10 Best Places to Raise A Family In The World

best places to raise a family in the world will be listed here.Moving anywhere—especially abroad—can be thrilling and worrisome for kids. They are relocating away from friends, family, schools, and neighborhoods. However, children gain from relocating abroad due to the incredible exposure to other cultures and experiences.


Furthermore, youngsters who travel and learn new languages frequently acquire abilities that make them remarkably adaptive and equipped for leadership positions.

The following locations are among the greatest in the world for raising a family in terms of social benefits, safety, natural beauty, social tolerance, access to health care, daycare, and other amenities. The price of living is one of the different elements that has been considered.


best places to raise a family in the world

  • Netherlands

Children in the Netherlands are raised in a supportive environment. This is notably true for the quality of education and child care, where the Netherlands is placed third and fourth, respectively.

Every mother has the right to a maternity nurse, or “Kraamzorg,” with insurance covering some or all expenses. The Netherlands is known for its liberal stances on many social issues and its accepting culture.

  • Austria

The social system in Austria provides parents with a lot of help. Working parents can trade their time at home for a two-year parental leave that is entirely funded. Additionally, until the child becomes 18, all families get “kindergeld,” monthly payment for child care costs. Like many other private educational institutions, kindergarten receives government funding.

Children of diplomats primarily attend the country’s numerous international schools, facilitating their adjustment to a familiar, albeit diverse, community. Older students who participate in authorized institutions in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States can transfer credits to foreign colleges.

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  • Denmark

Denmark has one of the EU’s most liberal and flexible parental leave policies. Mothers and dads are entitled to four weeks of maternity leave before the projected due date and 23 weeks of parental leave. Denmark has a universal healthcare system, and most residents are given free medical care. As well, higher education is free.

  • Sweden

Sweden is ranked best in daycare and overall kid costs and has a robust social policy. It is regarded as the best nation in which to raise children. Four hundred eighty days of paid parental leave are available to parents, 60 of which are set aside for the father. In addition, the government offers parents a monthly payment for each child and permits adults to take time off from work until their kids are eight years old. Its citizens enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in the world and have access to free healthcare and higher education.

  • Australia

You can relocate to Australia to live in one of the nations regarded as being among the finest for raising children. The nation places a high priority on general quality of life, integration, and health. For up to 18 weeks, Australia will provide financial assistance to qualified parents who need to leave their jobs off work to care for a newborn or recently adopted kid.

Australia boasts a high rate of sporting engagement as well as a relatively high life expectancy for both genders. According to surveys and government statistics, Australians are still particularly concerned about environmental issues.

  • Singapore

Based on a report by HSBC, Singapore is the finest nation for ex-pats and a place that cares for its citizens. Singapore is a top location for the education of children. According to the report, Singapore has the best education in the world, but it is also the most expensive.

A child and infant care subsidy is offered to assist parents in covering some of the costs associated with child care, as well as to guarantee the affordability and accessibility of child care services. Singapore is a very safe area to reside in in terms of security. It has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and low crime rates.

  • Germany

Additionally, having a top-notch educational system, Germany has a childcare system ranked third in the world. Germany is consistently ranked among the top 10 for ex-pats because of its excellent quality of life. The quality of schools and child care, the expense of raising children as a whole, and people’s quality of life and health are all reflected in Germany’s open-market capitalism and come with some social service guarantees.

  • Switzerland

The nation consistently receives good ratings for lifestyle, education, and safety. Young children are not under any performance-related pressure here, and the worldwide education system in Switzerland is highly regarded. Many ex-pats enrol their kids in a prestigious international school, but some choose to enroll their kids in a public school. Switzerland is rated as having the sixth-best schools in the world.

  • The Canadian

Your family members will enjoy the experience of relocating to Canada, especially the youngsters! Your youngster won’t be treated any differently than a local child in terms of education and adjusting to a new social setting. According to surveys, one of the most tolerant and polite nations on the planet is Canada.

The standard of living in Canada is very high. Employees who work for companies’ subject to the Canada Labor Code are entitled to maternity leave that lasts up to 17 weeks. Parental leave of up to 37 weeks is available to people caring for a newborn or recently adopted kid.

  • New Zealand

You’ll be moving to one of the best places to raise kids if you move your family to New Zealand. The nation’s emphasis on healthy child development and its efficient but somewhat competitive educational system give kids a more well-rounded upbringing.

Public schools can be an excellent method for foreigners to settle in, but those moving for a brief period tend to choose private education. Children enrolling in the local public school typically have friends in the area, and it is simpler for parents to network with locals.

Regarding integration, quality of life generally, and health, New Zealand is considered among the top nations.

Finally, The best places in the world to raise a family will allow you and your family to prosper, grow, and fully appreciate life. You need to pick “where to” at this point.


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