10 best data analyst jobs entry level in Canada (Hiring now)

This post, will discuss about data analyst jobs entry level


All firms use data to inform decisions. A coffee shop may base its holiday operating hours on past sales data from different years. A software company can weigh labour costs against profits when deciding how many employees to hire for the future year.

Data analyst positions are essential to strategic planning in all industries. A career as a data analyst may be enjoyable if you appreciate using data (hints, evidence, or information) to solve issues and make accurate forecasts and judgments. In actuality, data analyst jobs don’t necessitate the same level of education as many other computer jobs.


Direct certification is not necessarily a requirement for data analysts. However, it is undoubtedly beneficial.

data analyst jobs entry level

You will learn about entry-level data analyst employment duties in an organization from this guide.

In addition to collecting, organizing, and interpreting statistical data based on the database’s data, the database analyst will analyze database architecture and maintain data storage.

  • FTT Data Analyst

A data analyst examines data to find significant customer insights and potential uses for the information. They also advise the company’s management and other stakeholders of this information.

  • Analyst of irrigation data

As an irrigation data analyst, you’ll gather, examine, and manage the data needed to model irrigated agriculture’s present and future needs and establish policies like the ministry’s irrigation strategy.

  • Partner, Data Analyst

What precisely does an associate data analyst do? As the title suggests, a data analyst associate’s primary responsibility is to analyze and present the company’s data in a meaningful manner that makes sense to senior management and aids them in developing the company’s long- and short-term objectives.

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  • Intern Data Analyst

An organization hires a data analyst intern as a data analyst audition. They are typically tasked with preparing data, working with it, and keeping track of its consistency and quality.

  • Analyst of data – Delve

Software called Delve is used to examine qualitative data. It’s an easy-to-use, group-based online qualitative analysis tool that quickly makes it possible to locate accurate, realistic insights.

  • Analyst for Data Warehouses

A data warehouse analyst gathers, examines, mines, and assists the organization in utilizing the data kept in data warehouses.

As a data warehouse analyst, you gather and analyze information to advise management on how to enhance data reporting, storage, and other business-related challenges. A senior-level analyst may oversee a team, be in charge of the accuracy of data extraction, and guarantee firm data security.

  • Informatics and systems data analyst

Data analysts collect and examine data using specialized technologies to produce information that aids decision-making. They will react to inquiries about data and probe it for patterns, trends, and abnormalities. Typical tasks include extracting the necessary data using specialized tools.

  • Analyst for Business Systems

Information technology specialists who acquire and evaluate business systems data to ascertain where changes can be made are known as business systems analysts, often referred to as computer systems analysts or systems analysts.

  • Data Analyst for Inventory

The daily inventory activities of a company are managed by a specialist known as an inventory analyst. Inventory analysts must monitor inventory records and conduct financial analytics to identify which products sell the most and which are under performing.

  • Conclusion

Do you want to know how to obtain entry-level data analyst positions? There are numerous methods to get there.

Not everyone will have the same response to the question of how to get entry-level data analyst jobs. You may pursue a degree for more discipline, or you could choose networking and self-study to cut costs and time commitment.


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