Job Opportunities in Germany: Part-time Jobs and Post-study Work

The discussion of job opportunities in Germany will be the primary topic of this essay.  how Indian students might apply, and whether Indians can obtain employment there. Candidates who wish to pursue studies overseas know the possibility of part-time employment provided by their study visas. 


Students with German study visas are permitted to work in Germany for a total of 120 full or 240 half days each year. Candidates are also eligible for the benefit of studying abroad for post-study employment. Let’s have a look at the many employment options in Germany below.

jobs available in Germany


Jobs in Germany: Popular Job Sectors & Top Jobs in Germany

Before discussing the ideal employment opportunities in Germany, let’s peek at the industries that Indian students find most appealing in Germany. For Indian students seeking the best jobs in Germany, there are

  • Health Industry
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Automotive and Mechanical Sector
  • The sector of Building and Construction
  • Industry of Electrical and Electronics

Top jobs in Germany include, according to a 2019 research issued by DEKRA Akademie GmbH,

  • Sales advice and sales
  • Transportation professionals and warehouse logistics experts
  • chefs, servers, and receptionists
  • Architects and engineers in building
  • electrical technicians
  • Automotive and mechanical engineers
  • technicians in electronics
  • specialist in data
  • developers and programmers of software
  • Nursing staff, doctors, and senior care

Jobs in Germany: Part-time Employment and Post-Study Work

Part-time employment in Germany: Candidates knowledgeable about the study abroad field would be aware that most nations give applicants a chance to work part-time while enrolled in a course or program there. Candidates entering Germany on a German Student Visa are permitted to engage in part-time employment for a total of 120 full or 240 half days each year as part of the German Student visa’s privileges. In Germany, the minimum hourly wage is currently fixed at 9.50 euros.

German post-study work permits: Depending on how long you studied for your post-graduate or undergraduate degree, you may be able to return for a short time to look for employment in your field of study. ARE YOU AWARE? Candidates can change their post-study visa into a work visa if they find employment within the specified time limit. After two years of holding a work visa, they can apply for a permanent residence card to live permanently in Germany.

jobs available in Germany

In this part, we’ll discuss employment in Germany. As was already said, the various job prospects that come with studying overseas are one of the main factors for candidates. Candidates frequently, however, are left in the dark regarding the best employment prospects and methods for applying for jobs in Germany.

While the majority of German colleges would have an impressive careers cell or placement wing for international students to present their talents and resumes to be chosen by the country’s leading firms, candidates are highly recommended to tap into the network of university alums, which serves as a fantastic resource for those seeking employment prospects in Germany or any other kind of support for establishing a prosperous career.

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Job Applications in Germany

The world is accessible with the click of a mouse in our digital age. Why not submit an online job application for Germany? For job seekers in Germany, the Federal Government of Germany has created a particular area with job listings.

The website has over 30,000 job listings in a variety of fields, including philology, literature, humanities, social sciences, economics, media, art, culture, and design, as well as jobs in the healthcare industry, the social sector, teaching, and education, as well as jobs in construction architecture, surveying, and technical building services, the production of raw materials and goods, and manufacturing. All candidates need to do is apply.

Students from India can inquire about potential leads or verify employment in the German market by contacting the Indian Embassy in Berlin. The German student organizations and the embassy frequently create helpful websites for graduates seeking jobs in Germany.

Candidates can also look into social media, where many important organizations are formed to offer leads to real employment prospects in Germany.

In Summary: Is it wise to search for employment in Germany from India? Candidates are always urged to hunt for work throughout the time they have left on their post-study visa. The government has given international students seeking master’s degrees up to 18 months to look for a job in a field that is connected to their subject of study.

As a result, job seekers are always recommended to look for employment in Germany rather than in Germany from India. However, suppose the applicant is stranded in India due to the epidemic or other unforeseen circumstances. In that case, he is urged to use the earlier portals and platforms to look for jobs in Germany from India.


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