The 5 Most Popular Job Sectors in France, Job Roles & Average Salaries

In this article, we’ll be focusing on Popular Job Sectors in France.


There are currently about 66 million people living in France. It is Europe’s third-largest nation. Agriculture, tourism, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and technology are some industries that significantly contribute to the French economy. These industries above in France offer some of the top work opportunities.

The nation is renowned for its high fashion, cosmetics, and luxury goods industry. France is also home to many significant global corporations, including Airbus, Renault, Ubisoft, Michelin, AXA, and Danone. For recent graduates, the management and hospitality sectors are both attractive.


The chances of a French education have unquestionably risen in attractiveness when you include the more extended post-study work permits for Indian students in France.

However, all economies have a few key industries that generate the most jobs. This article provides information on these well-liked industry segments and which courses offer the best chances for international students.

Despite having the third-largest economy in Europe and the seventh-largest in the world, France nevertheless has a problem with unemployment. 7.3% of the population is unemployed, with 2.2% having long-term unemployment.

There are a scarcity of competent professionals in France, particularly in the Information Technology (IT), Health, Engineering, and Freight Transport sectors.

Popular Job Sectors in France

How to Find Employment in France

The first thought that crosses your mind while considering applying for a job in France is, “How do I get a job in France?” To respond, you can send your resume to the employer through email, complete an online application form, or do all three. Even if you are seeking an English-speaking position, make sure to produce these in English and French.

Your cover letter needs to be concisely written and should highlight your most relevant experiences to demonstrate why you are the best person for the job.

Four interviews can be conducted by the companies, if necessary. So, familiarize yourself with the company and French business lingo. Punctuality and a strict dress code are essential to the French. Becoming ready for a formal interview setting is therefore encouraged.

One last piece of advice before continuing. French is the primary language used in France. Even though English is the primary language of instruction at many universities and international corporations, knowing the local tongue is always recommended.

Whether you are looking for full-time work or part-time jobs in France, having a strong command of the language will always be a huge plus. As a result, if you think of France, you should also think about learning the language to improve your chances of finding a job that suits you.

Jobs in France

The popular job sectors in France are shown below.

1. Energy Administration

This has been set out from the others for a particular reason: France emphasizes energy. The energy business in France is constantly in need of new talent and resources because it is one of the few nations that depend entirely on nuclear energy for its domestic requirements and is the second-largest exporter of energy.

Engineers, scientists, and even management consultants are still needed to manage the sector’s expanding industry and supply. Specialized training is preferred for this field, and jobs ranging from electrical engineers to nuclear physicists to energy management consultants are in great demand. They are expected to remain so for some time to come.

2. Engineering, including automotive, aerospace, mechanical, and metallurgy

One of the well-liked job categories dominating France’s market is aerospace engineering. Other attractive job categories in France include automotive, metallurgy, and aerospace engineering. MS degrees in chemistry or physics are wonderful choices if you wish to do research. The nation keeps enticing talent worldwide because significant players continue to invest thousands of euros in research. The University of Lorraine, Grenoble Institute of Technology, and Centrale Supelec are a few of France’s finest engineering schools.

3. Consulting, marketing, and service industries in management

You can find suitable employment in France with any form of management degree. Some of the most sought-after professionals in France are marketing managers. The need for management personnel is growing as more global corporations establish operations in France. HEC Paris, INSEAD, and Grenoble Graduate School of Business are France’s top three management business schools.

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4. Teaching Positions

French students are in great need of English teachers. This is due to the nation’s continued connections with the English-speaking labor market. There are roles available in public and private schools, language schools, town halls, universities, and businesses.

Teaching its staff, the language of business. You must study the native tongue even if your position calls for you to speak English, such as teaching English to speakers of other languages. that is, French. The French Ministry of Education awards the DELF and DALF official French proficiency certificates, which you may be obliged to take to demonstrate your skill to a required standard.

5. Luxury, tourism, and hospitality

The most popular travel destination worldwide is France. The city with the most visitors remains to be Paris. The world’s most elegant city is considered to be Paris. France is among the most visited country in the world and has the third-highest tourism revenue globally, with at least 79 million foreign travelers passing through each year. Aside from that, the nation is also associated with another industry: luxury products. The French have a knack for elevating the ordinary, whether it be through trendy jewelry, expensive perfumes, or even toiletries.

The industry is one of the few that consistently requires new talent since it continues to defy the chances of a recession and grow steadily. You will find work in the nation if it motivates, stimulates, and inspires you.

Hospitality, fashion, gourmet, and luxury management programs are all in great demand and will aid your job search.


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