The 5 Most Popular Job Sectors in Australia 2022

This post will discuss about Popular Job Sectors in Australia


Are you interested in studying in Australia but uncertain about the program and available jobs in the field. Here are some of Australia’s most sought-after job categories. Since Australia is the second most popular immigration destination after Canada.

For individuals who choose to study there, Australia is predicted to have 550,789 job openings by 2022 in its five main sectors, including healthcare, education, technical & scientific, and general professional services.


The “island country” continues to draw immigrants because of Australia’s welcoming rules and a need for skilled employees. The unique educational system increases the number by giving students seeking a “better life” a simple route to follow.

However, for the latter, it becomes crucial to comprehend the well-liked industries where professionals constantly need to make the best course selection possible. Australian businesses in the public and private sectors would both have job vacancies.

Popular Job Sectors in Australia

Popular Industries for Employment in Australia

In Australia, five industries are very attractive to job seekers: healthcare, construction, education, professional-scientific & technical, and information technology. These industries provide both full-time and part-time employment in Australia. Here is a list of the top job categories in Australia that are in high demand and will see growth in the years to come.

Medical and Healthcare

Australia is experiencing a baby boom, but it also has an elderly population, like most modern nations. The need for healthcare and medical experts is increasing as more people move beyond the 45th parallel and as medical treatment technologies progress. The industry’s predicted estimates for 2020 and beyond appear to be highly promising. The same projections indicate that Australia will face a shortage of more than 100,000 nurses by 2050.

Australia provides good employment opportunities for students who want to become doctors or work in the healthcare industry in the future. It is crucial to remember that Australian Medical programs cost a lot of money and last for roughly 5 years. You can start by planning your studies in Australia and knowing everything there is to know about medicine, including its structure, requirements for applicants, needed exams, and program validity.

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Architects and construction

Although this industry is expected to grow by roughly 10% by 2020, more trained individuals are needed. Stonemasons, plumbers, and electricians are all in high demand.

However, it is crucial to recognize that while the construction sector booms, Likewise, demand for architects, interior designers, and civil and electrical engineers would increase. If you prefer the trade, Australia will give you an excellent opportunity to obtain employment and pursue your business initiatives.

In essence, the sector is looking for proficient engineers and architects. Students majoring in engineering might also consider programs like Construction Planning and Management. Additionally, as there are more projects, there is a greater need for qualified Project Managers skillfully supplied by qualified MBA professionals. Therefore, it would still be wise to choose Australian MBA Colleges and Architecture!


Australia’s population is growing, with a more encouraging tendency. As a result, there is a high need for high-quality education and educators. Teachers of young children and languages are more likely to experience this. By 2025, the sector anticipates double-digit growth (as per official reports).

So, if teaching thrills you, you will find appropriate employment in Australia. Ideal candidates would have expertise in elementary teaching and training, as well as expertise in counseling. Consequently, a master’s degree in education would be among the popular courses.

Technical and Scientific Professional Services

This one is the largest industry in Australia, with over 200,000 employees. It is predicted that its size will create over 127,000 jobs by 2022, and this industry will flourish due to the over 13% annual growth in work opportunities.

Technical degree holders would be given preference over individuals with other types of degrees. To not lose out on the best possibilities, students might search for options through networking and job portals.

The technology of Information and Communication (ICT)

The global phenomenon of digitization has led to a significant increase in the need for IT and telecom professionals. The same need exists in Australia, making ICT one of the top industries with a constant need for qualified personnel. The businesses, expected to expand at a rate of 12 percent, are constantly searching for new talent to keep up with the rapid technological advancements.

As a result, Australian students seeking engineering degrees in IT and communications are guaranteed to find pertinent possibilities. It is important to note that the need for computer networking professionals is expected to expand significantly by 2021, just around the time you finish your MS in Australia.

In conclusion, many options are available for students in various fields if they want to study in Australia.


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