How to Migrate to Australia As A Skilled Worker In 2023

For all the skilled workers from different parts of the world looking to migrate to Australia as skilled workers to maximize their skills and ultimately achieve a better life, here is How to Migrate to Australia as a Skilled Worker 2022/ 2023.


First, the 189 visa is an independent skilled visa that enables you to live permanently in Australia without needing state or family endorsement.

More specifically, this independent pathway to permanent residency is a points-based application dependent on your occupation, and your profession must be listed on the list of skilled occupations.


The list includes a wide range of professions, including those in medicine, IT, engineering, and several trades, including plumbers, cooks, and electricians.

how to migrate to Australia as a skilled worker

Australian immigration is possible without a degree.

If the answer is YES, you should be delighted to learn that moving to Australia is feasible without a degree.

That is to say; you can fulfill your ambition of moving to Australia.

It’s a frequent misconception that only people with exceptional intelligence may quickly obtain visas.

Detailed Description and Operation

A computer-generated invitation is sent out once each month, and the government sets the frequency.

However, the number of applicants and applications received for the expression of interest and the degree of competition will influence whether you will receive an invitation and when.

The 189 has so many people competing for the same positions that the points are increasing.

In the most recent rounds, a minimum of 70 or 75 points was needed, and in some situations, like the accountant position, a score of 80 points or greater was needed.

Be warned that simply because you have 65 points to express interest, it could not result in an invitation.

But getting 75 points can give you a lot more self-assurance.

It’s truly anyone’s estimate of how long it will take to get an invitation; it may take a month, two months, or even four months.

The Simplest Ways for Skilled Workers to Immigrate to Australia

The simplest and least stressful options for foreigners to immigrate to Australia are listed here.

  • Sponsored by Employer Visa.
  • Expert Visa.
  • Health Visa.
  • Work permit for vacation.
  • Enterprise Visa.
  • Investor Pension.
  • Visa for students
  • Family/Partner Visa

What prerequisites must a person meet to enter Australia?

A qualified relative must sponsor you, or a state or territory government agency must recommend that you apply.

Additionally, you must apply with a score of 65 points or above, be under the limit of 45, and have your occupation on the list of permitted jobs to be eligible.

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How do I get skilled migration to Australia?

Suppose a person can meet all other conditions and is qualified to work or train in an authorized skilled occupation in Australia. In that case, they may be eligible for one of the following visas:

ENS visa: Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)

RSMS visa, or regional sponsored migration scheme visa (subclass 187)

How can I immigrate to Australia with a skill set?

To inform us that you wish to apply for this visa, you must submit an expression of interest (EOI) via SkillSelect.

Set up health examinations.

Before applying for the visa, we prefer you undergo any necessary medical examinations.

  • EOI support is available.
  • Submit your EOI
  • Get support for your application.

How many points do you need for skilled migration to Australia?

65 Point

To be eligible for a visa under the General Skilled Migration program, candidates must score at least 65 points.

Take our free online exam for the Australian General Skilled Migration to see if you meet the requirements for your visa.

Is Australia Open for skilled immigration?

Currently, there are 2 possibilities for skilled work visas that offer avenues to permanent residency.

You are permitted to live and work in South Australia for a maximum of five years with a Visa (Subclass 491).

Additionally, you can permanently reside in South Australia with a Visa (Subclass 190).

Can I immigrate to Australia without job offer?

The Skill Independent Visa Subclass 189 does not require a work offer, sponsorship/nomination from an Australian territory or employer.

This tool assesses your profile based on your credentials, including your age, education, employment history, talents, language ability, and so on.

What is the easiest way to get PR in Australia 2022?

  • Check your eligibility.

It would be best if you first determined which occupation, as defined by Australian Immigration, you fit under and which list this occupation is on.

Make sure your profession is included on the list corresponding to the visa you intend to apply for because there are various lists for each of the previous visas.

You can only apply for a General Skilled Migration Visa if your profession is listed on the three visa lists.

This is why, even though it often looks complicated, we strongly advise working with a licensed and knowledgeable migration agent like us at Bravo Migration.

Only experts like us, who have handled over 7000 cases, can spot minute and legal intricacies and recommend the visa and migration route that will work best for your situation.

  • Skills Evaluation

Finding out if you would receive a favorable Skills Assessment from the agency that evaluates your occupation—also referred to as your “career validation or recognition”—is the second stage in obtaining PR in Australia.

There is a separate Skills Assessment Authority for each occupation.

For instance:

  • Engineers – Australia’s Engineers
  • Computer industry experts: Australian Computer Society (ACS)
  • The Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council accredits nursing professionals. VETASSESS represents marketers.

Additionally, each Authority has its standards for approving your skills evaluation, such as a specific level of English proficiency, job experience, and qualifications.

Therefore, you must get familiar with the requirements of the skills assessment authority for your industry before you even begin to think about applying for a visa and investing time and money in this endeavor.

  • Point test

Because the three skilled migration visas we mentioned (189, 190, and 491) are point-tested, you will have to satisfy certain requirements and accrue points for each category.

The Department of Home Affairs can use this method to identify candidates with the qualities and talents they seek and make a decision.

To file an Expression of Interest for one of those three visas, you must have a minimum of 65 points.

  • English Test.

Anyone applying for one of these visas and seeking permanent residency in Australia must prove they have at least competent English, which equals six on each exam component.

By taking an English test, you can accomplish that.

IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, and PTE are accepted by Australian immigration.

You won’t need to take a test if you are from the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, or New Zealand because it is assumed that you have Competent English in those countries.

  • Expression of Interest.

You cannot simply apply for a visa in Australia, even if you are eligible.

Be it an Independent 189 visa, a regional 190 visa, or a 491 visa – which will cover states and territories, and the government must first invite you.

You can apply to be invited by submitting an expression of interest through the SkillSelect system, which chooses applicants based on their performance on a points test.

Due to the intense competition, you should aim for a score higher than the required minimum of 65 if you apply for a 189 visa.

  • Application for a Visa.

Making and submitting a visa application is the next stage in obtaining a permanent visa for Australia after receiving an invitation from Skill Select.

The moment to back up anything you said throughout the points test stage and Expression of Interest is at that point.

What is the age limit for skilled migration to Australia?

In terms of age, the applicant must be between 18 and 55; however, people older than 55 may still be eligible if it can be proven that their expertise and contribution will be of extraordinary benefit to the Australian community.

How much is a skilled visa Australia?

Secondary candidates paid AUD4,890; principal applicants AUD9,800.


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