The 7 Part-Time Work In Canada For International Students for 2023

Part-time employment is an option for international students in Canada, and to some extent, it helps them pay for their studies and living expenses. Additionally, it aids in them gaining priceless Canadian work experience that will benefit their future careers.


Holders of Canadian study visas are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. But students who are enrolled in challenging or demanding courses may opt to work fewer hours, up to 12 hours per week, so as not to interfere with their studies.

Students who have part-time jobs are compensated hourly. The typical hourly wage is $10. After six months of education, the student must apply for an off-campus work permit to work sporadically away from the school.


Part-time Work in Canada

The top temp positions for international students

Working part-time is a blessing for many international students because it enables them to pay for their studies abroad.

It would be fantastic if you could choose part-time jobs that offer better compensation and flexible work hours since you cannot commit yourself to work full-time.

You have a lot of freedom with some part-time employment, so you can plan your timetable for getting the work done. Additionally, working part-time while in school allows you to gain valuable professional experience.

The following are some of the top part-time jobs in Canada for international students:

  1. A teacher’s aide

In Canada, many professors and teachers employ teaching assistants to assist them with various jobs, including tutoring students, creating lesson plans, maintaining records, and updating student grades. It might be simpler for students with at least a year of college or university experience and organizational abilities to get employment and work as a teacher’s assistant.

$15.65 per hour as pay

  1. Tutor

The best part-time employment for you is as a tutor if you enjoy teaching and are passionate about a particular subject. You may decide to educate kids up to the university/college level, starting with those in the elementary school grades. Either teach on your own or participate in a tutoring program.

Tutoring allows you to put your existing abilities to use and learn new ones.

Pay ranges from $15 to $20 per hour.

  1. Bartender/Server

Students typically work as servers and bartenders since the hours are flexible. The job will typically be done on weekends and weeknights. Despite receiving a meager hourly income, they could receive a substantial gratuity from clients.

Your earnings depend entirely on your employer, your shift, and the day of the week. A bartender or server often makes between $75.00 and $200.00 in tips per evening.

$11.00 per hour of pay (tips in addition)

  1. Bartender

There is no better place to work if you like to do it in a fun setting than a coffee shop. Along with a good salary, another benefit is flexible working hours.

: $11.41 per hour

  1. Uber chauffeur

In Canada, being an Uber driver is a well-liked side gig for international students. The student must be at least 21 years old and have a car and a smartphone to drive for Uber. The earliest hours, last hours, and weekends are the most lucrative periods to work. How often you drive affects how much money you make.

$14.00 – $25.58 per hour of pay

  1. Contractor

Along with their education, a student can work as freelance writers, web designers, graphic designers, or in any other freelance position in which they are qualified. Some independent contractor positions pay well.

$25.60 per hour

  1. Nanny

If you enjoy spending time with kids and have childcare expertise, becoming a nanny is a fantastic part-time job choice. The duties of a nanny may also include the following:

  • Picking up kids from school.
  • Watching them at home.
  • Making meals for them.
  • Putting them to sleep.
  • Other duties.

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The benefits include flexible hours and the option to complete your homework while the kids are sleeping. CPR certification increases the likelihood of finding employment as a nanny.

Pay: $14.67

Finally, depending on the work they receive, part-time employees’ salaries can change. While the hourly wage for part-time employment might range from CAD 22 to CAD 10, students are often paid CAD 10 per hour for part-time labor. Additionally, the pay for part-time work can vary from city to city.


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