Top 10 Best Countries To Live In Europe in 2023

Better career prospects, higher pay, a higher standard of living, and better government support cause foreigners to relocate to Europe.


When preparing for your transfer, it’s critical to remember that some nations might be more appropriate for you than others. You should therefore conduct in-depth research to identify the most expat-friendly European countries.

best countries to live in europe


These nations rank first in terms of the standard of living, healthcare, and social, physical, and financial security they provide their people.

  • Portugal

Portugal is one of the best locations in Europe for ex-pats to live. Its booming economy, excellent educational opportunities, and outstanding quality of life add to its appeal. Portugal is often considered to be affordable by visitors, and outside of Lisbon, living expenses are significantly cheaper.

  • Germany

Germany has the highest percentage of foreign residents in Europe due to its reputation as the “country of poets and thinkers” and its high living level. Moving to Germany is more accessible than other EU countries because it has one of the greatest economies and multiple immigration routes. Getting used to the culture is easy because its capital city, Berlin, is a social hotspot for those who prefer going out and making new friends.

If you have a skill in demand in Germany, you can apply for an employment visa to travel there. You can relocate for family reunification if your partner is a German citizen.

  • Spain

Spain is an additional well-liked location for ex-pats, just after Portugal. With a good standard of living, an excellent healthcare system, and reasonable costs, it provides the same advantages as its neighbor. Its North American Language, and Cultural Assistant program makes it simple for Americans to relocate to Spain. However, the program does not lead to permanent residence; participants who wish to settle permanently in Spain must hold a current work permit.

Other chances still exist for foreign nationals to relocate to Spain. For instance, people who wish to work independently can apply for a freelancing visa, and those with sufficient resources can take advantage of Spain’s Golden Visa program.

  • Luxembourg

This little European nation, which held the second-richest spot in the world for a while, has one of the highest GDPs per capita. Luxembourg is, therefore, among the greatest places to relocate, mainly because more than 40% of the population is non-native.

It has one of the highest wages in Europe, fantastic business technology and innovation opportunities, and outstanding quality of life. Luxembourg is an excellent location for those who desire to travel to other European nations because it borders Germany, Belgium, and France, all of which are accessible from Luxembourg within a few hours.

  • the country of the UK

The most proper place in Europe for Americans to relocate in the UK. Americans find it simpler to adjust to their new nation, socialize, and absorb the culture and customs because there is no language barrier. In addition, the UK continues to be one of Europe’s most economically developed nations, providing a variety of employment, startup, and freelancing options in addition to social and health advantages.

If your job is moving you to the UK, one of the most popular methods to do so is using an intra-transfer company visa. However, there are also many choices for family visas, work visas, and investor visas for prospective investors in the UK.

  • Finland

Finland consistently ranks high as the world’s happiest nation, so it should be no surprise that many ex-pats are drawn to this Nordic nation. It is the perfect place for families to settle down because it provides social and economic security as well as one of the top educational systems in the world.

According to many ex-pats in online forums, the language barrier and the dearth of social and recreational opportunities make Finland challenging to adapt to. Finland might not be the best destination for you if you are a social person who enjoys an active lifestyle, especially if you don’t like the cold.

  • Greece

Most often, tourists from other countries visit this nation without considering the many beautiful experiences of living and working in Greece. First, Greeks are among the friendliest European people toward foreigners. We have some applicants working in Greece who likes their time there. Additionally, Greece will undoubtedly meet your needs if you enjoy good food. While it is true that earnings in Greece tend to be lower than those in other European nations, the cost of living, which is roughly €1000 per month, including rent, allows you to take advantage of the numerous hubs for all kinds of entertainment that are available in Greece.

  • Ireland

Another famous European destination for Americans living abroad is Ireland, primarily due to the language. Ireland has many of the same benefits as other European nations and has one of the highest GDPs per capita. Still, unlike other nations, language is not a barrier, making integration easier.

The fact that many Americans have relatives who were once Irish citizens and are eligible for citizenship by descent is another benefit of living in Ireland for ex-pats.

  • Iceland

Another Nordic nation with a high GDP per person is Iceland, which ranks highly in economic development, healthcare, and education. The Global Peace Index report shows Iceland is the safest location to live. Additionally, Iceland’s captivating natural beauty and breathtaking views draw in foreigners, particularly those from big cities.

You require a current visa to relocate to Iceland. For instance, if you have a job set up, you can apply for a work visa, or if you wish to move to Iceland with your partner who has Icelandic citizenship. However, keep in mind that due to the weather and the culture, Iceland, like other Nordic countries, has been known to be more difficult to settle down.

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  • Switzerland

Switzerland is another great European nation with its natural beauty, high standard of living, and access to chocolate. For many ex-pats, Switzerland offers security, serenity, prospects for employment, and financial stability. Additionally, it provides an outstanding work-life balance that enables people to manage their personal and professional lives without stress. However, it is still among the most costly in Europe, so if you intend to move there, your financial situation must be sound.

The Advantages of Moving to Europe

  • Moving to Europe has many benefits, such as:
  • Access to visa-free travel to other European nations.
  • Access to cost-effective national healthcare programs.
  • Access to lucrative incomes
  • and the chance to reside in a nation that is among the most developed in the world.
  • The possibility of living in a particular country.
  • More favorable work/life balance.
  • Access to renowned historical sites and open areas.

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