20 Best Pilot Jobs in Canada (Hiring Now!)

It can be challenging to discover the most fantastic pilot jobs in Canada. This list is for you if you’re seeking the most fantastic pilot jobs in Canada. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of Canada’s top 20 pilot jobs. By reading our blog post on how to pick the best pilot jobs in Canada for you, you can cut through all of this chaos.


A common query is, “What are the most pilot jobs in Canada?” due to the steadily rising number of people moving to Canada each year. This is for you.

Building a career path in specific fields is often more accessible for people because some roles are frequently featured among the most pilot jobs in Canada, especially with the assistance of hiring firms.


pilot jobs in Canada

Below are the best pilot jobs in Canada:

·      Encore Pilot- First Officer

The Pilot-in-Command Under Supervision (PICUS) program is supported by WestJet Encore and allows First Officers with a CPL to build up PICUS flying hours and experience. First Officers are permitted to fly 200 hours in an Encore aircraft for up to 100 hours PICUS of ATPL credit, as specified in.

·      First Officer YTS

The term “First Officer” refers to a pilot who, while on duty, is second in command of an aircraft and its crew members and whose responsibility is to assist or relieve the Captain in manipulating an aircraft’s flight controls. The First Officer must be appropriately qualified to serve in this capacity and possess current Ministry of Transport and other governmental certificates authorizing him to do so.

·      Pilot in Waiting- Ramp

You will play a crucial role on the Summit Air team as a Ramp Attendant and a Pilot-in-Waiting, getting to know our fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft. Tow aircraft on the ground and marshal planes in the ramp area. Cargo and passenger baggage are loaded and unloaded onto/from aircraft.

·      Second in command (first officer)

An aircraft’s first officer (FO) is the second pilot, also known as the co-pilot. The official commander, the captain, delegated second-in-command to the first officer. The first officer will control the aircraft if the captain becomes incapacitated.

·      Helicopter Pilot (First Officer)

The first officer is responsible for the aircraft’s administration, operation, and safety. They perform pre-flight tests of the aircraft’s systems, examine in-flight data, and ensure everything runs well. Together with the Captain, they pilot the aircraft over safe terrain and weather.

·      Balloon Pilot

Private pilots are not required to transport passengers for pay. Unable to fly in any professional capacity. Pilots of commercial balloons may fly for rent, give flight instructions, and conduct business.

·      Ferry Captain

A ferry boat captain drives ferries, which move people and goods between two or more piers in inland and coastal seas along a predetermined route. They manage the ship’s loading and unloading processes, keep a timetable, and coordinate the work of the deck crews.

·      First Officer, LR45

Sunwest Aviation Ltd is the top Western Canadian operator of jet and turboprop charter aircraft. Our fleet has a large selection of jet, turboprop, and piston aircraft. Due to the diversity of its fleet, Sunwest can provide good opportunities for career progression. We have operated safely for more than 25 years and have built a strong reputation in the aviation sector. Our aircraft are available for charter from a cutting-edge facility in Calgary to thousands of places that regular airlines do not go.

·      Captain

A skipper ensures that the ship complies with environmental rules and that equipment is properly maintained. Throughout the voyage, they maintain frequent logs and watch the crew and guests as they board and depart the ship.

·      Twin Otter Captain NEW

Twin-engine STOL utility transporters for the Alaska National Guard of the United States Army. Constructed six. In the US Army service, the C-23 Sherpa has taken its place.

·      First Officer Dash-8 YVO

YOUR PART. You will assist with pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight tasks in the operation of our Dash 8 aircraft as a first officer flying a Dash-8. You will be in charge of flying the aircraft in Quebec and Ontario in various dynamic conditions while adhering to corporate standard operating procedures and rules.

·      Opportunities for Tugboat Captain

Tugboat captains’ normal path to advancement is to join larger organizations with more fleets. Some captains may advance to management positions like operations or harbor master.

·      First Officer, Challenger 650

According to FAA guidelines and Elevate’s general operations manual, the Challenger 650 first officer, will be in charge of aiding the captain with the safe and effective operation of the aircraft. This 4 Pilot account is managed by Part 91/135.


The pilot’s sole control over the balloon during flight is the ability to rise or descend into different winds. Therefore, the pilot must know which way the wind blows at elevations other than the balloon’s altitude. The pilot uses a variety of methods to do this. For instance, a pilot may spit or release a spray of shaving cream to establish the wind direction beneath the balloon and then watch this signal descend to see where feasible turns are (and their speed).

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The Pilatus PC12 aircraft’s fixed-wing pilots at Ornge are in charge of all aspects of aircraft operation, the crew, and all passengers’ safety. Fixed-wing pilots must fly in various situations, have good pressure management skills, and be versatile and flexible.

·      Master (Captain)

A sea captain, also known as a ship’s captain, captain, master, or shipmaster, is a highly qualified mariner with a license who is in charge of a merchant ship at all times. The ship’s safe and efficient operation, including its seaworthiness, safety and security, cargo operations, navigation, crew management, and legal compliance, as well as for the people and cargo on board, is the captain’s responsibility.

·      Lead Captain, Challenger 604

The planes are used for both maritime patrols and search and rescue operations. They can land on the tiny, unpaved gravel airstrips typical in the Arctic.

·      First Officer – Embraer E2

Concern for Safety: Recognizing dangerous or possibly dangerous situations and acting appropriately to keep oneself and others safe.

·      Airline pilot instructor

Students are taught how to pilot airplanes properly by flight instructors. They instruct students in safety procedures and the fundamentals of flying and operating an aircraft. They require students on flight conditions, cockpit instruments, landing, takeoff, and how to inspect all aircraft systems.

·      Pilot Training Coordinator

A flight training coordinator does research for an organization and creates flight training programs. Develops instructional strategies and tools for a simulator, computer, and classroom training. Coordinating flight instructions with outside vendors may be part of the job.

·      Conclusion

Indeed, the future of pilot employment in Canada is promising. According to the amount of demand, there is an ongoing demand for pilots worldwide and annually. The pay for the job or profession itself is sufficient for someone to desire to do it. But before choosing whether or not to pursue a career as a pilot job in Canada, other factors should also be taken into account.

The first thing to consider is the requirement to determine one’s ability to meet (physically, psychologically, and financially) the training demands. The second and equally important factor to think about is one’s ability to cope with the environment. Can have an excellent and up-and-coming career working as a pilot in Canada.


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