How to Migrate to Australia From Philippines [2023 Guide]

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This page will cover how to immigrate from the Philippines to Australia.

how to migrate to australia from philippines

How to migrate to Australia from Philippines

The 189, 190, and 491 Australian Visa subclasses are the first visas for most customers considering a more permanent relocation from the Philippines to Australia.

Holders of the 189 and 190 Australian Permanent Residency visa classes (and their immediate family) are permitted to:

Australian residents and employees

Without the requirement for further visas, individuals may enter and depart the country as they want.

Utilize Medicare, Australia’s top-notch healthcare system.

For Children Owning Property Education

The best part is that anyone with the 189 and 190 visa classes who are moving to Australia from the Philippines can change their visas for permanent residency to full citizenship in Australia.

There are 14,000 spots each year for the 491 visa, a Skilled Work Regional visa.

This is a skilled migration (points tested) visa with a five-year initial duration that may be converted to full PR status.

A state government nomination or sponsorship by a qualifying family member in a selected regional area is required for the 491 applications.

A 491 applicant must be younger than 45 and have a good skills evaluation.

Visa holders are free to travel throughout the regions.

Any region outside Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane is considered a regional area.

How to apply for skilled migration from the Philippines to Australia

An Australian citizen or ex-pat living in the Philippines who wants to immigrate to that country on a skilled migration visa must first meet the requirements for an eligible occupation and then obtain the necessary points to apply through the Australia Expression of Interest (EOI) system.

Steps to Apply for Permanent Residence in Australia Under Their Skilled Migration Program

Choose a Career in Demand with a minimum Australian Points score of 65.

Obtain a favorable skills evaluation

Take a test in English.

Receive an invitation to apply after submitting an expression of interest

Application Form

Check with the police.

Full medical examinations

Obtain a PR Visa


From the Philippines, you CAN immigrate to Australia.

The most common ways to relocate to Australia are as a skilled worker, student, temporary worker who obtains a long-term visa, or a family member.

The time it takes to receive a visa varies depending on the visa type, ranging from 2 months to 18 months.

Philippines citizens who immigrate to Australia may eventually be granted citizenship there.

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How much will it cost to migrate to Australia from Philippines?

On arrival, you could be asked to provide proof of this.

Although the amount may vary based on your duration of stay and the amount of travel you intend to conduct, a sufficient amount is typically regarded as being at least AUD$5,000.

What is the easiest way to migrate to Australia?

  • Employer-sponsored visas,
  • skilled visas,
  • medical visas,
  • working holiday visas,
  • business visas,
  • investor retirement visas,
  • student visas,
  • and partner/family visas are among the categories available.

Ref: https://www.migrationagentinperth.com.au/blog/what-are-the-best-and-easy-way-to-migrate-to-australia/

How much money do I need to migrate to Australia?

When you apply for a WHV, the government will ask you to provide documentation demonstrating that you have a specific amount in your bank account.

A minimum of £5000 (or $5000 per individual) is required.

While this amount might seem substantial, keep in mind that living in Australia is highly costly.

Can I migrate to Australia without a job offer?

The program that does not require a work offer or sponsorship/nomination from an Australian territory or employer is the Skill Independent Visa Subclass 189.

This tool assesses your profile based on your credentials, including age, education, employment history, abilities, and language competence.

Is migrating to Australia difficult?

Many foreigners are curious about how difficult or simple it is to relocate to Australia.

If you already have a work offer or a contract for employment in this nation, resettling is relatively easy and quick.

Apply for a work visa issued by Australia.

In many parts of Australia, there is a shortage of skills.

Is it easy to get a job in Australia?

The work market in Australia is extremely cutthroat.

Not all jobs and abilities are in equally high demand, particularly for foreigners.

How do I qualify to immigrate to Australia?

1: is to investigate your employment choices.

Finding work

To achieve work stability, it’s crucial to understand what career options are available.

We have many resources ready for you to use as you look for work in Melbourne and Victoria.

2: Submit a visa nomination application (if required)

You may be able to obtain an Australian business or skilled immigration visa with the assistance of a Victorian visa nominee.

It’s simple and free to apply for a nomination for a Victorian visa.

3: Submit a visa application.

Even if you have a Victorian visa nomination, you must apply for an Australian visa through the Department of Home Affairs website. This is true whether you have a Victorian visa nomination.

4: Get ready to go

Organize your move by gathering your possessions and using our helpful moving checklist.

5: get there and settle in

The Victorian Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Program assists skilled, business, and investor migrants in settling in Victoria.

Investor relationship managers can also provide information and support on investments.


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