How to Migrate to Australia As A Teacher In 2023

If you can lead a class, there are teaching opportunities available around Australia.


All topics, including art, science, math, and languages, require teachers of all degrees and talents.

This requirement has created ideal prospects for teacher immigrants to Australia.


There are additional opportunities to teach adults and specialized subjects, despite the increasing need for teachers in public and private schools.

The job not only offers a lucrative and exciting career, but it also opens the door to Australian permanent residency.

Additionally, there are prospects for education and employment in Australia because all teaching posts are on the medium- and long-term shortage list.

This essay will discuss how to become an immigrant to Australia as a teacher, the demand for them, their pay, the procedures involved in becoming an immigrant to Australia as a teacher, etc.

how to migrate to Australia as a teacher

Are Teachers in Australia in High Demand?

Yes. Studies show that Australia cannot meet the growth in students despite hiring more teachers.

Even when the government hires new instructors, many schools claim they cannot retain them.

According to ACARA, technology, the arts, health, and physical education were among the less popular specialties among new teachers.

They promoted the idea that “the percentage of teacher qualifications exceeded the percentage of student enrollment in technology, visual and performing arts, health, and physical education.”

The Australian government has launched some efforts at the state and federal levels to entice teachers to remain in regional, rural, and remote schools.

For instance, teachers in Western Australia are eligible for pay increases of up to AUD 20,000 and six months of “long service leave” after just four years of employment (rather than the standard ten).

Some governments give priority transfers to teachers who have worked in understaffed schools (typically in metropolitan areas) for a period as an additional transfer advantage.

As expected, the best scores were in science, math, and English, but many schools still need more experts.

What options are there for visas for foreign teachers in Australia?

Teachers cannot apply for all types of Australian work visas.

For instance, secondary school teachers, who are in high demand, have more visa options than primary school teachers, who have fewer options.

A points-based skilled nominated visa, the 190, is available.

It would be best if you were requested to apply for the permanent visa, number 190.

You express interest in SkillSelect and wait for an invitation or an offer.

A points-based skilled independent permanent visa is Visa 189.

After submitting an expression of interest on SkillSelect, you must be prompted to apply.

Using a points system, the regional skilled work visa 491 is valid for five years.

After submitting an interest application on SkillSelect, you must be nominated before applying.

A skilled employer-sponsored visa with a 5-year validity period is 494.

You have to be under 45 and have an Australian employer recommend you.

An employer supports the permanent visa route known as Visa 186.

Your prospective employer must be on your side.

What are the PR Requirements for Teaching Jobs in Australia?

In Australia, the list of medium- to long-term skills shortages includes all teaching grades from preschool through secondary school.

It is, therefore, the perfect choice for anyone seeking to move to Australia and find employment there on a long-term basis.

However, those who opt to remain and live outside the major cities have significantly better chances of finding employment and obtaining a permanent visa.

Australia has a points system for visas.

This implies that you can increase your points in many ways to help ensure that your visa is approved.

Each visa has a few somewhat different requirements, but generally speaking, these are:


Ages 18 to 26 receive 25 points, ages 25 to 33 receive 30 points, ages 33 to 40 receive 25 points, and ages 40 to 45 receive 15 points.

How Can a Teacher Immigrate to Australia?

You can use two methods to immigrate to Australia to work as a teacher.

Apply using AITSL

Apply via ACECQA

These two organizations, connected to Australia’s educational system, provide qualified domestic and foreign teachers with opportunities to teach there.

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Can a foreigner become a teacher in Australia?

Australian teaching prerequisites and credentials

A BEd or PGCE in teaching from a university or college is typically required, as well as an Australian work or student visa.

Additionally, you will need to have the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership evaluate your teaching abilities.

Are teachers in demand in Australia?

There is an “unprecedented” teacher shortage in Australia.

By 2025, the federal government estimates there will be a shortage of more than 4,000 high school teachers. However, shortages are already present, particularly in rural and distant schools and math and science.

Can you get an Australian visa as a teacher?

Teachers can utilize visa subclasses 189, 190, or 489 to apply for visas that qualify them for migration to Australia under the general skilled program.

Can teachers get PR in Australia?

Assessment of skills – Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership.

To be qualified to apply for a permanent residence visa, you must undergo a talent evaluation.

Evaluation of early childhood educators’ abilities is carried out by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be A Teacher in Australia?

There are two options for teaching credentials:

A minimum of a three-year degree followed by a Graduate Diploma or Master of Teaching for a specific age group, such as early childhood, primary, or secondary, or a four-year Bachelor of Education in one of the following areas: early childhood education, primary education, middle years education, secondary education, other teaching specializations.

Delivered at Australian Qualifications Framework Level 8 or higher, such as the post-graduate certificate (level 8) or master’s degree, all post-graduate initial teacher education courses must meet this requirement (level 9).

Is Teaching A Stressful Job in Australia?

According to studies, almost 75% of teachers say they experience stress, with 20% of those cases being severe or extremely severe.

(NEiTA Foundation Survey; the year 2021).

It has been claimed that teachers are under more stress than ordinary Australian.

How Much Do Teachers Get Paid in Australia?

$86,303 annually

Australia’s national average teacher wage is $44.26 per hour or $86,303 per year.

Most experienced workers can earn up to $129,524 per year, while entry-level occupations start at $71,437 annually.

Is It Hard to Become A Teacher in Australia?

If you earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, being a teacher in Australia might take six years.

You might also need one or two years of teaching experience.

Is Teaching in Australia A Good Career?

If you earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, being a teacher in Australia might take six years.

You might also need one or two years of teaching experience.

Sum Up, you can apply for the 485 visas after finishing either a 4-year bachelor’s degree in education or a 2-year master’s degree in teaching (Post Graduate Work stream).

You will have time to prepare to apply for a permanent resident visa while on a 485 visa (for graduate work).


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