Cost of Studying in Australia 2022: Tuition Fees, Living Cost and Other Expenses

This article will discuss about Cost of Studying in Australia.


As of March 2022, Australia had enrolled 440,219 students, representing a double-digit gain of 11% compared to the previous year. Australia has maintained its steady influx of overseas students. 

These numbers indicate a significant economic shift and place Australia as the second most sought-after study-abroad location in the world, right behind the United States.


Australia, as a nation, draws students from all over the world for various reasons. Like all other nations, Australia is home to some of the world’s top universities. Consistent innovation, top-notch faculty, and high-quality instruction continue to support these colleges’ growth.

And while the academics increase the value of the call, it may be the only nation that also appeals because of its superior living conditions and the promise of a fantastic student experience. So, how much does living that life cost? What does it cost to go to school in Australia?

Cost of Studying in Australia

Australia Study Cost

Today, we’ll examine some of the major expenses that go into the price of attending an Australian university. The cost of Australian university tuition will be discussed first, then the cost of living in Australia and the price of an Australian student visa.

Australia’s Education Costs, including Tuition

Let’s examine the price of education in Australia for international students at various phases, starting with the main component of any costs related to studying abroad. The fees for various qualifications for international students in Australia are shown in the table below as a general guide. Applicants should note that pricey courses like veterinary and medical are not included in these prices.

As the chart above shows, enrolling in an MBA is significantly more expensive than enrolling in a conventional MS program. 

Aspirants should be aware that the cost of attending an Australian institution and choosing a particular subject directly affects the cost of tuition. Candidates can view Australia’s top institutions’ tuition and other fees here. Please be aware that these are superior numbers and will undoubtedly vary during the student’s application process.

While tuition fees in Australia make up most of a student’s expenses, several costs are directly tied to tuition costs. We have included this section to help students understand how much it would cost to attend college in the nation. 

These are frequently the various costs a student must consider before enrolling in a university. These mandatory expenses are significant and closely related to tuition expenditures.

Please be aware that the cost of living in Australia depends on the preferences and choices of the students as well as their way of life. A luxury lifestyle would result in high living expenses, yet a moderate to modest lifestyle would result in lower living expenses.

For further information, students who want to study in Australia should consult the cost-of-living calculator.

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Student Visa for Australia

I’ll now discuss the third element. Candidates can apply for an Australian study visa to enter the country legally to study if they have a letter of admission from an Australian university. The Base Application Charge for the Australian Student Visa (subclass 500) is AUD 620 + AUD 460 (if you are 18 or older) or + AUD 150. (if under 18).


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