7 Part Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

For international students who prefer to work part-time while studying in Australia, a few restrictions must be followed. International students can find various employment in Australia and specific part-time work hours.


Australia is a famous study-abroad country for both Indian and international students from all over the world. Students still want to visit the nation’s numerous tourist sites, although one of the major draws is its highly regarded educational system.

While Australia has higher living costs than the USA, where most students choose to study abroad, education there may be less expensive overall.


Because of this, students studying in Australia can make a respectable amount of pocket money to augment their living expenses and enjoy their time there. Additionally, the nation provides more than merely authorization to work while studying in Australia. Students should research the cost of studying in Australia before pursuing higher education.

Part Time Jobs in Australia

Permission to Work on a Student Visa

Since July 1, 2016, student visas for Australia have changed. Subclass 500 now includes the former Subclasses 571 through 576. According to the new regulations, students traveling to Australia on Visa Subclass 500 can work up to 40 hours per fortnight.

Whenever the course is in session and at all times when it is not (during breaks), the only restriction is that the student cannot begin employment before the start of the course.

In addition, a fortnight is defined as 14 days beginning on a Monday and ending on a Sunday of the following week. The hours can be split up however the student finds most convenient. This example demonstrates how much work overseas students may expect to complete while studying in Australia. For example, a student may work 10 hours in week one and 30 hours in week two or 15 and 25 hours, respectively.

However, students must note that in the previous example, if the student worked 30 hours in week 2, they could only work 10 hours the next week to avoid violating the requirement of 40 hours in a fortnight, which could result in visa cancellation.

A student searching for ongoing part-time employment should aim to work no more than 20 hours per week. So, this is the maximum amount an international student can earn while studying in Australia.

Just few things to keep in mind are:

Before the start of the session, students cannot work. For instance, if your study began in January 2021 and you arrive in Australia by December 2020, you won’t be able to start working until the course starts.

This limit does not apply if casework is a standard component of the course you are enrolled in. This is typically true in cases where integrated course internships are required.

Additionally, when the research project or doctoral thesis begins, students who come under the Post Graduate Research Sector are permitted to work an unrestricted number of hours. Additionally, if the student is enrolled in any prerequisite courses, they are still permitted to work 40 hours a fortnight according to the previously described norm.

Students under the category Post Graduate Research Sector who are enrolled in a prerequisite course are only permitted to work 40 hours per fortnight during the program in which they are enrolled. The student is only permitted to work for an unlimited number of hours after the Research Course starts.

Do not forget to work part-time. You must apply for and obtain a Tax File Number. You can submit an online TFN application from their official website if you are an international student with a foreign passport.

What rules apply to international students who work while attending school in Australia?

  • Regarding working while studying, the Australian government accords all students with the same privilege. Consequently, you are entitled to
  • a minimum salary as defined by the Fair Work Act of 2009
  • Dispute over an unfair termination from the workplace
  • pauses and downtime
  • a setting that is safe and healthy for work

Part-time Employment for International Students in Australia

You can apply for and obtain a job consistent with your qualification if you are a professional in Australia pursuing higher education.

 In addition, Indian students typically work part-time jobs in the following industries in Australia:

  • Positions in retail sales in supermarkets and department stores
  • In cafes, restaurants, and bars
  • At inns and motels (both in the kitchens and administration and housekeeping)
  • Agriculture and related pursuits
  • both telemarketing and sales
  • administrative or clerical positions in several businesses
  • both personally and at institutions, as a tutor

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In conclusion, Australia provides excellent part-time employment opportunities for international students. Even though it wouldn’t cover the total cost of tuition, it can usually help with a decent standard of living.

Additionally, there are a lot of choices. Therefore, if you choose to study in Australia, rest assured that it offers more than simply high-quality instruction.


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