The Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students in 2023

One of the most popular places for overseas students to study in Canada. Because of the quality and diversity of the Canadian educational system, students can easily select a curriculum that meets their needs. 


Canada also provides overseas students with various scholarships and grants that can support their academic endeavors without placing an undue financial strain on them. 

Studying in Canada is considered a worthwhile investment for your future since you will have access to top-notch instruction, cross-cultural encounters, and a degree recognized worldwide.


Obtaining admission to Canadian colleges and universities takes preparation and financial commitment before traveling there.

Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students

International students must pay for their education and living expenses in Canada.

 A certain amount of money must be in your bank account for a student visa to Canada. CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) demands documentation demonstrating your financial resources.

Given the high cost of healthcare in Canada, students must obtain medical and hospital insurance. Each province oversees its public health insurance programs. Some universities have mandatory insurance requirements. Within the first week of arrival, the insurance should be obtained.

The cost of living for Indian students depends on a few different things. Here is a list of them:

Urban versus suburban living

Like everywhere else, metropolitan centers have higher living expenses than suburban areas. 

Even while it may not always be the least expensive alternative, on-campus accommodation is significantly more prevalent among students because it is more convenient.

The most costly cities to live in are Toronto and Vancouver. In Toronto, costs are the highest and are continually rising due to a lack of affordable housing.

based on colleges of Learning

The best projected living expense will depend on the university you are applying to because the cost of living differs from city to city and is based on where the school is located. Every college provides an estimate of fees and living expenditures in Canada, as was previously discussed.

While some institutions provide on-campus boarding choices that are reasonable and inexpensive, others charge quite a bit for the same.

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Is The Cost Of Living In Canada Prohibitively Expensive For Indian Students?

Canada is an economical place to study compared to other well-known study-abroad locations. Depending on the subject and city, a student needs between $20,000 and $30,000 to pay for his tuition. The cost of meals, living expenditures, and other living costs will total about $10,000 Canadian. This is relatively inexpensive compared to other well-known study-abroad locations.

How much money do international students need to live in Canada each month?

A. The cost of living varies from city to city in Canada. Comparing Canada to other well-known study locations, living costs are quite low. The general living expenses for Canada are listed above. Depending on the city and lifestyle, monthly expenses may range from C$150 to C$2000.


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