How to Migrate to Australia As A Medical Laboratory Scientist In 2023

In this article, we’ll discuss Migrating to Australia to work as a medical laboratory scientist.


Australia will accept qualified medical laboratory scientists as immigrants.

This is due to Australia’s determination to need more medical laboratory scientists.


The Medium & Long Term Strategic Skills List, often known as the “Most Needed Occupations List” (MLTSSL).

Permanent Residence residency in Australia may be made available to people who are granted permission to immigrate as Medical Laboratory Scientists.

migrate to Australia as a medical laboratory scientist

How to immigrate as a Medical Laboratory Scientist to Australia

Moving to Australia as a Medical Laboratory Scientist involves a number of stages.

  • Determining your eligibility
  • Getting your talents assessed.
  • Sending forward your expression of interest
  • Receiving an invitation to apply.
  • Police and medical checks
  • Receiving your visa or Australian permanent residency

1) You must earn a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science degree or a degree in a field that is similarly relevant before you can apply for these positions.

2) Apply for a work visa.

Once the degree is earned, apply for a temporary employment visa called a 485-graduate visa.

This enables you to continue living in Australia as you look for work.

3) Skills assessment with AIMS

You’ll need AIMS to evaluate your competence level (The Australian Institute of Medical Scientists).

This entails completing an application form, paying a cost of AU$ 900, and providing an IELTS score report, proof of qualifications, academic transcripts, employment verification, and ID documentation.

4) Submit a resume for a position that interests you.

You must find employment before submitting a visa application if you intend to seek positions sponsored by employers.

5) Obtain a visa.

Remember that these visas are point-based, and the points will vary for each visa.

But there are specific standard guidelines:

  • 18 to 24 years old with 25 points
  • 30 points, ages 25 to 32
  • 25 points, ages 33 to 39
  • 15 points, aged 40 to 44
  • 0 points, ages 45 to 49
  • knowledge of the English language
  • Superior (20 points, IELTS score of 8 or higher)
  • Effective (IELTS score of seven or higher), ten points
  • IELTS score of six or higher equals competence; 0 points.
  • occupation expertise, international experience
  • 3 years and 5 points.
  • 5 years and 10 points
  • 15 years and 8 years
  • Occupation professional experience in Australia
  • 5 points over a year.
  • ten years and three
  • 15 points over 5 years,
  • 8 years and 20 pts

Your companions’ English proficiency and credentials help you get more points.

Points are awarded for having a job offer already.

Australian qualifications increase points.

You must have at least 60 points to apply, though you should aim for at least 65.

Use the Australian Government’s visa points calculator to get specifics because each visa class varies somewhat.

Types of Visas Available to Medical Laboratory Scientists

Once you have the necessary credentials, take into account the following job kinds that accept Medical Laboratory Scientist ANZSCO 234611:

  • 189 Skilled independent permanent visas
  • This permanent visa is based on a points system.
  • To apply, you must receive an invitation.
  • You must confirm that you possess the appropriate certification and authorization from AIMS.
  • After then, you can use SkillSelect to express your interest.
  • Following your invitation, you can apply for a visa 189 with the help of the Australian government.
  • State-sponsored 190 permanent visas are available for the ACT, NT, SA, TAS, WA, and portions of VIC, NSW, and QLD.
  • You can live and work in a particular region of Australia with this permanent visa.

Decide the area you want to call home, then express interest.

If you have been invited to apply for the visa, the local government will let you know, at which point you can submit your Visa 190 application.

Regional skilled labor, 491 Provisional Visa, ACT, NT, SA, TAS, WA, and some areas of VIC, NSW, and QLD

For a maximum of five years, this visa is solely transitory.

Only the approved region that expresses interest in you will be allowed to hire you.

You can submit an indication of interest on SkillSelect once qualified and have met AIMS’ requirements.

You can apply for the visa after receiving confirmation from the local government that you have been approved.

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Are Medical Scientists in Demand in Australia?

The profession of medical laboratory scientists is in demand in Australia.

Is Medical Laboratory Scientist A Good Career in Australia?

The typical annual income for a medical laboratory scientist is about AUD 58,000; however, depending on the candidate’s experience level, salaries might reach about AUD 100,000.

How much does a medical laboratory scientist make in Australia?

$81,208 annually

How much money does an Australian medical laboratory scientist make?

In Australia, a medical laboratory scientist makes an average salary of $81,208 per year or $41.65 per hour.

Most experienced workers can earn up to $108,733 per year, while entry-level occupations start at $79,209 annually.

Is lab technician in demand in Australia?

Medical laboratory technicians who meet the requirements can immigrate to Australia.

This is due to Australia’s determination to need more medical laboratory technicians.

What is the highest paying job in a laboratory?

Clinical Laboratory Technician Jobs that Pay Well

clinical researcher

Clinical Trials Specialist,

Clinical Lab Scientist, Clinical Analyst,

Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Clinical Technologist,

Clinical Specialist Medical Device, Clinical Product Specialist; a range of pay: $77,500-$142,500 per year.

Which Country Is Best for Lab Technician?

Top nations for studying laboratory science

  • American laboratory science.
  • Canadian laboratory science
  • Lebanon’s laboratory sciences
  • Malaysian laboratory science
  • Science in laboratories in Australia.

Where Do Medical Lab Scientists Get Paid the Most?

Alaska, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington are the states with the highest salaries for medical laboratory scientists.

  • Most lucrative state.
  • See Every State
  • Most lucrative city.
  • See All Cities Reno, Nevada
  • Most Generous Company
  • Lilly and Company, Inc.
  • View All Business

Finally, working as a medical laboratory scientist in Australia is gratifying and hard at the same time.

You must follow your road map precisely to pass the exam and become a medical laboratory scientist.

becoming a medical laboratory scientist and moving to Australia

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