The10 Best Travel Insurance Companies

 Best Travel Insurance Companies


Travel insurance has become the most vital accessory for international travellers in an unpredictable world. Travellers seek trip cancellation insurance to safeguard their trip and travel medical insurance plans to protect their health. But with countless companies out there, which ones can be trusted?

We have selected “The 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies” for specific needs. Therefore, whether you are a senior, an adventure traveller, or have other special needs, you will find the right plan below.


The10 Best Travel Insurance Companies

Whether you’re seeking an international travel insurance plan, emergency medical care, COVID coverage, or a plan that includes dangerous sports, below are the best travel insurance insurers to get you covered.

If you have already chosen a particular insurer or need to learn more about some of the best travel insurance companies, take a closer look at our 10 best travel insurance companies below.

 1. WorldTrips

2. Travel Guard by AIG.

3. USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services.

4. Travel Insured International.

5. Trawick International

6. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.

7. Travelex Insurance Services.

8. Seven Corners.

9. IMG.

10. GeoBlue Travel Insurance

 Review of some of the Best 10 Travel Insurance Companies

 1. Seven Corners Insurance

This travel insurance company provides the Travel Medical Plus plan; their coverage is about duration. You can purchase insurance for a year at a time and renew it for up to three years. This makes them special among this list of 10 best travel insurance companies. And they’re ready to help travellers in extreme situations.

Their coverage of natural disasters is specifically comprehensive. They provide up to five days of lodging coverage if a natural disaster displaces you. If that disaster results in a return to your home country, your airfare home will be covered by the insurer. And if you need to move to a close, safe location before you can fly home, they will cover three days of lodging at your halfway point. In other words, if you need to go to a compact city or nation for safety’s sake and wait a few days, pending when a flight is available, your lodgings are covered.

2. GeoBlue Travel Insurance

GeoBlue is one of the well-known insurance companies; they cover the citizens of the U.S. for anything from a two-week holiday or vacation to a six-month journey through their Traveler Plan. There are countless options for multi-generational trips, as various plans include insurance coverage for travellers up to 84 years of age. There are also plans for pre-existing events that cover medical evaluation and medical services, something travellers of all ages will appreciate.

3. IMG Global (Affordable Option)

IMG Global provides Patriot Travel Insurance, an excellent option for travellers who enjoy flexibility (both in their insurance coverage and budget). Your options for a deductible are around $0 to $2,500, whereas your maximum limits range from $50,000 to $2,000,000. They also provide insurance coverage for professional marine companies. It is excellent for expats to use their sailing skills to see the world for free. IMG also provides an expat insurance plan for foreigners living or employed abroad.

5. WorldTrips

WorldTrips provides the Atlas Travel Medical Plan. It’s also a practical option for regular international travellers, students, workers, and inclusive groups. Unpaid workers (volunteers) for missionary work frequently find themselves in remote areas or regions, but Atlas has coverage for them. WorldTrips also offers coverage for the Schengen visa region. The Schengen visa permits travel for 90 or 180 days with multiple entry visas throughout 26 European countries. Atlas will provide you with extraordinary evidence of insurance to attach to your visa application.

6. Trawick International

Trawick International offers excellent plans to meet your needs if you are a U.S. citizen or resident and plan to participate in risky sports or events. Their well-known SafeTreker plan provides four various coverage levels. Each level offers more coverage and covers more events than the one before it.

Is COVID excluded from travel insurance?

It depends. You can only begin to determine if your insurance covers COVID when you understand the type of coverage you have, which insurer you purchased it from, and the particular reason for your trip cancellation.

Does travel insurance cover cancellation because of COVID?

If you or a travel companion has COVID-19, your travel insurance may cover trip cancellation due to a medical condition. It is likely essential to submit a medical diagnosis from a medical doctor. However, it is recommended that you call your travel insurance provider before your trip to confirm coverage.


We have looked at all the travel insurance companies to find the best 10. The 10 companies listed in the article above are the ones at the top. Each insurance company on our list offers outstanding value for money and provides excellent coverage.

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Do I need travel insurance?

No! It is optional to get travel insurance, but it can surely help. Travel insurance is a safety net for anything unforeseen before or during your trip. It covers medical and reservation expenses if you fall sick or have to cancel or interrupt your travel. This coverage is optional if you can already get a refund for a cancelled trip. 



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