How To Apply For Australia Tourist Visa [2023 Guide]

In this article on Australian tourist visas, we’ll discuss the Visitor Visa (Subclass 600), which enables travelers to come to Australia for the following reasons:

  • to visit or for purposes of business visitors
  • up to three, six, or twelve months
  • If you’re going to Australia, you can get the Visitor Visa (Subclass 600):
  • As a guest
  • For tourist activities for business
  • to see relatives

A non-immigrant visa is something like an Australian tourist visa. It enables brief visits to Australia by foreign nationals.

Indian nationals who want to travel to Australia must apply for a visiting visa (Subclass 600), which enables them to travel there for either business or leisure-related objectives


The Australian Embassy claims that you cannot sell products or services in Australia while holding a tourist visa.

People may also apply for a visitor visa if they plan to engage in short-term, informal study or training.

Parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents may apply for visitor visas for extended visits to Australia.

Australia Tourist Visa

How to Apply For Australia Tourist Visa

  1. Determine the kind of Australian visa you require.

Find out what kind of Australian visa you require using the Visa Finder! Since you must select:

  1. The type of visa.
  2. The nation of your passport.
  3. Your age you would have to enter this information yourself.
  4. Create an ImmiAccount

After that, register for the online service that the Australian Government provides. But you can only access the online requirements through this website. You are unable to continue with the visa application procedure without an ImmiAccount.

* Those who want to go on a trip together only need to make one account.

Remember to include a valid email address. You will only receive updates on your application if you include an active email address.

  1. Finish filling out the online application form.

After you’ve verified your ImmiAccount, you can continue by completing the online application.

Personal details, travel history, financial capability, visitation goal, and health will all be questioned! Be ready and ensure that you only enter accurate data into the system. Permanently SAVE your data so you may change the form whenever you want. You may cross-check the information in your application using this capability, too!

You can use this as a guide or a practice copy since the ImmiAccount online application is comparable. However, since the online application retains the data entered into the system, there is no need to print this application.

Please note that you should only click SUBMIT if you have finished.

not having confirmed the mentioned information

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  1. Get the required application documentation ready.

Like any other visa, your application must be supported by some documents. Based on your visa type and unique circumstances, a list of requirements will be sent to your account. You can refer to for a broad list of prerequisites, but we’ve listed the specific documents we believe are essential for your application below:

Filipino passport

The photo page cannot have any damaged lamination.

Visa is valid for at least six months after the scheduled departure date.

NSO Birth Certificate You have the option of ordering your NSO Birth Certificate.

A 45 mm by 35 mm official passport photo of the applicant

The back of the photo must have the applicant’s name on it.

Current and Previous Visas

Scan sheets of all current and expired visas and stamps to check your travel history.

Bank Certificate Present an authentic bank certificate issued no more than three months ago.

Pay the application fee.

You can pay after reviewing your application form and necessary papers. The application fees might range from AUD140 to AUD1,020, depending on the type of visa or even the exchange rate. There can be credit card charges.

  1. Submit the necessary application documents.

You’re ready to submit your application once you’ve paid and double-checked it, so press that Submits button now! A notification and acknowledgment receipt will be sent to your registered email immediately. All you can do from now on is wait for your Visa Grant Notice, which may come in as little as two days or as long as a month. You should provide more paperwork in some circumstances before receiving the notice of your visa grant.

  1. Print the Notice of Visa Grant.

Congratulations if you learned that you had been granted an Australian visa! Printing the Visa Grant Notice so you may show it while entering and leaving Australia is the last step you need to do!


How Much Money Do I Need for A Tourist Visa In Australia?

If you apply to stay for one month, you must have at least AUD$1,000–1,500.

Will my plane ticket cost me at least $2,000?

Don’t stress over the ticket. At least AUD 1,000–1,500 would be sufficient for one month. You will require much less if you have a relative or other person who will give you free housing.

Is Australia Tourist Visa Easy to Get?

Yes, obtaining a tourist visa for Australia is simple. But you need to fulfill the prerequisites. How long does a tourist visa to Australia last? The tourist visa for Australia is valid for a year (maximum).

How long does it take to get a tourist visa for Australia?

From the date of application, it typically takes 20 days or so to receive an Australian tourist visa. Delays may occur because you might be asked to provide additional documentation.

How Much Is A Tourist Visa to Australia from USA?

processing time and cost of the visa

For each visa, there are three possibilities: Standard processing costs USD 74.9 for 24 hours. Most tourists find this the most convenient and economical option, despite having the longest processing time. Rush processing is USD 119.99 for 4 hours.

Why Tourist Visa Gets Rejected in Australia?

Lack of proof of motivation to return home is the most frequent justification for refusing an Australian tourist visa. The department must confirm that you are traveling for legitimate reasons and are not intending to enter on a tourist visa and remain there indefinitely.

Is Australia Giving Visitor Visa Now?

You can travel to Australia on a visitor visa for leisure or business. All nations are welcome to participate. In most cases, a stay of up to three months is permitted, but in other cases, a stay of up to 12 months may be permitted.

Finally, it’s time to go throughout Australia’s many areas once you’ve secured a tourist visa!


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