How to Migrate to Australia As A Nurse In 2023

This article will discuss how to immigrate to Australia as a nurse.


Many nurses travel to Australia to hone their skills in a new environment and enjoy the thrills of living abroad.



On this website, you may find an up-to-date summary of the requirements and procedures you must follow to work as a nurse in Australia.

how to migrate to Australia as a nurse


Below are how to migrate to Australia as a nurse

1. Determine if you meet the educational and professional requirements of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board.

You must first satisfy the registration requirements of the NMBA, or Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, and the AHPRA, or the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, to be qualified to work as a nurse and be given consideration for migration to Australia based on your profession.

Your registration application will be assessed based on the following five criteria:

Factor 1. Find evidence

Several “proof of identification documents,” such as the following, must be presented:

The biostatistical page of your passport (s)

paperwork needed for a name change

A recent passport-size photograph that was taken

2. Submit Your Registration Application to AHPRA

Apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia if you meet the requirements outlined in step one.

Clicking here will allow you to view and download the form.

3. Obtain an Australian visa.

You will need a VISA to live and work in Australia once you register as a nurse with AHPRA.

There are numerous choices for visas.

If you can secure employer sponsorship, one of the following visa categories is suitable for you:

Employer Nomination Program for Temporary Skill Shortage Visas (Permanent Visa)

Scheme for Regionally Sponsored Migration (Permanent Visa)

You can apply for a visa through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship without an employer’s sponsorship.

Australian Nurse Immigrants’ Skills Evaluation

A skills evaluation is necessary for an employer nomination system (ENS) visa or general skilled immigration.

Nurses’ abilities are evaluated by ANMAC (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council).

The following three main procedures are eligible for nurse skill evaluation:

Australian Registration

You may be eligible for a “modified skills assessment” if you are an Australian nurse registered with AHPRA.

You would have to present documentation of your registration and entry-level credentials.

Additionally, you will need to provide documentation demonstrating your foreign registration or Australian nursing enrollment.

It is vital to realize that AHPRA registration is insufficient for skills evaluation; ANMAC is the only option if you want a migration skills assessment.

A second factor is a proficiency in English.

You must take the TOEFL iBT, the PTE Academic, or the IELTS to demonstrate your proficiency in English.

Any one of these tests need not be passed.

Following the examination, the results are only valid for two years.


Each of the four components must be at least 7, and applicants must receive a minimum of 7. (listening, reading, writing, and speaking).

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How long does it take to migrate to Australia as a nurse?

After working for your employer for two years, you can frequently submit an application for the ENS visa, which is a permanent visa.

You may also apply directly if you have a skills evaluation and have worked in your field for at least three years.

How can a foreigner become a nurse in Australia?

Exams for NMBA (Registration).

You must complete your registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia if you want to practice nursing in Australia (NMBA).

Then the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency must evaluate your abilities and credentials (APHRA).

Can you move to Australia as a newly qualified nurse?

One of the best professions for immigration to Australia is nursing.

It is a route to obtaining a Permanent Residency.

What are the requirements to work as a nurse in Australia?

While a Diploma in Nursing will do for a career as an Enrolled Nurse in Australia, a Bachelor of Nursing is required to become a Registered Nurse there.

In all situations, you should apply to AHPRA, and if you are accepted, you can begin working as a nurse in general duties.

Do nurses get PR easily in Australia?

One of the most popular paths for international students to obtain permanent residency in Australia is to study to become a nurse.

This profession is not just one of the most in-demand ones nationwide, but it can also be sponsored in most states and territories.

8 Jul 2022

What is the age limit to nurse in Australia?

Is there a maximum age to practice nursing in Australia?

While there is no upper age limit for nursing jobs in Australia or for registering with AHPRA.

The age limits vary depending on the type of Australian visa.

Up to the age of 35, certain nations allow working holiday visa applications!

What type of nurse is most in demand in Australia?

Nurses who care for infants

In addition to being in high demand, NICU nursing is a fulfilling career option for future nurses who enjoy looking after babies to help them get better and go home.

Neonatal nurses in Australia make an average of $43 per hour or $83,263 per year.

Is nursing better in Australia or UK?

typical salary

Due to the higher cost of living, nurses working in London may receive an additional 20% of their pay.

Australia: The average yearly pay for nurses in Australia is $65,000 (£39,201); however, salaries can vary widely depending on region and industry.

Do nurses get paid well in Australia?

Australia’s national average for registered nurses is $80,008, or $41.03 per hour.

Most experienced workers can earn up to $97,642 per year, while entry-level roles start at $76,037 annually.

Finally, to practice nursing in Australia, you must register with the AHPRA.

However, you must possess an acknowledged Australian or international qualification to enroll.

You must also satisfy the English requirements for nurses.


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