader. Growth, personal development, and industry knowledge will be your rewards. At Powell, we show appreciation for our staff by offering a competitive pay package, RRSP matching, a wide range of perks, and on-the-job training in a welcoming and professional work environment.

The Journeyman Welder (Structural Steel) will work out of the Electrical Division Edmonton (EDE) location and report to the Manufacturing Supervisor of the Fabrication division. The Journeyman Welder will construct Powell Canada products and create quality parts using various welding techniques and equipment.

Job Posting at Alco Group for a Steel Fabricator in a Process Shop

ALCO is seeking a new Steel Fabricator Process Shop employee to work with us. If you’re able to handle an exciting, fast-paced environment? This may be for you.

  • Manual Metal Sheer and Break Operators with Multicam Plasma Table Experience are what we’re seeking.
  • Experiential Waterjet Table
  • X Beam Line experience in Python
  • Experience profiling Vernon Pipe
  • Rolling Sheet Metal Experience
  • Mechanical Expertise Necessary
  • Experience with Overhead Cranes
  • Fluency in reading, writing, and speaking English is required.
  • dependable transport
  • An advantage but not a requirement is prior experience working in a manufacturing or machine shop environment.

Work at Northern Weldarc as a structural steel fitter and welder.

The skilled and dedicated workforce at Northern Weldarc Ltd understands the value of a job well done and is responsible for the company’s success. We are searching for people to join the Northern Weldarc family that are career-focused and proud of their job. The Government of Alberta Apprenticeship Program for welding and structural steel plate fitting has our support, and we understand its significance.

Welders and structural steel plate fitters, tradespeople specializing in manufacturing structural steel, are both needed. The fitters lay out, cut, and prepare structural steel, plate, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in various industrial and construction industries before using intense heat and gas to fuse the materials permanently.

Position at Shell for a Journeyman Pipefitter (Upgrader & Chemicals)

This Pipefitter position is for you if you take responsibility for your own and other people’s safety, embrace change as an opportunity for personal development and are enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology and innovation.

At Shell, we value fostering a varied and welcoming workplace atmosphere where you can flourish, develop new ideas, advance your career, and, most importantly, be yourself.

What role do you play?

In a career in maintenance, you will have the chance to advance in a setting that promotes both professional and personal growth and participate in some of the most innovative projects ever undertaken in the sector.

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Journeyman Welder Position at Procor Limited

Limited by Procor Join a team where the individuals make a difference! We are dedicated to bringing in and keeping top talent since, as a part of Marmon Holdings, Inc., a highly decentralized organization, we strongly rely on people with the skills, disposition, and entrepreneurial spirit to drive our success.

In charge of overseeing the whole series of cutting and welding procedures for various repair and fabrication work. Components of metal tools, cables, fixtures, and other metal items are aligned and joined via welding. May use various welding system types for various jobs. Keeps the workplace secure and might teach trainees the craft.



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