How to Migrate to Australia As A Chef In 2023

Cooks are highly sought after in Australia, usually referred to as chefs. Australian restaurants frequently hire foreigners as chefs.


These chefs may have student and work permits, employer-sponsored visas, and general skilled immigrant visas. In Australia, you must complete standards to work as a chef. How to immigrate to Australia as a chef is thoroughly described in this post.

how to migrate to Australia as a chef


How to Migrate to Australia As A Chef

A Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery is required to immigrate to Australia as a chef (or an international equivalent qualification).

As an international student, you have every right to study in Australia.

Available courses include:

Commercial Cookery Certificates III and IV with a Diploma in Hospitality Management

Australian work permit acquisition

The Medium- to Long-Term Strategic Skills List for Immigration and Border Protection includes the chef profession (MLTSSL).

If you are competent for certain teaching posts, you could be eligible to apply for a permanent visa or an independent general skilled migration.

You could be eligible for a skilled independent (subclass 189), state-nominated (subclass 190), or regionally nominated position (subclass 491 visas).

Even though you took these courses in Australia, you can still be eligible for a Temporary Graduate Work visa.

Visas requiring a skills evaluation

For some nations, a skills evaluation is only required for general skilled migration visas.

Before receiving an employer-sponsored (482) visa, citizens of some countries must pass a skills evaluation.

The majority of skill evaluations are conducted through Trades Recognition.

Conditions for the skill evaluations

Possess a trade certification or educational background that meets Australian criteria

Possess at least three years of expertise

Possess at least 12 months’ worth of experience in the last three years


For skilled and certified chefs, there are several job opportunities in Australia.

Currently, no license is needed to operate as a chef in Australia.

Most chefs progress through a variety of tasks in the kitchen, beginning by helping with essential dishes before rising to various levels of chef.


Can you move to Australia as a chef?

If you are a chef traveling to Australia, you must pass the compulsory Chef skills assessment to obtain your Australian visa.

351311 is the chef’s ANZSCO code.

Your Australian Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery will be awarded once you have completed the Chef skills exam.

Is there demand for chefs in Australia?

The Federal Government’s most recent Skills Priority List, released last month, predicts that chefs will be among the most in-demand employees over the next five years.

Based on this list and information on employment growth and job openings, Australia’s hotels and restaurants will soon need qualified cooks.

How can a chef get PR in Australia?

You must learn carpentry or cooking for at least 92 weeks (2 years).

For the PR Pathway for Cuisine, you can study a Certificate III and IV in commercial cooking, followed by a certificate in hospitality management.

What qualifications do I need to be a chef in Australia?

You must possess a Cert IV in Commercial Cookery to operate as a certified chef in Australia (or an international equivalent qualification).

However, as an overseas student, you are welcome to enroll in courses here in Australia.

There are Certificate III and IV in Commercial Cookery courses available.

Are chefs well paid in Australia?

Australian chefs make an average pay of $64,002 per year or $32.82 per hour.

Most experienced workers earn up to $85,000 annually, while entry-level roles start at $57,500.

What is the easiest job to get PR in Australia?

How to apply for General Skilled Migration Program (GSMP) permanent residency in Australia by 2022

  • Verify your eligibility.
  • Skills Evaluation.
  • Points test
  • English test number
  • Expression of Interest
  • Requesting a visa.

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